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Travel Affiliate Programs: 10 Best Among The Rest

Travel affiliate programs have always been a goldmine for affiliates all around the world. The travel industry is ever so rising and hardly sees any downfall. And the boom in the global internet market has made the travel affiliate earnings game much more easier.

But as always, the most difficult part is to choose the best travel affiliate program. There are hundred’s of them out there and choosing the best ones takes a lot of your time.

So to make your life a lot easier, and to help you earn good commission, we present you this amazing list of the 10 Best Travel Affiliate Programs. Check it out!


If you are familiar with the online travel and tour booking scenario these days, then you must have heard about Bookings.com. This amazing and world renowned booking platform offers over 1 million places to choose from, all around the world.

Millions and million of people have used and are currently using the services provided by Bookings.com, making it one of the go to platform for online accommodation booking.

The affiliate program offered by Bookings.com is perhaps one of the most famous and easy to use in the category. The affiliate program allows actually anyone to join the program, which means if you are using a blog, or a website, or even an app, you can join the program in a few clicks.

The affiliate program offered here is very easy to sign-up and offers deep linking, banner integration and commission split model as well.

Commission : 25% to 40%

Minimum Payout : € 100


travel affiliate program

Another very popular brand know widely for the larger number of recommendations offered, TripAdvisor’s affiliate program is a great program that can help you earn serious money.

Apart from hotel accommodations, the platform is widely known for the larger number of tours, tickets and other travel activities offered.

The program is currently managed by a well renowned affiliate management network called Commission Junction Affiliate Network. You can easily manage your account activities, your work history and your total commission earned as well.

As an affiliate you also get a lot of special offers from TripAdvisor. Affiliates are offered special incentives programs as per their sales.

With this amazing and simple to use affiliate program, you get 24/7 reporting of your transactions and earnings.

With over 500,000 cities being offered and new packages being offered daily, this affiliate program is definitely a good option to try.

Commission : 50% to 80%

Air B & B

travel affiliate programs

This is basically a referral program, where instead of hard cash, referrals earn points or discounts to buy other stuff on the same platform.

This California based online lodging platform was established back in 2008. Did you know that the ‘B & B’ stands for business and breakfast, which makes up the full name ‘Air Breakfast & Bed’?

The affiliate, or the referral program here is quite easy to manage and is one of the most famous in the industry. You actually can earn upto $5,000 USD travel credit per account using the Air B&B referral program.

Commission : $72 for each successful referral

Cruise Direct

travel affiliate programs

Cruise Direct is undoubtedly one of the go to platforms for booking vacations and luxury cruises. One of the largest number of categories in the industry and undoubtedly one of the most innovative in the industry, including categories such as Last Minute Cruises, Family Cruises and Europe and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

The affiliate program offered here is also one of the most famous in the industry, thanks to its easy to apply and easy to monitor features which makes it ideal for all kinds of affiliates, including the new ones.

The only catch here is that unlike other programs, you first have to get yourself and your platform verified and approved by Cruise Direct before getting started.

Affiliates get verified and exclusive deals specially for themselves and for their customers, which increases your chance of earning commission. Affiliates also get a number of other exclusive tools and ads, such as banners, search boxes and text ads to make money from. Also, sharing on social media platforms is also possible.

And not just that, affiliates also get dedicated affiliate management support system that is ready to help them at any point they find themselves stuck at.

Commission : 3% per sale

Cookie Duration : 45 days

Lonely Planet

travel affiliate program

If you are into travel eBooks and travel magazines, then surely you would have come across Lonely Planet. This platform is the biggest travel guide and publisher magazines in the world. Also the online platform allows you to book you travel vacations and accommodations online.

The online platforms allows you to use features such as Ask for Advice, where you can talk to expert travelers and realize their experiences, Book a Flight and Book a Room.

All of the payouts are transferred through PayPal account. The benefits offered to Lonely Planet affiliates are quite amazing, including the dynamic banners ads, as well as the affiliate customer support system.

Commission : 12% to 15%

Cookie Duration : 30 days


travel affiliate programs

Hotels, as the name might suggest you, Hotels offers hotels! One of the most famous name in the online hotel booking and accommodation platform in the world, Hotels.com’s affiliate program is also very famous among affiliates in the world.

One of the most beneficial programs in the industry for affiliates of all kinds. Long cookie duration, leading site name, world wide customer base makes this platform an amazing choice.

The payouts transferred here are through PayPal accounts and minimum threshold amount is about $100.

Commission : $0.50 to $2 per lead

Cookie Duration : 365 days

Amazon Associates Program

travel affiliate programs

Travel affiliation is not just about promoting travel packages and accommodation platforms, but it is also about telling people what else they can use on a trip. For example you can sell someone a sweater, maybe just because the are heading towards Iceland!

Amazon is packed with ton of amazing products and travel accessories that travel affiliates can sell at some good commission. Did you know that around 1 million affiliate marketers use Amazon Associates Program to earn commission money?

From sleeping bags to travel bags, from water bottles to water purifiers, from maps to compass, Amazon has it all! The more it is, the more you can sell.

And not to mention the amazing customer support and affiliates management system that Amazon offers.

Commission : Near about 4%

Cookie Duration : As long as session lasts


travel affiliate programs

Agoda is one of the most famous and widely trusted travel communities in the world. This platform is being used by millions of people across the world. Users get amazing accommodation options and amazing deals on hotels and resorts using Agoda.

The simple and easy of use, as well as the popular mouth publicity done of this travel booking platform makes this an amazing option for affiliates all around the world.

The commissions payouts are monthly based and are available for withdraws once you reach $200 in your PayPal account.

With over 900,000 properties across the world and exclusive affiliates only deals makes this affiliate program a win win option.

Commission : 5%

Cookie Duration : 24 hours

STA Affiliate Program

This affiliate program has been proved to be one of the best affiliate program for travels, as well as for travel bloggers. Thanks to the great commissions offered on flight booking and tours packages.

This amazingly cool and vibrant platform offers options like Student Travel, Tours, Destinations and even Travel Insurance. So as an affiliate you have a lot to earn from.

The platform receives around 3.6 million page views in a month and over 620,000 visits per month, making it one of the most popular in the category.

Commission : 10% on tours, $4 per flight and 10% on certain packages


Wego is not just an affiliate program, but actually is a full fledged network for travel bloggers and affiliate marketers from all around the world. The platforms offers a large number of affiliate products and extensive affiliate deals to earn commission from.

The CPC monetization model has always been found beneficial in the affiliate industry, and especially in the travel affiliate industry where conversion rates are pretty high. Wego works entirely on the CPC model and helps you earn good commission.

Commission : $0.05 to $0.80 per click


So the list of the 10 best travel affiliate programs to choose from ends here. Choose the one that fits your niche and start making some serious money right now!

Looking for more such amazing high paying affiliate programs, then do check out Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2019 and dive deep into the ocean of affiliate marketing!

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