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PeerFly Review: Best CPA Affiliate Network of 2020?

PeerFly Review: Best CPA Affiliate Network of 2020?

Peerfly Review

A widely acclaimed online affiliate network, Peerfly is famous for functioning on a cost-per-action or CPA pricing model. Apart from being housing the largest record of registered affiliate markets, the company has established its presence in 165 countries. Founded in 2009, Peerfly shot to fame as the number one affiliate manager as of 2015 and has been growing ever since. We’ve bought you a deep analyzed review of PeerFly online affiliate network to help you decide if it is worth the investment or not.

Boasting several satisfied customers, the platform has been widely recommended in the industry. The Peerfly affiliate program is currently one of the best in the market, and through this article we shall precisely convince you why!

Although it cannot bank on its anciency like other platforms, it has been around for quite sometimes and is unlike any other corporate behemoth.

Another perk of Peerfly is that entirely functions on the CPA model which means that your commissions will be in accordance to the number of user clicks made through your link. This is very efficient and the meritorious approach will coax you to do better.

Before getting into the Peerfly Review, it is essential to understand the CPA model that it runs on and how would this benefit you as an affiliate marketer.

Also known as cost-per-acquisition, the CPA structure is purely performance based where the advertisers or the affiliates are paid their commissions when the designated tasks are fulfilled. Which is to say that each affiliate will receiver his or her commission once the required action assigned by the advertiser is completed.

This also ensures transparency and accountability, with you being the sole controller of the income you earn. Predominantly used by online advertisers, this specific model can prove to be highly profitable if it is backed by a conducive approach or system.

It also helps if you know how to precisely source quality traffic and grab eyeballs. The CPA models also opens up a floodgate of opportunities for conversion. 

Peerfly Review: How Does The Platform Work?

peerfly review

Be it a publisher, blogger, vlogger or marketer- the Peerfly program is adaptable to all kinds of content and is very versatile when it comes to its affiliation.

They are not apprehensive about our past experience; hence it can also help you launch off your career as a full-fledged publisher. Their affiliate registration page is easily navigable and makes your signing up quicker and efficient.

Their sign-up form also allows you to specify the kind of work you want to be indulged in, the kind of offers you’re looking for and how do you intend to execute the affiliate partnership. With a functional email address, phone number, a working website and IM handle account- you’re good to go!

What’s best of their affiliate program is that those affiliates who are newly venturing into the field will be given training to start off in the industry and not feel completely lost in this daunting affiliate network.

For this, Peerfly has a small and determined team of professionals who are available at your disposal, who have created a comprehensive set of tools to assist the beginners into adjusting with the CPA and affiliate marketing. You now have free training services at your fingertips!

Amidst the plethora of marketing platforms, why peerfly you ask? Peerfly as established, has been largely compliant to the needs and necessities of its users.

Its versatility feature makes it a viable option for all kinds of affiliate marketers and businesses. One of the prime benefits offered by this platform is its wide array of offers for the affiliates to promote, leaving you with more options than one can fathom.

Their friendly and helpful affiliate managers offer round the clock support and responsive interaction.

Peerfly Review: How To Sign-up on Peerfly and Gain Approval?

The first step upon visiting the Peerfly site, would be to fill out the affiliation form by furnishing all your necessary details. After this, you will be required to share the expertise you have had doing marketing or as a previous affiliate by providing the links to your site and the marketing channel you plan on utilising.

The next step is the verification of your email. The company will have sent you a link which will be needed to be pasted on the form, thus verifying your address. You will need a scanned photo ID that is subjected to verification, thus enabling you to agree to the terms and conditions.

To speed up your approval process, it is suggested that your blog or website be regularly updated to generate the necessary traffic, and it is also imperative that you have a functional email address because the further communication or approval confirmation will be communicated through that.

It goes without saying that you need to provide accurate details and information while signing up.

Peerfly Review: For Offers and Referrals

peerfly review

Once your affiliate application is approved by the platform which shouldn’t take a long time, you will be able to access the peerfly offers menu on the dashboard.

Upon clicking, you will be met with a multitude of offers to get you started with. Here, you get to select the offer that is more conducive to your marketing niche and here your demography and the country you belong to also comes into play.

They take pride in the over 2000 offers that they give out. While browsing through these offers, you get to tailor them to your preference by choosing either the CPA or CPS option, based on your country and nature of blog.

With regard to the Peerfly Commission offers, you are met with Cost Per Sale (CPS) offers, you are allowed to make a commission the minute a sale is made through your affiliate link.

It is very similar to affiliate offers; hence your performance determines the volume of your commissions. However in the case of featured offers, it is preferable for those who have great first-hand experience with CPA and affiliate marketing, and are largely based on the niche and CPS.

Peerfly also offers promotional content to its affiliate like banners, professionally curated ads and content to facilitate faster earnings of affiliates.

In the section of request offers, you as an affiliate are at the freedom to request offers that they find useful or compelling and which will lead to higher convertibility. In their new offers section on the dashboard, this fresh set of offers will allow you to test it out on your target audience and go forth depending on how it is perceived.

Their referral program on the other hand, houses one of the best paying ones amongst the other networks in the industry. Referral programs deal with expanding their affiliate programs through the popularity of their existing affiliates.

Here, the present affiliates get to refer Peerfly to other prospective affiliates and can earn a 5% commission on everything those affiliates earn for life. Why Peerfly stands out amongst the rest in this regard because while the other networks initially pay only for a period of 6 months at a low rate of 6%, Peerfly offers you permanency at a higher rate.

Peerfly ensures that your unique referral link is available across referral pages.  They add a 5% daily on every referral lead generated by you and one can view their referral statistics on the referrals page.

This helps you know how much of referrals you have earned as opposed to your regular commissions, and help you monetise them accordingly.

