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Music Affiliate Programs: Sing The Happy Song With The Top 10 Music Affiliate Programs

Music Affiliate Programs: Sing The Happy Song With The Top 10 Music Affiliate Programs

music affiliate programs

Music is something that connects people. Music is beyond languages, borders and races. Music is something that you just can’t ignore. And even affiliates know this very well. Here we bring you a list of the 10 best music affiliate programs that will help you make money while you whistle your favorite Charlie Puth song.

Now before jumping into the list, let us see what the stats and figures say about the music industry. According to a report on I.F.P.I., the worldwide music recording industry is worth more than $19.1 billion. And in 2015, an estimated 68 million people actually bought a music subscription from.

Music Affiliate Programs: Why Music?

music affiliate programs

Music itself is a very broad term. It is not just the selling of music albums or music related websites, but it has many other sub-dimensions to it, such as music streaming apps, music instruments and so on. 

You as an affiliate have an opportunity of working with some of the top music labels and brands, such as Apple Music, Gibson and Multi Music. 

You don’t need a website dedicated to music stuff. You don’t even need basic knowledge of music to sell music stuff. All you need to invest is effort and patience. 

So now the question arises which music affiliate program one should go for? To help you a bit, we’ve curated a list of the best music affiliate program that will surely help you earn a good massive income. 


music affiliate programs

iTunes is a household name these days. Even the people who don’t like the costly Apple products, such as an iPhone or iPod, appreciate Apple’s very own music service “Apple Music”.

iTunes was released back in 2001. It is not just loved by millions as a media player, but the music library feature is equally loved by music heads all over the world.

Also iTunes is quite popular for the internet radio broadcasting service it provides. You also get a lot of features apart from music streaming, such as you can watch music videos, you can add podcasts, e-books, and you also get a dedicated management system for your Apple device.

As an affiliate, this regular member of top music streaming affiliate programs lists has a lot to learn from. You can earn commission from promoting movies, books, and on TV series. These commission income is transferred on successful memberships and completed sales.

Also, you get a lot of tools to help you promote iTunes and create links, such as Widget Builder, Banner Builder, Link Maker, and so on. 

Also you can earn commission on Apple App Store, iBooks, and Apple Music too. The commission rate for iTunes is 2.5% per sale. Cookie duration lasts for 24 hours.


Singorama is for all those bathroom singers who dream to sing better than Lady Gaga. This is a learn to sing program that helps you to sing better. The program is packed with video lessons and music recording softwares. 

You get a total of 28 audio lessons to learn from, as well as a recording software using which you can record and listen to how your voice would sound in an actual recorded song. 

The website is packed with a lot of great occasional deals and offers using which users can get the program for a much cheaper price. Usually a program costs around $299

Customers also get a 60 days money back guarantee with Singorama

Talking about the commission, affiliates receive 70% of the sale made on instant download products as commission and 40% of shipped media courses.

Singomara is managed by ClickBank affiliate network, hence no need to worry about the money management thing.

Dr. Drum

Dr. Drum is a very popular beat making software available in the online market. This easy to use software offers a complete user friendly which is equally very professional also. 

This is considered as an all in one beats and music making software. This kit has everything a beginner needs in order to start making music. From drums to keys to strings, Dr. Drum has it all. 

It also has a feature to import more sounds and music if the user needs. The software is specially designed for giving the authentic, still easy to use feel to the end user, while producing professional WAV audio format files. 

The software is compatible with both Windows and MAC operating system and with all its versions. 

Another popular name in the free affiliate programs list, this affiliate program better than other affiliate programs as the commission rate is one of the highest in the niche. The program offers 75% commission per sale. The program is managed by ClickBank affiliate network, hence it is one of those affiliate programs that pay daily to their affiliates. 

American Music Supply

music affiliate programs

American Music Supply stands true to its name. This platform offers a wide range of musical instruments, live sound, amplifiers, recording equipment, and more such music accessories.

And not just regular music instruments, but it also offers some high quality DJ gears and equipments. 

American Music Supply has crossed over a million in sales and its affiliate program is considered one of the best music producer affiliate programs of all time.

