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ShareASale Review: Fault in The Stars?

ShareASale Review: Fault in The Stars?

ShareASale Review

Anyone familiar with affiliate networks will surely find the name “ShareASale” quite familiar. In “ShareASale Review: Fault in The Stars?” we are bringing you a complete in-depth and tested review of an affiliate network that can easily be considered as the most famous affiliate network in the world, ShareASale.

These days there are a ton of different affiliate networks available out there to help online influencers earn real money. Most of these have some or the other similar features in them. 

As an online influencer, or an “Affiliate” ( the publisher who actually promotes the product on his independent platform) you have to make sure that you choose the best affiliate network as per your requirements and limitations. 

Many of you must have got the suggestion to go for ShareASale from your fellow affiliate friends. And you must have heard names of some big brands associated with ShareASale. 

But is it the only reason to choose ShareASale? What about the commission rates? The requirements? The cons?

To make your decision a lot easier, here we begin with our ShareASale review. We are sure that at the end of this review you will definitely arrive at a final decision. So check it out!!  

What is ShareASale? 

ShareASale is a world famous affiliate network, based in the River North Chicago, Illinois of The United States Of America. ShareASale, has service available for both sides of affiliate networking, the affiliate and the merchant. 

This Chicago based affiliate network was started back in the year 2000 and has Brian Littleton as the current president. 

With currently over 3,900 active merchant programs hostings, ShareASale is among the top notch affiliate networks in the United States Of America. According to the Wikipedia page of ShareASale, this affiliate network has over 7,000 affiliates. And also 86% of affiliates have said that they are a part of this multinational affiliates network.

On June 10th of 2017, Awin Global Affiliates Network, also founded in the year 2000, acquired ShareASale for an undisclosed amount. 

This affiliate marketing networks program is not only popular for its amazingly huge list of affiliate programs, but it has also made a name for itself in the affiliate network industry with the help of its user friendly environment and easy to approach customer support. 

The affiliate market is packed with many other big guns of the game, such as Commission Junction and Rakuten Network. But as of user experience, products and services, ShareASale has definitely made a good name for itself in the industry.

As an affiliate you have a lot of options in the merchant category to choose from, such as Fashion Merchants, Green Merchants, Business Merchants, Popular Merchants, Home Merchants, Garden Merchants and so on. 

“ We Strive For Excellence in Technology, Service and Community Responsibility. “ 

~ Brian Littleton (Founder and CEO, ShareASale)

How Does It Work? 

If we talk about the working of this affiliate program, it is quite simple. 

The name ShareASale is quite evident for the working of this program. Registered merchants on this network “share a sale” with an affiliate on a successful sale of merchant’s product and services. 

ShareASale acts as an intermediate platform for affiliates and merchants. As simple as that.

ShareASale works as a platform or a mediocre which is responsible for your payments. Affiliates work day in day out to promote products and it becomes ShareASale’s responsibility to make sure to send you your eligible payments. And ShareASale surely does it pretty well.     

The Payments Process 

ShareASale works as a bridge between merchants trying to run an affiliates program and affiliates trying to earn money. For the payments processing, ShareASale works in the following manner : 

For Affiliates

Joining and using ShareASale is completely free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything to ShareASale or any merchant to join any program. 

Once you get the merchants approval, you can start promoting their products on your platform using the HTML code of banner or ad you choose. More on this later. 

The minimum payment threshold on ShareASale is $50. This is quite appropriate as most of the merchants and affiliates that join ShareASale are low or mid level in their niche. 

You can also increase the threshold limit as per your limit and possibilities in the edit settings page. 

Your payments will be sent out on the 20th of the next month of the month of earning the commission. That means if you make $100 in January, you will receive that $100 on the 20th of the next month. This sounds like a long period to wait for but is an ordinary market practise and is followed by other affiliate networks as well.

For Merchants 

For merchants also, ShareASale also has easy payment options and deposit rules. During the merchants account sign up, merchants are asked to pay a deposit fee of $100, which is included in an overall setup fee of $650. 

This deposit amount can be replenished again and again as per the requirements of the merchant. The deposit fund is from where affiliates get their commission payments.

This is also from where ShareASale gets its transaction fees, which is a small cut from the deposit fund. 

ShareASales transaction fee is 20%. This 20% is collected from the amount an affiliate gets from the earned ShareASale commission rate. 

For example, if you have earned $20 as a ShareASale affiliate commission from promoting a merchant’s stuff. Now you will finally receive $16 as commission earning, as you will be charged 20% of your commission as per ShareASales terms and condition. And that $20 will be deducted from the deposit amount of the merchant.

But here is where it gets tricky. If in a given month, you are not able to generate a minimum amount of $35, your account will be charged the difference. There is a grace period of first 30 days but then after you will need to have a minimum of $35 dollar in your ShareASale account.  

Auto Deposits

ShareASale also offers merchants to go for an auto deposit option. Although there is an option for manual deposit available through PayPal, eCheck and Credit Card, but still ShareASale itself recommends merchants to use the auto deposit feature. 

