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Moovly Review: The Best In The Business?

Moovly Review: The Best In The Business?

The internet is filled with a ton of different tools that are designed to make your life a lot easier. From making posters to making videos, the need of a professional team to do the same is gone. Another installation in our in-depth reviews is the review of a very much talked about animation tool, Moovly. 

Animation is now everywhere on the internet. Sites not using animations and videos don’t just look old fashioned, but rank much lower as compared to sites having video and animation content.

Tools such as Moovly, help your sites look trendy and informative. People are using such tools to make information sharing much easier with the audience. And the help they get in SERPs is a cherry on the cake.  So let’s get started with the Moovly Review.

Moovly Review: What is Moovly?

moovly review

Moovly is an online platform that is used to create video content. The tool makes it easy to create various multimedia content including animated videos, infographics, presentation videos, info graphical content and so on. 

Moovly has a ton of different features using which you can create a lot of different things. And the best part is the in-built library, which has a lot of unique and amazing elements you can add in your content. 

Founded back in 2012, Moovly has been providing this SaaS based tool, used in mixing of animation and motion graphics.

You can export your final created video into your system in an mp4 format. Also, Moovly offers you to directly publish your video onto the leading video platforms such as YouTube. 

Another notable feature of Moovly is the ability of directly publishing your video content on various social media platforms such as Facebook. More on the features later in the review.     


Moovly Review: How Does It Work?

moovly review

One of the things that make this online video editing tool a great choice is the ease of use it offers. You don’t need to have any special hardware such as drawing pad, and you also don’t need any special software to implement the video editing.

All you need to get started is a web browser. Then:

  • You will have a list of available video templates to choose from. If your desired video template is not in the list, then you can start off with a blank canvas
  •  Now you can drag and drop elements onto your blank canvas, such as images, animation clips, music files and so on 
  • You now have your desired elements on your canvas. Now you can arrange them as you like and design your frame as you like
  • And when you are finally done with your creation, you can now export you video into your device or you can also directly share the video onto various social media platforms 

Moovly has a complete library of over 600,000 free template videos, tons of images from many leading platforms such as shutterstock and storyblocks. Also you can find music tracks from many different digital music sources.

Moovly Review: Features Overview

With respect to the number of unique features and in-built tools, Moovly gives a very tough competition to other online animation and video Saas software.

And not just in the numbers game, but the ease and simplicity of use has made Moovly a reasonable choice for designers all around the world. Apart from some of the must have features of a video designing tools, Moovly also offers some very innovative and unique tools that help it shine out of the crowd 

Some of the significant features of Moovly are:

Video Templates

Moovly is packed with over 600,000 free and ready to use video templates, and a lot of other premium ready to use video templates that you can make use of. 

These video templates makes it much easier to create your desired video content. You can use ready made templates of advertisements, tutorial videos and so on to easily edit them as your own.

In-Built Elements

Moovly is packed with a ton of different elements that one can use in their videos. Some of it includes the royalty free music from many different sources, as well as the many visual elements on which Moovly watermark is present.   

That is about 500,000 royalty free audio and visual elements available to use. You can also import you own visual element online into the tool to use them in your videos.   


Creating and using infographics just can’t get any easier and quicker than this. You can create animated graphics which is much more simpler to explain concepts with. 

You can add a lot of effects into the animated infographic such as pop-up effects, no server clicking and so on.

Properties Panel

You can use the properties panel in order to edit your videos as you like. If you have a free account on Moovly, then by default you will have access to only 1:1, 16:9, 4:3 ratios. 

Stage Properties section is there for you to change the default background, aspect ratio, mode of the video and other settings.

You will have access to various settings options such as Object Properties, which allows you to set the volume and opacity of the added element, Text Properties section, which allows you to change the properties of the added text, and Swap object option, which allows you to swap a particular object with another some other object. 


Moovly is regarded as one of the best available tools to improve presentations. Moovly videos can be embedded with a lot of presentation oriented elements to make creative and innovative presentation videos. 


E-Cards can also be created using Moovly studio. For sending e-cards over different social media platforms is now very much easier. Moovly is also considered one of the best platforms for creating e-cards as the amount of elements and support available on Moovly is amazing.       

Moovly Review: Pricing Plans

moovly review

So now the monetary part. You must be wondering is moovly free? The answer is yes, as well as a no. So let’s talk a little more about the pricing part of moovly.

