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Video Email Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Video Email Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Videos improves click through rates. That we have already talked about in Video SEO: Top 5 Tips . But did you know that videos embedded in emails also improve open rates of your email campaigns?

Here we present you an ultimate guide of video email marketing. From “Video Email Marketing” to “How to embed video in Email”, we’ve got it all packed in this ultimate guide. Check it out.

What is Video Email Marketing?

Video email marketing is nothing but the use of videos in emails. Embedding videos in emails is one of the most favorite practice of digital marketers, as it has produced some of the best conversions in the recent years.

Email marketing is still the most effective online marketing practice. Did you know that on an average, for every $1 spent on email marketing, $32 ROI is expected?

And did you know that by the end of this year, 78% of worlds mobile data traffic will be of videos?

This combination of two of the most intriguing marketing tools is called Video Email Marketing. This amazing combination increases the level of engagement, makes the overall content more interesting, helps the marketer to better express their product and so on, eventually increasing the ROI.

So now that you know what exactly are we talking about, lets dig deeper into the how to’s of video email marketing.

Video Email Marketing: Pros and Cons


  • According to a report from Forrester, including videos in emails increases the overall click-through rate by a massive 200-300%(Source)
  • The viewership of videos is just increasing day by day. Around 5 billion videos are watched everyday on YouTube
  • On an average 64% of online consumers are very much likely to buy your product after seeing a video of the same, and around 65% people are more likely to visit your website after seeing your video
  • Video also help in SEO. You get 41% more search traffic than usual text based SEO


  • Videos take time. To write a video, collect the equipments, setup the lighting, shoot, edit and finally publishing takes a lot of time and effort
  • A lot of things matter when you want to add videos in email. The time for a video to load, the uploading technicalities and the number of subscribers also matter

Video Email Marketing: How to Embed YouTube Video in Email?

Videos embedding is pretty easy. It’s easy to upload and even easier to embed. Simply attaching a video with an email will not make much conversion.

You need to add a particular video at a particular part of the email. This is video embedding. Adding a YouTube video into your email is one of the easiest way to do so.

Did you know that YouTube has around 1.9 billion users worldwide? And YouTube covers around 80 different languages, which itself covers 95% of the population of the world.

To embed a YouTube video in your email, you need to simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Upload Your Video on YouTube

The first step is the most important one. You need to upload your video on YouTube. If the video you are looking to embed in your email is already on YouTube, then skip to the next step.

Simply create a YouTube account, which is absolutely free, then just simply upload your video on your YouTube channel. Add proper title for the video, add a brief description, add tags and make sure that the video is published and viewable for the public.

Step 2: Screenshot The Video

You definitely want to increase your videos viewership. You have to makes sure that the recipient of the email watches the video.

As a rule, you can’t directly embed a YouTube video into an email campaign.

However, one of the most effective practices used by digital and email marketers is through taking a screenshot of the video. Simply use an extension, any third party software or the PrntScrn button, and take a screenshot of the video.

Step 3: Add The Video’s Link to the Image

Now simply just add the link of the video to the screenshot image. It’s as simple as adding a link to a text.

Now whenever a recipient of the email will click on the image, they will be redirected to the YouTube video. This types of videos embedding has produced high number of conversions and most of the modern day email marketers are using this method only.

Video Email Marketing: Video Email Marketing Examples

Video email marketing has been used quite amazingly in the recent past. Enterprises, as well as small sized businesses are also using video email marketing. And the ROI has been great so far.

Here are some of the best video email marketing examples that you can get your inspiration from.


Wistia here has embedded the video quite smartly. Everything around the video is trying to bring the focus of the recipient straight to the video.

Also the video is set off for Auto Play, which is considered the right practice. Wistia has also added a small and brief message box over the video, in case a recipient doesn’t plays the video, they can read the message and get some information about the product.

Uncommon Goods

A very interesting one, this email contains a running GIF, which is displaying a lot of product of the vendor. This is one of the most used practice nowadays, mostly by vendors and brands having a lot of different products to sell.


Honda, has made some of the best video email marketing ads in its niche. This one here is an example of a great use of videos in emails. One of the key factors of Honda’s success is the placement of the video in the email.

The video, as well as the whole template is giving a nice feel of a “journey” to the recipient. This is one example of what an engaging email looks like.

Video Email Marketing: 6 Tips for Using Video in Email Maketing

So now that you know how to embedd video in email, what benefits it has and some of the examples of email marketing, here we present you some of the best tips for using videos in email marketing. All these tips are based on expertise of some of the most experienced professionals of the business.

Planning Video Email Marketing

Planning is the key when it comes down to email marketing. And when videos are involved, it gets even tougher. Plan your short term goals, plan your templates, plan the post conversion workflow and so on.

Also plan according to your goal. If you want increased engagements, who should have a different campaign from the one designed for sales.

A Great Video is Important

Now here in video email marketing, your focus content is the video. So the video needs to be appealing, informative, short, and of course it should be unique.

Placement of the Video

The placement of the video really matters. You don’t want to place the video at a place where the recipient can’t see the video initially.

Place the video at the mid, or the center of the email. All the content around the video needs to be the focus of the email. You have to make sure that the recipient of the email focuses on the video only.

And Placement of the CTR

You have to place a CTR at the end of the video, so that the recepient can easily go to your website, buy the product, or can get more information about the product. You definitely don’t want to make your recipient search the CTR button.

Test it Before Sending

Share the template with your colleagues, or send it to yourself and check if there are any error, any room for improvement, check if it is running on different browsers of not. Take reviews from your friends and colleagues and send the mail only when you feel confident.

Video Email Marketing: Conclusion

So here ends the Ultimate Guide for Video Email Marketing.

Email marketing, and specially video email marketing requires a lot of planning and strategy. Making a perfect video can take a lot out of you. Check out How To Start A Vlog? A Step By Step Guide To Ensure Your Success On Youtube! and quickly learn how to create strategic videos for your email campaigns.

And check out Video Content Marketing Strategy: The How To Guide and learn everything about video content marketing now!

Keep Vlogging!

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