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Soovle – A Unique Keyword Research Tool To Help You Rank

Soovle – A Unique Keyword Research Tool To Help You Rank

There are a ton of online marketing tools available on the internet and choosing the ones best for you can be a very tedious task. You just can’t decide which one to choose!! To help you decide better, we’ve got you an in-depth review of Soovle, a unique keyword research tool that will help you rank better on Google, bing and many other search engine’s search results.

You must be familiar with the importance of keyword research in SEO. Getting ranked on keywords can help your blog or website to attract genuine traffic, as well as to get better SERP rankings.  

So without any further ado, check out our review of the unique keyword research tool Soovle. 

What is Soovle

Soovle is actually a customizable engine which generates and provides you search suggestions from all the major search provides, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, Walmart and Answer.com.

This unique keyword research tool is absolutely free to use and has been earning spots in many lists of best free keyword research tools all around the internet.    

One of the many reasons that make Soovle a regular part of many best SEO keyword research tools list is the unique features it provides, such as Saved Suggestions, Soovled link and easy to customize search results. 

The layout might seem ugly and very outdated, but if the tool is compared to other SEO keyword research tools, the looks can surely be compromised. More on this later. 

Soovle: How To Use Soovle? 

If one thing that makes Soovle stand out of the large crowd of the best free keyword analysis tool, is the ease of use. It takes almost zero effort to search terms on Soovle. 

This is a superb tool if you are looking to add trending keywords in your blogs and websites. This tool gives you a good look into what is frequently being searched by people in the popular search boxes. 

Just type in random words related to your niche and see what people are exactly searching for. Visit the official site of Soovle and you will see a search box with a “Soovle” button. 

Type in anything that is related to what you are looking for. You will know see suggestions being displayed on different areas with different search engine logos.

These are the search suggestions from the respective search engines. You can now use these keyword suggestions to optimize your websites for SEO. 

Soovle also provides you options to customize your search by changing the set search engines. You can do this by dragging the required search engine from the “Engine” drop down tab on the top right section of Soovle.

You will also notice that the keyword suggestions will change as soon as you change the letter of the alphabet you are going to search for. Cool, isn’t it?   

Now if we talk about the ease of use for which Soovle is quite known for, it is definitely a very simple and easy to use, thanks to its hassle free layout and minimalist design. 

No useless color changing and no over use of fonts gives user the best possible easy to use experience as any SEO keyword research tool can.

But here is the catch. There are many other SEO keyword research tools available out there ,that are either free or are very cheap, offering keyword analysis along with keyword research. 

They show the level of competition, as well as give graphical representation of the history of that keyword. Soovle has no such tool to give any kind of analysis of keywords.     


Soovle: Must Know Features 

Soovle is a great tool that can give you some great ideas to work on. Soovle can’t be considered as your one-stop shop for all your online marketing and SEO needs, but along with the keyword suggestion research feature from many different, Soovle also has a lot of other useful tools, such as: 

1. Top Internet Keywords

If you don’t have any keywords related to your niche or website in mind but still want to see what is trending on the SERPs, you can use the Top feature of Soovle. 

This is quite an amazing feature as you get a detailed list of all the currently trending keywords. You also get to know on what search engine the keyword is trending. 

For example if the keyword “abc song” is trending on YouTube, then you will see “abc song” under the list having “a” as the prefix along with a YouTube icon.  

2. Saved Suggestions

Saved suggestions feature is like a notepad. You can save the suggestions take you like in a drop-down kind of a box and can use the saved suggestions later. 

Just search for the keywords that and drag & drop them towards the upper left side, where you’ll see a drop down box. As easy as it gets. 

And you can print that list also, if you want to. 

3. Demo


This is another cool feature that actually shows you how to get started with Soovle. Just click on the top right corner of Soovle.com saying “Demo” and you will see the demo of how actually it works. 

Soovle: Pros and Cons 

Like any other keyword research tool, Soovle also has both benefits and drawbacks. 


1. You don’t need to have a lot of knowledge of content marketing or digital marketing, or even SEO for that matter. The tool shows no technical insights, or even technical graphs for that matter

2. You save a lot of search time, as you get all the keyword suggestions from different search engines at a single platform

3. You can save your searches for later use and can actually make lists using search suggestions from different search engine sources

4. You can actually customize the search engine, as well as the layout of the page, to get better results from required sources

5. Even if you have no prior keywords to search for, then also you can search for top trending keywords around the internet in the “Top” section of Soovle keyword research tool 


1. It is an appreciable point that this tool is absolutely free, but you can’t expect much advanced features or any kind of keyword analysing feature in Soovle

2. Once you have added items in the Saved Suggestions list, you just can’t delete any of it individually. You have to actually delete the whole list in order to delete any of the keyword suggestions 

3. There is no about section. Anyone landing on soovle.com will have to give a little time to understand what exactly is happening 

Final Verdict 

The internet these days is filled with some of the best free keyword planner tools. We all have come across the question of how to do keyword research for free over the internet, but not many good options are there in this section. 

For mid level SEO enthusiasts and beginners, this free and customizable SEO keyword research tool is a great option. A must try!!

So this was our review of Soovle – A unique keyword research tool to help you rank better on SERPs. There are many other tools available on the internet that do the same job and look better, such as Google Keyword Planner, but for beginners and new bee’s, this is not a bad choice.

And if you are looking for more such in-depth and hands-on reviews, check out the review of SHAREASALE and give your content marketing strategy a big boom!! 

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