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Video Content Marketing Strategy: The How To Guide

Video Content Marketing Strategy: The How To Guide

The coming days are of video. No doubt about that. Just think, whenever you scroll you Instagram or Facebook feed these days, you are more prone to stop at a video content than those memes.

And also, almost every website, predominantly the ones selling something, have a video showing how exactly the software works, the in-depth feature analysis and so on. The video fever is spreading!

video content

So it’s pretty obvious why content marketing experts these days are pushing video content forward. It catches eye balls!

Video Content Marketing Strategy: The Challenges in Video Content Marketing

The fact is known by one and all. Everyone knows that video content is the need of the hour. But why isn’t the hype converting into regular practice? Still small and beginner businesses and brands are using the regular content marketing strategies. But why is that?

Following are the major problems brands are facing these days in order to market their video content:


One of the biggest problem is that the brands have not developed a culture and method of producing video content regularly. They just publish a video once in a while and forget about it.

Small and emerging brands need to do what major large enterprises have designed to do. They need to figure out how to produce videos frequently. Consistency is one of the major factors of video content marketing.

Check out Vlogging Tips: The Best of The Best for more amazing insights of vlogging.


Budget has always been a major issue for any kind of marketing. And when it comes to video content development and marketing, things get a little more dizzy. They just don’t want to spend a lot on buying a camera, light setup, hiring a professional video editor and so on.

It’s majorly an assumption that video content development is very expensive. Setting up and making video’s is quite easy, click here to know more about making vlogs.

The Video People

video content

Basically, the people such as the camera man, the editor, the video content marketer, and so on involved in making a video need to be hired. And that’s investment, from which small companies shy away from.

Video Content How To: The Mentality

What you need to change in your marketing strategy first, is changing your marketing mentality. Video content marketing is all about the dynamics. It’s changing every few days.

If your marketing guys are sticking to the old marketing strategies, you need to talk to them. And of course you need to shift from the old methods of video production. Try new editing softwares, try new platforms, break the barriers.

Video Content How To: Re-Purposing and Saving Money

video content

One of the greatest use of video content these days is re-purposing. You actually don’t need to produce those extra large scale, costly videos. Save your thousands of dollars and re-purpose your video content.

Imagine your invest thousands of dollars on a commercial of your product, or your services or anything related to your brand. The TVC now runs on every famous platform, and maybe on the TV actually.

Now what? Is it gone already? No. Just re-purpose that video. You have the raw footage, you have the video editing software and you know how to do re-purposing.

Run those re-created videos on you social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. Make the most of your video content!

And don’t forget to manipulate your content for the target audience. Know what your content is talking about in the re-created format. And decide what your target audience is looking for. Social media platforms require smaller and more fun videos. Make the most of your footage and editing skills!

Video Content How To: The Easier Ones

video content

The explanatory videos, the daily office fun and the ones that go in the Instagram stories are very easy to develop. You don’t need any kind of lighting setup, any kind of costly 4k or 8k cameras. And not even a premium editing software.

The steps to create such easier videos are very easy. Just create a list of bullet points that you want to include in your video. Then just decide who’s gonna do what. And now, shoot!

Remember these are not for recreational purpose, so keep these videos exclusive and informative. Make each and every second count.

Think of your video’s target audience, think of the goal and decide the life of your video. The best part about these videos are that they cost you almost nothing. And they engage a ton of unique audience. Even the staff of your office can make these videos as a fun task. Try it now!

But apart from all the fun and games, you should keep note of some of the major factors such as, volume of the video, which means the number of unique videos you post. Also, consistency matters, which means you need to publish a consistent amount of videos on a regular basis.

And remember, quality is the king!

Video Content How To: Get Human and Personal

video content

So these videos are important. People connect with stories and people. Personalizing videos can make things much easier for you. Just pull out your mobile phone, open the camera and press the record button.

Also you can make interview videos with some professional or expert of the industry. You can ask their journey, their how tos, their formula of success and so on. Make your guest comfortable, make things personal, make jokes!

These kinds of videos engage a lot and lot of people. You get to share your thoughts with your guests audience and make more people see your product. Of course you don’t want to miss out the chance to promote your product.

Video Content How To: Summing Up

video content

So now that you know what different kind of videos you can make, and the different platforms where you should promote them, it’s time to get going.

Do make sure before making you video content that you know who you are targeting, who is your challenger and what are your targets. It’s all about the smart work!

Till then, Hail Video Content!

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