AMS offers free shipping, as well as free extended warranty on selected items. 

One good reason to choose this great affiliate program is because of the “Rock Now & Pay Later” service which offers a 0% interest payment plan. This one offer has given a massive boost to its sales and has made it a good option for many affiliate marketers all around the world. 

Affiliates earn a good 6% commission of the selling price. This affiliate commission is fairly a good number, as if someone buys a $2000 drum set, you get $120, which is basically awesome. Cookie duration is of 30 days. 

Musician’s Friend

Musician’s Friend is one of the world’s leading music gear brands that offers over 40,000 music related products, with hundreds of products being added daily.

Musician’s Friend has been in the business for over 30 years now. Along with some of the most amazing music instruments, Musician’s friend also offers some amazing features such as free ground shipping, price matching and a 45 days return policy, that helps this brand stand out of the crowd. 

Basically this brand sells everything. From DJ gears, keyboards and recording gear to percussions, everything music is available on Musician’s Friend. 

It offers affiliates some amazing promotional stuff, such as creative affiliate links, banners and customizable interactives. 

One of the most famous top paying affiliate programs, pays a good commission of 6% per sale. Cookie duration is of 14 days.


music affiliate programs

JamPlay is a market favorite when it comes to guitar lessons and bass lessons. Music lovers all around the world just simply love the lessons on JamPlay. 

JamPlay offers guitar lessons from some of the most advanced guitar teachers in the world. With over 500,000 satisfied customers and thousands of positive product reviews, JamPlay has a A+ rating on many business websites. 

JamPlay produces new lessons on a regular basis and is currently offering over 5,800 lessons. 

Now comes the best part. Music and earnings has never been this easy. Affiliates earn $40 on each sale, even if the value of their sale is not even $40!! Yes read that again!! Cookie duration is of a massive 120 days. 


AudiMute is a family owned business helping the musicians to create a mini studio and to forbid the amount of music that goes out of their required area.

And not just solo musicians or bands, this sound control service is used in many other niches such as corporations, government agencies, theatres and production houses. 

For affiliates, this is one of the best affiliate programs to make money with. Affiliates can earn up to 5% commission on every product over $200. The cookie duration is of 60 days. This is also a good option for affiliates thanks to the amazing conversion rates of this program.

Rocket Piano 

Rocket Piano is yet another very popular video tutorial program. This time it’s for learning piano. This is a series of step-by-step instructions and guide teaching all about piano. 

Started back in 2005, Rocket Piano has made a great name for itself in the industry and this is a name you will see in many music software affiliates programs lists. 

One of the best commission rates in the industry, Rocket Piano offers 75% on their digital tutorial products and 25% commission on shipping sales.

Prime Loops

Prime Loops is a name that is quite loved by all music lovers around the world and a name you will see in many music affiliate programs lists. The platform offers sample packs, music samples, MIDI and more. 

In its own niche, the catalogue offered on Prime Loops is one of the biggest. For creation of demo tracks or just samples, this has become a go to option for all kinds of professional in the music production field.

Paypal, like in most other affiliate programs, is used in this one also. You need to have a paypal account for receiving your commission money.

Affiliates earn 25% commission on each sale. Payments are sent via PayPal on a quarterly basis. Ouch!


TuneCore is a dream come true for all new artists. TuneCore is one of the biggest distributors of digital music in the world. The brand is highly popular for giving artists an opportunity to get their tracks on some of the most popular music streaming platforms. 

This low priced service distributes music to iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube Music and so on. The sign up is free and artists can create a community to collaborate with other artists. 

Since 2006, TuneCore has helped some very popular artists to reach the spotlight, such as JSWISS, AdELA, Tim and The Glory Boys. 

Commission for a successful signup is 7%. Cookie duration is of 45 days. This number is awesome as there are thousands of new artists entering the music scene daily. 

So this was the list of the top 10 music affiliate programs that will surely help you earn a lot of passive income while you listen to your favorite tracks. Choose the best one according to your strength and as per your audience’s needs. 

And if you are looking for more such money making affiliate programs lists, then do check out Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2019 and hit the note high!!

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