This feature automatically deposits a prescribed amount in your ShareASale account when your deposit amount reaches a pre-set amount.

For example you can set $100 as a minimum amount and $200 as the amount to be deposited in your ShareASale account. So now whenever you are left with $100 in your deposit account you will get $200 automatically transferred in your deposit account.        

How To Apply To ShareASale? 

The process of creating an account on ShareASale is very easy. Simply follow the following steps in order to sign up as an affiliate on ShareASale. 

1. Simply log on to the link here and click on affiliate signup at the bottom. Then fill up the whole affiliate signup form. It usually takes around 10 minutes. 

2. Once you have completed the form as well as the submission, you will have to wait for the confirmation email from ShareASale. The team usually takes up to 3 working days for the checking of your application and in sending you an email.

3. Now you’ll have to create a username and password for your ShareASale account. Always remember you username for this program as it is unchangeable. 

4. Now you will have to enter the URL of your primary website. This is the link of your website that you are planning to use for affiliate marketing.

5. On the same page, you’ll have to answer a few questions related to your website and niche. 

Now this is where it can get irritating. Why do you have to answer questions like “ Does your website contains adult content?”when you have already filled a long affiliates application form and given URL of your website. 

6. After this, you’ll have to enter your primary email address to get approval from ShareASale. There are two email types that you can enter Standard and Fast Track. Fast Track are the ones which get approvals much quicker than the standard ones. Fast Track ones usually look something like abcde@[brand’s name]. 

7. Now comes the part where you have to choose the mode of payment for your commissions. ShareASale offers three different modes of payments. One is a check via FedEx, the other is a direct deposit and the last one is a check via post mail. You can change the payment methods afterwards, but lack of payment sources like PayPal is felt here due to the ease that PayPal offers.  

8. Now here comes the “Read and Agree” part. Here you will be given the ‘User Terms Of Agreement’ and on agreeing to it you can move ahead. 

9. You will now receive a confirmation email from ShareASale. You’ll be taken to ShareASale where you’ll have to click a few of those “Agree” to boxes and you’ll be good to go.

Joining a Merchant Program

In order to get started with earning commission on ShareASale, you’ll have to take part in a merchant’s affiliate program. In order to do so, follow these steps :

1. As an affiliate, after your logging in, you will be taken, or you can simply go to search section. Here you can choose the merchant program that you want to join. You can directly search for a merchants program or can look for a program in the category section.

You can also search for a product name, its type, or any relevant keywords related to any merchant program.  

2. Now you will have a lot of choices to choose from. Choose the one you like and click on join. Now you will have to write a description about joining the program and about your blog. 

3. Read the terms of working with the program and if you agree, click on the Join this program button.  

4. Now you will have to wait for the confirmation of the merchant. Some merchants have auto approval while for some you’ll have to wait for a few hours or days. 

5. Now when you get the approval link, you can choose the type of creative promotional stuff you need. 

6. Now that you have the approval and you have selected the promotional item, you will get an HTML link to add to your website. Just copy and paste the link in your website’s backend and you are all set. 

ShareASale Review: Other Features 

Store Connect : This is the go to feature if you have more than one site and want to use those sites for earning commission also. You can use the Store Connect feature to use a single account to manage multiple promotional websites. It saves a lot of your time and effort. 

Custom Link Creation : You can create special links, having special social media sharing feature and deep linking facilite. 

Real Time Tracking : ShareASale also offers you real-time promotion tracking feature. Using this you can even see the real-time clicks on your banners and ads.  

ShareASale Review: Pros and Cons of ShareASale 

ShareASale Review: Pros 

1. Free and easy to sign up

2. Multiple websites linking facility saves time and efforts

3. Good customer support

4. Customizable deep affiliate links with social sharing features

5. Large variety of merchants to choose from

6. Multiple reporting options

7. The monthly payment reliability  

8. Reliable name in the industry with years of experience  

9. Easy to use platform for all kinds of affiliates

ShareASale Review: Cons

1. No PayPal for payouts, that just makes the payout process long and tiring

2. Too high of a payout threshold, as most of the users are beginners and low level marketers 

3. Threat of deletion of ShareASale account, as you have to have a minimum of $35 in your affiliate account

4. It has been suggested by many users that no prior information of a program deletion is given by ShareASale, which makes promotion useless at many times

Final Verdict 

Overall keeping the minimum threshold amount, the user experience, the sale commission, ShareASale’s success stories, ShareASale’s requirements, payouts, and other factors in mind, this is a decent pick if you have some little amount of affiliate experience. 

For beginners, this can be a pass as some might face trouble keeping up with the minimum threshold amount and minimum affiliate income amount.

So this is all for the ShareASale review and if you are looking for more such in-depth and hands on reviews, check out “Maxbounty Review: Can You Make Money from The MaxBounty Affiliate Program?” and keep blogging. 

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