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The Ultimate List of Blogging Statistics 2020

The Ultimate List of Blogging Statistics 2020

Whether you want to grow your business online or want your blog to reach more people it is important to know all about the world of Blogging. Currently, there are 2 billion+ websites on the internet and it is not easy to make your place at the top of Google search results or to appear in the search results at all. 

It is a fact that a majority of content marketers are switching to modern tools and techniques to take their blogging business to the next level. So, why should you be left behind?

All these people have one thing in common – consistency and knowledge about blogging. Competition is serious.

To give you an idea of the reach of blogging, here we have compiled the ultimate blogging statistics list.

Some General Blogging Statistics 

In order to grow your blog, these statistics will act as a boon for you. They will be the key to your knowledge. Have a look at them below:

  • According to a survey conducted by SearchMetrics the average word count of top-ranked content on Google is between 1140-1285 words
  • “The average time spent by readers on a blog is 37 seconds  says a study done by NewsCred
  • On WordPress platform there are more than 20 billion blog post views each month. 
  • According to Orbit Media 3.44% bloggers publish new content between 3 to 6 times per month to give their blog a good growth. 
  • As per Curata the loner blog posts generate more leads than short ones. 
  • According to Jeff Bullas, using images on a blog post gives it 94% more views. 

Content Marketing Statistics 

We bring you a rundown of some statistics that are proven benefits of blogging and increased traffic. Have a look at what wonders Content Marketing does.

  •  Blogging companies receive 97% more links to their website than companies who don’t blog. (Hubspot)
  • 54% of marketers do not use Instagram to maximize their goals. (Contently & Libris)
  • PPC or SEM is used by 64%  of content marketers for content distribution. (Content Marketing Institute)
  •  Only 51% of content consumption is derived from organic search. (Kuno Creative)
  • As B2B content marketers, only 42% of people are interested in knowing their customer’s requirements. (CMI & MarketingProfs)
  • Bloggers who update older post are 74% more likely to report strong results.(Elite Copywriter)
  • Optimizing content is important as 95% of customers only view the first page of search results.(Brafton)

Business Blogging Statistics 

Considering blogging for your business and thinking about the outcome? These below-mentioned statistics will definitely help you to decide the best for your business.

  • 6 out of 10 online marketers believe they have gained potential customers through blogging. (Search Engine People)
  •  36% of the Fortune 500 are using their blogs for leadership, product promotion and engagement.
  • 43% of people admit to skimming blog posts. (HubSpot’s Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics)
  • 81% of US online consumers say, “Blogs are the source to honest advice”. (BlogHer 2012 Research Slide 7)
  • 53% marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority,(Impact)
  • According to Search Engine Journal, businessinsider.com has around 30.4 million visitors per month. The secret? They don’t thrive for eternal content, they capture the need of the hour.(Search Engine Journal)

Blogging Revenue Statistics 

  • Alex and Lauren, Create And Go

Their total revenue in February 2019 was $124,389.82

  • Harsh Agrawal, Shoutmeloud.com

Shoutmeloud.com earned a total of $40055 in the month of February 2018. 

  • Smashing Magazine

Ths company earns $215,000 per month by educating people through their content in the field of web design and web development.

  • CopyBlogger

CopyBlogger is a popular site that provides online marketing advice. With this company’s amazing content and tools, it is making $1,000,000 per month.

  • Anil Agarwal, Bloggerspassion.com

A blogger and SEO professional from India, Anil Agarwal earned a total of $11723 in the month of February 2019 that too without regular blogging. 

  • Moz

According to Target Internet, this company makes $3.74 million per month with providing SEO through its software, education program and community

  • Huffington Post

Also called HuffPost, makes a whooping $14,000,000 per month!!

It makes the money through banners and digital ads across its variety of channels and is worth over $1 billion today. (Forbes)

Guest Blogging Statistics

Have you spent nights wondering why your blog or website isn’t doing well? Why you are not getting the required amount of traffic to boost your sales?

Now, if I say I have a solution which is Guest Blogging. Yes! You read it right! Guest blogging can help you increase your blog or website traffic. 

