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vlogging tips

Vlogging Tips: The Best of The Best

Vlogging Tips

Vlogging is growing day by days. Hundreds of thousands of people are joining platforms like YouTube and Vimeo daily. The competition is just get tougher and tougher. So what do you need to be the best in the vlogging business? Vlogging Tips!?

The internet is filled with a ton of daily vlogging tips and tips for establishing and running a successful vlog. If you are a beginner, you definitely don’t want to see yourself lagging behind due to rookie mistakes.

Here, we have compiled a list of the best vlogging tips for all kinds of vloggers, from many major and famous YouTubers, as well as independent vloggers. Check it out!

Vlogging Tips

Master The Art of Editing! ?

Modern day technologies are changing. Software’s and editing applications & tools are evolving each new day. Sticking to a certain editing pattern and method can make your vlog boring.

Make your videos more fun and creative by using modern day tools and applications. Add new transitions, add new effects make your vlog as dynamic and fun as possible.

Invest in new softwares. Take your time learning new features. Try out new and different editing software’s. Explore editing, just like any other art!

And don’t get stuck with the limited features of free editing software’s. Take free trials and we always suggest you to buy a professional editing and effects software, such as Lightworks and Adobe Premier Elements.

Collaborations is a Must! ? ?

Vlogging Tips

One of the most easy to do practice in the field of vlogging, or for that matter blogging is collaborations. Both the vloggers can do a lot of shared promotion of each other. You can take advantage of your partner’s audience and get your content shared to unknown territories.

You can simply collab with some vlogger of your similar niche, or sometimes it is even beneficial for vloggers to go out of the primary niche and collab with vloggers of different niches.

Collaborations are done, and can be done in a lot of different ways. You can simply interview a vlogger in one of your videos, a chat video, you playing table tennis with them and what not!

Guest vlogging is another very famous option that a lot of vloggers are doing these days. Just simply make a small guest apperance in one of your collabs video and mention you name and channel along with your thoughts.

Or you can just simply mention a vlogger in your videos and ask him/her to do the same. Simple!

Add Regular Segments ? ?

Vlogging Tips

Anything recurring attracts. Take electronic music beats for example, they just play some major music beats in loop and everyone starts to dance.

You might have seen a lot of segments in many famous vlogs, such as “Sarcastic Sunday” or “Q/A Time!”, which are usually seen in the end of vidoes, or are mostly published every weekend.

These sections have proved themselves to be very engaging and unique. These sections have their own dedicated audience and people wait for these to start.

But don’t forget to make them unique, regular and fun!

Tell Stories ?? ? ?

Vlogging Tips

We all grow up listening to stories and tales. We all get engaged to stories. And you vlog should have stories. That’s a necessity these days.

Most vloggers these days include stories, which are mostly most of their own. This takes the audience to a kind of a small journey. They get engaged quite amazingly.

And if you vlog your daily working, keep the story short and sweet. Take your vlog to places. Keep your stories engaging and fun. Involve other people’s stories. Famous vloggers are doing that and you don’t wanna miss out for sure.

Comment in Your Comments ? ? ?

One of the most amazing and easy to engage formula for vloggers is to reply to the comments on their videos. Start conversations, and join them if they already exist.

Don’t just spam or promote yourself in your vlog’s comment section. Be friendly, answer questions and ask questions. Leave comments that actually help. Be informative in your answers.

More people will tend to join the conversations and will make others to join it, ultimately promoting your vlog.

Quality with Quantity ? ?

If you want people to get engaged to your content and to make them visit your blog “Consistently”, you’ve to follow two basic rules, “High Quality” and “High Quantity”.

Nobody likes to wait. Imagine you see a movie and for its sequel, they tell you to wait for years. You’ll probably give the sequel a pass. Don’t make your viewers wait for your next video too long. A community is formed with frequent postings and good quality content. Your goal is not just to make people see your video, you’ve got to build a community around your vlog.

Vlogging Tips: Final Thoughts ? ?

Millions and millions of people use vlog and social media platforms all around the world. There are definitely millions of potential viewers out there waiting for some great vlogs.

Entertain them, Educate them, Engage them.

Make sure you follow the above detailed points precisely. And don’t forget to check out Blog vs Vlog: The Ultimate Comparison for more exclusive insights of the VLOG WORLD!

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