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Mediavine Review: Is It Really That Easy?

Mediavine Review: Is It Really That Easy?

Mediavine Review

If you Google about the best and top ad networks currently in the market, somewhere or the other you will land at some page telling you about Mediavine. In our review series of the top ad networks, we bring you Mediavine Review, to help you better understand this not so famous ad network.

Mediavine is actually a full ad service and management brand, that aims to help influencers build a trustable and sustainable businesses.

So basically, Mediavine helps you in the programmatic display of ads on your platform. Mediavine basically takes care of all your ad related management problems.

Started back in 2004, Mediavine has been running some amazing and high traffic gaining websites like The Hollywood Gossip and Food Fanatic. Mediavine also suggests you a few tips to speed up websites and optimize sites for better rankings.

Mediavine Review

Mediavine Review: How to Successfully Apply on Mediavine

Getting yourself started on Mediavine and setting up your account on Mediavine is not at all complicated. It hardly takes a couple of weeks to get going with the process.

The process is pretty simple. You apply and you wait. The steps involved are:

  1. Firstly, you have to apply yourself on Mediavine. You can simply do that from here. Note that Mediavine requires atleast 25,000 sessions per month to apply for the program. So if you are a beginner, please wait for more traffic on your site.
  2. Once you are done with the application process, you will be requested to verify your account on Google Analytics.
  3. Then you have to simply go through a verification process for Google AdExchange, where you have to basically log into your Google AdSense account.
  4. Once your done with the above process, you have to wait for an approval email from Mediavine.
  5. And when you get your approval mail, you are done! Mediavine will now optimize your website and you will start earning your revenue.
Mediavine Review

Mediavine Review: Rules and Regulations

Although there are no major and annoying restrictions on Mediavine, you still have to follow a set of important rules to get going with Mediavine. The rules are:

  • You must have 25000 sessions per month on your platform, which is tracked through Google Analytics
  • As Mediavine is a Google Certified partner, you must not be banned by Google AdSense
  • Your content must be unique and original.
  • The site must be responsive on both desktop and mobile platform.
  • Your site design must allow and give spaces for fitting ads on your website.
Mediavine Review

Mediavine Review: Ad Formats and Payments

As a Mediavine publishers, you will have access to following ad types:

  • In between content ads
  • Adhesion unit ads
  • Above the Fold Sidebar Ad
  • Sticky Sidebar Ad

And talking about payments, publishers receive their payments on NET 65 basis. Which simply means you get your payments after almost two months of your earnings.

The payments options available are:

  • PayPal
  • Domestic ACH
  • International ACH
  • U.S. wire transfer
  • International wire transfer
  • Paper Check

The minimum thresholds is around $25 to $200, based on the payment methods you choose.

Mediavine Review

Mediavine Pros and Cons


  • 5 ad units to display
  • You attract more potential advertisers through Mediavine
  • 75% revenue share, one of the best in the market
  • High speed Asynchronous ads which are even displayed while the page is still loading


  • No referral program, which we get in almost all the latest ad networks
  • High traffic requirements
  • AdSense disabled sites cant use Mediavine
  • Net65 payment schedule

Mediavine Review: Final Verdict

Mediavine is there to make your life simpler. You can trust the platform in helping you build a better and profitable overall blogging site.

But factors like NET65 payment, 25000 minimum sessions and AdSense restrictions make this platform a lot harder for new bloggers. So if you have a good amount of experience in blogging and if you have spend a lot of time on your platform, then Mediavine definitely deserves a try.

Mediavine Review

And if you are looking for more such amazing ad networks to try, check out Best Ad Networks for Bloggers: Top 8 Ad Networks of 2019.

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