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Video SEO: Top 5 Video SEO Tips

Video SEO: Top 5 Video SEO Tips

SEO is important. No doubts about that. You have spend your money and resources on creating a video for your platform, but it is not getting well ranked. Nobody wants that. Video SEO has changed in the last few years. You better keep up with the new day Video SEO strategies.

Video SEO is quite different from the regular blog SEO. You have a different target audience, you have different content and you have a lot of competition.

What is Video SEO?

To make your content rank higher on search engines, you need to optimize your content. And you need to do that strategically and smartly. Major factors like length of you content, its quality, keywords, and readability are taken into account in these rankings.

This optimization is called SEO, search engine optimization. Now for the question of Video SEO, things are no different. A video is a content. And to rank it higher on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Google and so on, it needs to be treated the right way.

Now here’s what makes Video SEO different from traditional SEO. The search engine AI’s can’t watch video. You’ve got to do and add a lot of things along with the video to make the search engine bot rank you higher.

So, video SEO requires a lot of different practices like adding transcripts with the video, adding strategic captions, video hosting techniques, concise metadata, and so on.

Video SEO Statistics You Should You Know

Here are some of the most amazing and surprising statistics about video SEO that we bet you didn’t know before. Check it out!

Video search results have higher click-through rate than normal search. The number goes up to 41% higher than the text based SEO click through rate.

A video based content is 50 times more likely to get organic ranking than simple text results. A video content to rank 1st, on average has 11,000 to 1 chance, whereas a simple text content has 500,000 to 1.

7 out of every 10 marketing professionals are optimizing videos for SEO.

Videos in emails leads up to 200 – 300% increased click through rate.

92% of mobile video viewers share the videos they watch.

Video SEO: 5 Tips to Rank Your Video Higher

1. Insert a Video Transcript

You must have seen some videos in your social media handles which have captions pairing with the video. The text you see with your video is called video transcript.

Theses texts are not just there to make your video more easier to understand, or to make your videos viewable without disturbing your neighbours.

These transcripts actually help the search engine AI to better recognize your videos, which ultimately helps your videos to rank better on search engines.

It also helps the search engine to index your content. And videos with longer duration, need good transcripts much more than videos with smaller duration.

2. Focus More on the Title and Description of The Video

Just like in any blog post, focus is need while writing the title and meta description of a content. Spend more and more time on creating an engaging title and meta description for your video.

Just like in any other blog post, keywords are important in videos. You need to spend time on your keyword research. Add relevant keywords in your title and meta description.

But avoid doing keyword stuffing and keyword redundancy. It just doesn’t work at all.

3. Make the Video Important on the Page

In most of the low ranked websites looking to rank higher using video SEO, a general practice can be seen. They either hide the video somewhere on the page, or place the video quite low on the page they are embedding it in.

No one is going to search the video on your website. You’ve got to place the videos at the right place. The video has to be the focus point of the page. If your video is hidden, or is embedded far below the half of your page, the chances of your video to crawl higher in the rankings decreases.

4. Add the Right Tags in Your Video

Tags are simply the keywords you add in your videos to help it rank better in search engines. People search with keywords and adding tags, allows your video to be more easier to search.

The key here is to add only relevant and content specific tags in your videos. Irrelevant and unnecessary tags makes your video rank lower in search results.

5. Choose the Right Video Hosting Platform

The most important step to take while choosing the right video hosting platform is that you need to decide the reason for your video hosting. Ask you or your team, why do you want to get the video ranked? For brand awareness? For sales? For leads? Or for some other reason.

If you sole purpose for hosting your video is brand awareness, then you should go for platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. And if your focus is more on getting more leads from your videos, then exploring hosting platforms like Wistia is a great option.

Wrapping Up

SEO is constantly changing, so if your want you video SEO to work, you’ve got to keep up with the changes. It’s important to know your audience, it’s important to know your target and it’s important to know your reach.

And don’t just blindly rely on SEO to promote your video. Google is changing its algorithm every next day, videos are changing, SEO techniques are changing. Rely just on video SEO can land you in dissapointments.

And if you are looking for more such video marketing guides, check out Video Content Marketing Strategy: The How To Guide

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