In case you still don’t believe me; here are the proven results:

  • According to HubSpot, Guest blogging can help you increase your revenue by bringing better traffic to your website. 
  • Do you know, you can get visits at $.10 through Facebook ads, which can help you make a guest article worth $6 with about 56 visits. (Bloggerjet)
  • Gregory Ciotti,  a content marketing manager at Help Scout, made 36,733 qualified email subscribers through Guest blogging. Amazed to know, right?
  • Guest posts that have a link in the body of the article tend to generate 387% more referral traffic than a usual post. (Bloggerjet)
  • Jon Cooper generated nearly 400 hits from a single guest post on Moz.(Neilpatel.com)
  • As per a study on social media platforms, 62.96% of people take blogs written by multiple authors to be more accurate.(Neil Patel)

Blog Traffic Statistics 

  • According to British-English angel investor cum Digital Marketing expert Neil Patel, you need a consistent effort for 3 months or more to build organic traffic to your site. And yes, quality is the key!
  • You can easily derive organic traffic of 30.54% from Google alone. Only if you focus well on website SEO and keywords. (Problogger)
  • As per a report by Hubspot, it says that Google started to affect only 11% of keyword searches but the number is bigger than that. This would directly affect in evaluating organic search traffic and lead generation. 
  • Using social media sites like stumbleupon.com can help your business to grow with 9.15%. (Referralrock)
  • To have a click rate of at least 4%,  you must be in the top 6 searches of Google. (Neil Patel

Blog Promotion Statistics 

  • According to Social Media Examiner, “Blogs that post daily gt 5x more traffic than blogs that don’t.”
  • Blogging statistics for 2018 by Seotribunal showed that B2B marketers used email, at 93% to promote their blogs. 
  • Research by Buzzsumo, in a partnership with Moz,  found out over 1 million articles having a word count of 3,000-10,000 words get twice as many shares than articles having a word count of 1,000 words.
  • According to Hosting Tribunal, blogs featuring images and pictures get 94% more views than others. 

SEO and Analytics for Blogs – Statistics 

Importance of SEO for a blog cannot be underestimated! Therefore, to score a good rank in Google search you should look at the below-mentioned statistics:

  • The close rate of SEO leads is 14.6%, whereas, the close rate of outbound leads is only               1.7%. (Seotribuna)
  • Blog titles having 6-13 words get the most amount of traffic and clicks.  (Hubspot)
  • As images tend to attract more attention, therefore, 57.6% of bloggers include more than one image in their articles. (Seotribunal)
  • Organic SEO is 5.66 times better than paid search ads. (New Media Campaigns)
  • 78% of CMO’s agree on the fact that the future of marketing is custom content.(Seo tribunal
  • We know headlines are important in SEO, but according to Content Marketing Institute, headlines with odd numbers have 20% more clickthrough than headlines with even number headlines.(Contentmarketinginstitute

Secrets to Blogging Success – Statistics 

The top bloggers of the industry have been blogging for a long time. With their years of experience, they have learned many secrets. Here, are some secret blogging statistics that will help you on your way:

  • According to Orbit Media, bloggers who spend 6 or more hours on a single post are 56% more likely to get better results.
  • Constant-content provides writing services and as per their study they say, “From 2014 to 2017, paid content promotion from bloggers has been increased to 400%.”
  • “Out of 1.6 billion bloggers in the world, only 2% of bloggers earn over $150k per year”, says a report by 99firms.com 
  • Socialmediaexaminer says that 58% of marketers have voted “originality of content” as a must to grow your blog. 
  • Although there is no age limit to when you can start blogging but as per a survey conducted by 99firms.com it has been noted that most bloggers are in the age group of 30-39 years.
  • As per B2B blogging statistics 36% of the Fortune 500 companies had public blogs in the year 2016.
  • Around 70-80% users ignore ads and focus much on organic results.(Source)

With our deep research, we bring you the proven results of ultimate blogging statistics. So, if you appreciate our hard work feel free to spread the word through social media shares.  And stay tuned for more interesting updates by hitting the subscribe button!

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