The pricing plans are divided into four parts, namely Free Trial, Pro Yearly, Business, and Enterprise. 

Free Trial 

First of all, there is no need to give your credit card details. The free trial does not require you to give your account details. The free trial seems okay, with respect to the number of available features it offers. 

The editor provided in the free trial is quite amazing. The editor is completely HTML cloud-based. You get around 1 million free video content, music, and images to use in the free trial version.

The publish to social media feature is also available in the free trial version. The part that is a little too disappointing is that the personal upload limit is only upto 20 items. That’s very low.


The pro is divided into two parts, Pro Monthly and Pro Yearly. Along with all the features of the free trial version, you also get a lot of other features, such as unlimited media upload, you can also remove watermark, upto 25 downloads, commercial use licence, ability to create templates, and video quality upto 1080p HD. 


Along with all the features of the free trial version and the Pro version, the business plan is also there that is specially designed for professionals and business houses. You get upto 50 exports. You also get custom fonts and colors, as well as closed captions and screen recording option in the business plan. 


Now this is an interesting pricing plan. This plan is completely customizable and is specially designed for large enterprises. 

Along with all the features of all the previous pricing plans, Enterprise plan also offers some amazing add-ons such as upto 100 exports per month. 

Premium customer support is also available in this plan. Also, multiple users can access a common account, as well as you get floating licence, white-labelling options and user-management back office as well.

Talking about the transactions method available, you can use your PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Amex credit card or account to make payments on Moovly.

Moovly also offers special pricing plans for educational institutions having an educational email domains. Using Moovly students can be helped in learning difficult lessons, teachers can be helped in teaching them, and institutions can be helped in improving the overall educational environment.

The special educational plans start from a couple of free trial options, to “30 a Group” pricing plans priced at $299 per month. 

Moovly has been recognized and has been used by some renowned universities of the world, such as University of Cambridge, King’s College London, and McGrill University.  

Moovly Pros and Cons

Now we come to the goods and the bads of Moovly. Moovly is no doubt a great animation and video making SaaS, but like all other digital products, there are some drawbacks that need to get highlighted. So let’s get down to the list. 


1. Pre-animated Templates

If there’s one area where Moovly is pretty hard to beat is templates. Moovly has some of the finest ready to use templates pre-installed in the library.

You get a lot of pre-animated templates that look super professional and high standard. And Moovly has been releasing new templates quite frequently. You can make the most of the templates using your creativity. 

2. Video Gallery

The in-built video gallery that Moovly has, is regarded much better than that of PowToons and GoAnimate. The standards are pretty high and the quality of the videos is truly professional. 

3. Major Additional Features

Apart from the mentioned features, there are a lot of additional features provided by Moovly that make this animation tool stand out of the crowd, such as Moovly Mobile App, released in 2006, makes video creation and animation easier and user can make video content a lot easier.

4. Simplicity

The ease with which a user can make and share videos using Moovly is just too good. Users of Moovly can sign up for free, which makes it even more simpler.


1. No Search Option

Something very basic is missing here. Moovly doesn’t have a search option in the marketplace option. You just have to get through each and every elements available in the marketplace to get to what you want from the marketplace. That is just too time consuming. 

2. No Royalty Free Music

Unlike other platforms, there is no royalty free music available to add in your video. Although you can add your audio files in the video, but to add audio from Moovly, you must buy music files first.

3. The Pricing Plans

The pricing plans offered on Moovly are just too much. And the limitations on downloads and exports makes this even more tough to choose a $300 plan.   

moovly review


Moovly Review: Verdict

You definitely need video and animation content on your websites to attract crowd and get reverting traffic. And for generating organic traffic from social media platforms, you need to have a good animation tool to make animation and video content. 

You can’t ignore Moovly. Moovly is a decent option for people looking to create presentation and animation videos. The pricing plans are pretty too high and you get limited exports. But for people looking for a tool which can provide a great amount of creative templates and is easier to use, this is the one for you. 

So this was Moovly Review, a tool that is rising as a great alternative for many other animation and video making tools, such as PowToons and GoAnimate. The review is packed with a lot of in-depth analysis and suggestions from a lot of animation experts. 

And if you are looking for more such amazing in-depth reviews, do check out JVZOO REVIEW: IS JVZOO AFFILIATE PROGRAM LEGIT? LET’S FIND OUT! And make sure you don’t lag behind in the digital race!!

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