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Media.net Review: Features, Requirements, Pros & Cons and Much More!

Media.net Review: Features, Requirements, Pros & Cons and Much More!

Media.net Review

If you have a blog that has been getting organic traffic from Canada, USA and UK, as well as if your niche falls either in finance, gifting, parenting, or in credit domains, then you’ve got to check out this review of Media.net!

Media.net is one of the most famous contextual adverts network companies in the world. The company currently employs over 1350 people and has been constantly working on innovating new products to help people monetize their digital products.

This network is providing ad supply to more than 500,000 websites in the world and the company is in partnership with some of the top brands in the world, like Forbes and Facebook Audience Network. 

Many believe that the reason for the popularity of this network lies in the fact that the network even helps small bloggers and small media houses without much organic traffic to advertise and monetize their content. 

Media.net Signup

Media.net Review

The process of Signing up on Media.net is quite easy. Media.net contextual ad network is right now working on an invitation basis only. 

Another very important feature of this ad network is that it allows you to have multiple blogs and websites linked under a common account, so that you don’t have to create a new account every time you wish to monetize one of your blog.

The process is as simple as :-

1. The very first step in the process is to request an invite

2. Now Media.net will manually review every website that you have requested to add Media.net ads  

3. After this, you will receive your account login credentials along an approval confirmation. And even if you fail to get approval, Media.net will provide you reasonable reasons for the rejections

4. Now you can create your own customizable ad units as needed and their are very much easily customizable. 

5. Once all this is done, then just copy past the generated code at the place you like in your website 

Media.net Review: Traffic Requirements

Media.net is one such ad network that is always looking for high quality content to monetize. That is the reason why Media.net is among the highest paying contextual ads network in the world.

The approval criteria of Media.net are a bit strict and only the top high quality content gets approval to join the program. If you are offering some average quality content to your readers, you are unlikely to get approved on Media.net. 

Some of the guidelines of this ad network are : 

  • The content must be in native English language must not be plagiarized
  • Your website/ blog / content must not infringe third party intellectual property rights 
  • Your blog or website should feature navigation-friendly and easy to use overall design
  • Your blog/ app / website should not have a large number of adverts integrated
  • Your content must be updated regularly 

Following are the reasons why your website is most likely to get rejected on Media.net :

  • Your website is offering or promoting piracy services like torrentz, warez, cracking and illegal downloads
  • Internet abusive activities such as inclusion of spywares, or sending of bulk emails 
  • Manipulative content, typically applied or added to increase rankings on search engines
  • Having links that redirect the visitor to unethical and unapproved sites
  • Free hosted web pages 
  • Hidden text and links

Media.net vs AdSense

No need to introduce the leading advert network of the world, Google AdSense, which makes Media.net stand second in the list. 

Google AdSense has the highest number of users in the world, all thanks to the ease of use, profitability, and the name Google. It’s pretty obvious that you will get a much higher commission rate on Google AdSense than that on Media.net.

One of the few reasons why you will choose Media.net over Google AdSense is the text-based ads offered on Media.net, which are basically called contextually relevant to what your website users are going to read.

This way you can say that the chances to get more clicks on ads is higher on Media.net than that on Google AdSense.   

Media.net Features

  • Native ads: You get ads that don’t look and feel awkward along with your websites design
  • Mobile Responsive ads: The ads get resized according to the screen size of your mobile device
  • Media.net Suite: Media.net suite offers a self optimized suite with the ability to analyze large sized data
  • The minimum threshold is $100, which is quite common in the market
  • Control Panel: Media.net offers a complete and easy to use control panel, where you can see stats and reports of your ad growths and earned incomes. 

Media.net Review: Pros and Cons


  • Contextual ads are likely to get more clicks than banner and pop up ads, hence this can increase the revenue of the publisher without downgrading the quality of the content
  • Native ads are more likely to get clicked than regular random ads
  • The home developed D2S ad format, which works on the CPC mode, helps the platform to analyze which exactly the user is looking for


  • Media.net offers only USD payments, which means you are very much likely to get trapped into the currency conversion steps
  • The approval is difficult and demands high traffic from top-tier first world countries

Media.net Review: Conclusion

If your goal and approach is towards contextual ads and your niche audience is from US, UK and Canada, then Media.net is a great choice to go for. 

And the best part is that you can run Media.net parallel with Google AdSense and increase your passive income from the same blog.

Overall Media.net is not at all a bad options and people who have a sole goal of earning from contextual ads can go for Media.net without any doubt.

And if you are looking for more such amazing ad networks to monetize your blog, then do check out Best Ad Networks for Bloggers: Top 8 Ad Networks of 2019 and start earning now!

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