With their new influx of publisher applications, you can earn 5% on all those publisher earnings by getting as many people to sign up. As of 2018, the company played off millions only for the referral earnings.  

Peerfly Review: Distinctive Payout Options

With assured regular payments of your commissions, the next question is how do you preferred to get paid? Affiliates cannot necessarily decide the platform of their choice where they can get paid, but Peerfly gives you that option.

You as an affiliate partner, can choose platforms ranging from PayPal, Amazon gift cards, wire transfer, Payoneer to even Bitcoin! Peerfly completely retooled their payout approach in 2014, one can also request for quicker payments directly from the dashboard.

It is also important to add that signing up for Peerfly is absolutely easy and not to mention, free of cost. No initial investments, all you need to do is furnish your details regarding your experience in the industry and how you plan on using this platform to its fullest potential.

You will also be required to establish your game plan, so as to how will you generate traffic and promote offers.

Peerfly Review: Why Choose Peerfly?

peerfly review

There are a number of reasons for one to choose Peerfly. Apart from its impressive expanse of a couple thousand offers, it has a custom tracking option where the affiliates can monitor user clicks, sales made using them affiliate link and also their progression of commissions.

It offers the guarantee of top payouts for referrals and affiliation alike, which is coupled with accelerated payment facilitated by options such as PayPal and Amazon.

In addition to this, they also have a rewards program or contests where one can maximise their earnings.

However, the most appealing part is the free training that the platform offers to beginners or newbie affiliates while acquainting them with the right tools and tricks of the trade, this is quite uncommon amongst other affiliate programs in the marketing industry.

Having supported over a few thousand clients, this custom-built platform also takes pride in having generated up to a $100 million income for their clients with respect to sales.

It also shows off 200 thousand plus publisher accounts, having hosted 1 billion clicks and over 8 million conversions. Its users have been in awe especially regarding their good range of offers which is tailor made to suit each vertical or country.

These classic CPA offers can range from something as simple as earning a Starbucks gift card upon signing up to hefty commissions or referrals amidst other high-end offers.

It’s easy to use and clean interface is also a perk because it’s not hard to work with. All of the necessities and services are effectively categorised and are easily accessible, in comparison to other networks.

In terms of customer and user service, Peerfly is ranked amongst the highest owing to its highly responsive, professional and friendly support team.

They offer assistance via email or their online inquiry form on their site and respond to you instantly, making them largely approachable and also reliable to tend to all your needs and queries. This prompt service is essential and can prove to be beneficial in maintaining long-term relations with their users.

Peerfly has gained acclaim over the years of having been the most efficient and trustworthy platform and network.

Peerfly Review: How to Make Money with Peerfly?

There are a variety of ways to make money off Peerfly considering it is a CPA network. The first step after having signed up and earned your approval, is to find the best offer that suits your vertical and is conducive to the country you’re operating from. It is advisable to find an offer with the highest conversion rate.

A conversion rate is the percentage of your visitors and orders, the acceptable conversion rate has to be somewhere around 2.5 to 3.8%.  

What is also necessary in addition to this is a good landing page, which can instantly capture attention and is preferably a 2.0 web design.

It helps if your page is easily navigable and is up to date. This is often the homepage of your website and more often than not, it depends entirely on how visually appealing and informatively articulate it is. 

Thus, a minimum requirement of information where a consumer need not fill out all of their information in order to create an account. Good converting offers often earn you an extra few bucks for each form that is signed up.

While scouting for a great offer, you have to remember a couple of things. The best offer would be something that is currently very fresh and hot in the market, but is still in the infancy stage where it hasn’t garnered as many eyeballs. That is your target- you should snag that offer and promote it in order to get it the attention it deserves.

For instance, it could be a new device at the peak of new technology, a one-of-a-kind.

These offers can usually convert up to as much as 10%, thus earning you at least 2 or 3 dollars per conversion. Once you have set your sights on the offer, the next step would be to assess how well you can promote it to appease the niche audience.

The advertiser sets different requirements for each offer, and some of them might be particular as to how you promote them. For instance, they would not want the offers to be used in emails, etc.

Peerfly Review: Effective Promotional Mediums

As an affiliate, you can choose to promote the offer on any platform of your choice provided that your audience is responsive and you are able to create the appropriate kind of traffic.

In case of banners, banners are the most versatile and adaptable promotional content which can be showcased on any platform provided that you advertise it well. If your marketing technique is on point, then you will have a steady hoard of visitors. Contextual CPA is often dealt with written content in the form of blogs and articles.

This is relatively easy to, all you have to do is write an interesting piece sufficed with the right amount of facts and vibrancy to lure your target audience.

This is often a very popular way of promoting your offers, as you can disclose more information than on banners.

If you’re using Twitter for promoting Peerfly ads, ensure that it is when your followers enjoy reading your tweets. There are companies like Fiverr.com which can hammer away you links to millions of twitter users for prices as less as $5.

Although not entirely effective because they target an unrefined audience, it might still manage to grab attention. However, directing your followers directly to the CPA offers which is not allowed, but what you can do is conjure a small landing page for your offer and link it to your endorsement tweets.

These landing pages can be created with ease on sites like WordPress.

What is also interesting about the Peerfly CPA mechanism is their built-in email list, and one will still be able to categorise their subscriber emails into various bundles depending on their interests.

Their IP address can also be geo-tracked which proves to be quite advantageous in terms of CPA. Email lists are also easily convertible, especially when you have established a close relationship with your readers. Make sure you keep your emails short and to the point, without forgetting to put in the links to the offer you’re publicising.

So here the PeerFly review ends. Checkout Best Affiliate Programs for Personal Finance Bloggers: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2019 to get the insights of finance blogging.

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