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Shorte.st Review: Scam or Legit?

Heard of Shorte.st? Not sure whether to use it or not? How exactly are people earning from Shorte.st? In our ad networks reviews series we bring you this unbiased “Shorte.st Review: Scam or Legit?” to answer all your questions!

Shorte is making quite a buzz around in the ads network market for a while now. This is basically an advertising network based on short links that are distributed all over the web.

Shorte.st offers a wide range of unique monetization options to help increase webmasters chances of monetizing their platforms.

The game here is simple. You shorten any of your links with the Shorte.st shortener tool, and when someone clicks on that ad, you get paid for it! Simple.

You just simply enter a url and Shorte.st will revert back a shortened link to you. You now can simply share the shortened link on all your networks and earn revenue on the clicks.

Shorte.st Review: Major Features

Increases Sharing: It has been noticed and is pretty clear that a longer link, such as www.thisiswebsitezero.com/blog/1919/making-money/11001/2323 is not at all shareable. Rather, https://sh.st/klkoo9 is much shareable than the longer one. Shorte.st subtracts the unnecessary length and making it much more easier to share.

Adds Look: Not only the link becomes more shareable, it becomes even more good looking. Your link will look short and sweet and will eventually increase its chances of getting shared.

Mass Shrinker: Mass Shrinker is one of the coolest feature that Shorte.st has to offer. Using Mass Shrinker, you can shrink more than one URL with a single click. Just enter up to 20 URLs and in just a single click, you will have all your links shortened in a jiffy!

Ad Custom Trigger Options: Shorte.st allows you to decide some advanced custom options for all your ads. This feature allows you to set exactly how your ads have to be served, which ultimately helps you to increase your revenue.

Time Management: Using this feature you can actually set the time of your ad to be triggered. For example, you can trigger the ad when a visitor lands on your site, or maybe a few seconds later, or never.

Complete Website Script: Using this feature, every link on your website will be converted into a Shorte.st link. This way you can monetize each and every link on your website and ensure that your traffic is not getting wasted. Although not a very professional approach, but yes it is a simplifying option to try.

Shorte.st Review: How to Make Money Using Shorte.st?

There are several ways using which you can simply start making money using Shorte.st.

  • Sharing you shortened link on your blog
  • Sharing your shortened link on all the possible social sharing platforms
  • You can also install the Shorte.st plugin on your WordPress website and simply automate all the shortening

Shorte.st Review: The Payment and Rates

There is no such a fixed rate set for Shorte.st, as the rates varies with the need and demands of the advertisers. The rates usually fall between $0.15 to $7.78.

The entry level barriers are pretty low, around $5 before getting paid. The available payment methods are Paypal. Payoneer and Webmoney.

Shorte.st pays on a NET 10 basis, which means you simply get paid on the 10th of every month for the earnings you generated last month.

Shorte.st Pros and Cons


  • No website required: You don’t need a complete website to start making money from Shorte.st. You can share the link at absolutely anywhere you can. Social media, blogs, micro blogs, emails, direct messaging and so on
  • No waiting for approval: Unlike any other ad network, you don’t need to wait for you application to get approved by the ad network before you can start making money
  • Easy to use dashboard: Once you get into the dashboard, things become a lot more easier. You can easily access all areas of your account and check all your reports of earnings, payment information and so on
  • Affiliate Program: Shorte.st has a much more easy to use and beneficial affiliate program that bloggers from all around the world are using to make some good money. You get 20% commission on all revenue generated as an affiliate!


  • The website is a bit slow as compared to others in the market
  • No fixed earnings. The amount you earn form the clicks depends on a lot of different factors

Final Word

Looking at all the services, user experiences, payment methods and services, we can say that Shorte.st is an amazing platform. Without any website, without any approval and without any registration hassle, you can making money in a few clicks!

No other online URL shortening tool pays you as much as Shorte.st pays. The features are advanced, the tool is simple and it doesn’t take much time. Amazing!

So, the Shorte.st Review: Scam or Legit? ends here. We hope this review has helped you in making a final call.

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