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Maxbounty Review: Can You Make Money from The MaxBounty Affiliate Program?

Maxbounty Review: Can You Make Money from The MaxBounty Affiliate Program?

Maxbounty Review

What does it mean to be involved with one of the top affiliate networks based on the CPA model? The MaxBounty affiliate program based on the CPA model will let you experience just that. A performance-based platform from beginners as well as experienced affiliates, Max Bounty takes pride in having hosted more than 1500 campaigns across the globe with the help of its expansive hoard of affiliates and publishers. We bring you “Maxbounty Review: Can You Make Money from The MaxBounty Affiliate Program?” to help you decide if it is the best affiliate program for you or not.

The company current houses around 20,000 active affiliate partners sourced by approximately 350 advertisers. The company has admitted to pay a couple million each year to pay off the commission earned by their worthy affiliates.

Max Bounty would seem like the best place to venture into the industry of you’re passionate about forging affiliations or publishing content.

The company current houses around 20,000 active affiliate partners sourced by approximately 350 advertisers. The company has admitted to pay a couple million each year to pay off the commission earned by their worthy affiliates.

Max Bounty would seem like the best place to venture into the industry of you’re passionate about forging affiliations or publishing content.

Being an affiliate, choosing the right platform or network that will add credibility and value to your work is of utmost importance. Headquartered in Ottawa in Canada, this domain has had a decade long establishment in the marketing industry for being one of the most preferred CPA networks: with the motto of “redefining the meaning of trust between affiliates and advertisers.”

So without any further ado check out Maxbounty Review: Can You Make Money from The MaxBounty Affiliate Program?

Maxbounty Review: What is the Max Bounty affiliate program?

Since being founded in 2004, Max Bounty rose up to high ranks and came known to be the best CPA affiliate network that we know of today.

An affiliate network like Max Bounty provides a platform for advertisers to saddle up with publishers or affiliates to promote their products or content across various forms of media, and in turn the affiliates are paid commissions based on the traffic they create or on the purchases made.

The CPA model which has been abbreviated from the phrase ‘cost per action’ ensures that the affiliates are duly paid their income based on each action the customer takes- be it clicking on the link published by the affiliate, scouring through the website or even making a purchase.

The domain possesses a selective range of wide offers which are highly convertible, available at the disposal of the affiliates to promote cross the platforms of their choice. It is largely flexible and can accommodate All forms of advertising be it PPC search, contextual, social network or even email marketing.

Max Bounty will prove itself to be a reliable partner. Their affiliates are also entitled to a performance bonus amounting up to 1000 USD!

The platform has proven to be quite advantageous owing to its numerous perks and incentives that have been greatly popularised amongst new and old affiliates alike. Their approval process has been lauded for its efficiency and swift responsiveness, as long as the guidelines are adhered to. 

The platform is cluttered with thousands of products and services that one can endorse, and will undoubtedly find something to fit in their niche and appease their respective audiences or followers.

Their easily navigable interface is also known to be increasingly user-friendly and their decade-long establishment in the market have made them quite a trustworthy domain. Their support and help centre is equipped with experienced professionals who are available at your beck and call to aid you in any kind of situation or with any query you might have.

Max Bounty is actually pretty famous for their responsive and expert assistance amongst others in the industry. Furthermore, their resourceful tutorials and educational material help the beginners get a hold of the industry and equip themselves with the common do’s and don’ts.

Maxbounty Review

Maxbounty Review: Why Max Bounty?

Would you just take our word for it if we state it is one of the best in the industry? Of course not, and rightly so! Making efficient use of the technology that shaped the century, this platform needs your immediate attention if you’re a beginner looking to venture into the affiliate industry and needs a stable ground to start off- look no further.

Max Bounty currently boasts countless affiliates with evolving online careers. With over 2000 functional and active campaigns, they assure you that you are never going to be tired by them.

Their campaigns are widely known to be easily convertible with being regularly partnered with new advertisers. Their dashboard is rich with features and tools that will help you derive regular updates on the trends and track the most popular campaigns to put your money on.

Their custom tracking software helps you monitor your earnings and gives you reports and analytics.

The company, unlike the rest in the industry who have monthly, prefers weekly payments of affiliate commissions. With the idea of ‘receive what you earn faster’; they are driven towards ensuring punctual payments made every week in order to keep your budget replenished.

Their team of committed and proficient affiliate managers are free to assist you in the development of your marketing strategies and aid the selection of the right campaign for you.

In addition to the referrals and high rate of commissions, the platform also uses performance bonuses as a method of enhancing the affiliate’s activities while also promising them the influx of new income.

This works as a two-way profit street, and the multitude of performance-based awards surely propel the affiliates and publishers.

A platform as large as Max Bounty cannot operate in a specific region or demography, hence it spans across the globe and supports affiliate partners and publishers from across the world without any hassle. This generation of global traffic is due to the company’s establishment in a diverse bundle of countries.

Maxbounty Review: How Much Can Affiliates Earn?

Owing to the diversity and comprehensive set of their highly convertible offers, the affiliates can earn somewhere between 1-400 USD entirely dependent upon your performance, and the kind of action you elicit from the user or your followers.

Your earnings can also be dependent upon the complexity of the offer, hence it is advisable to take an educated decision before you zero in on the offer that you decide to promote.

The CPA or Cost Per Action model substantiates that each action of the user is recorded and their corresponding affiliate will be rewarded for it, hence it does not always have to be a purchase.

Users or prospective customers, using the link that you have advertised, can browse through the website or even share the products thus generating more traffic.

The offers vary from low paying to high paying ones. While the former might require the customer to fill out forms mentioning their name and email IDs, the latter has been known for gathering their credit card details while granting them access to certain perks.

Thousands of satisfied affiliates are basking in their guaranteed monthly payments of their commission, and also revel in their extensive incentivisation which always allows a little extra room to earn more at the right opportunity.

What is also impressive is their links to varied pay-out options which allows you, as an affiliate the freedom to decide where and how you wish to be paid for your efforts.

Their integrations with online platforms like PayPal, ACH substantiate this, while they are also welcoming to wire transfers and paper cheque or intercash payments; all of which you can easily set up in your account settings on the dashboard. For those of you ambitious lot, Max Bounty also has the option of paying you in Bitcoin.

Their payments are made on a monthly basis and they also have a minimum payment threshold of 100 USD, which means that the affiliate has to reach the limit of 100 USD before they can request their payments.

Bloggers and social media influencers have a niche of their own, which displays their knowledge and expertise. It can range from fashion, fitness, beauty to health and technology. Max Bounty understands this diversity and applauds it, thus there is something for everyone.

The diverse products and services you can promote on your platforms spans across 1500 campaigns, inclusive of romance, revenue sharing tutorials, clothing, bitcoin investment, debt consolidation, hosting packages and so much more.

These are served to the budding bloggers and YouTubers on a silver platter, for them to choose their pick.

In addition to this, the affiliates can contest in the competitions hosted by the company allowing them to capitalise their profits due to this incentive.

They can also receive an all expense paid trip to exotic destinations like Peru, New Orleans, Las Vegas and several such places; which promotes healthy competition amongst them. 

These are often doled out to the most earning affiliate, most improved affiliate or the wildcard affiliates.

Maxbounty Review: How to Enroll Into Max Bounty?

Another added perk of Max Bounty is its easily navigable interface which allows the publishers or prospective affiliates to easily enrol themselves into the program and start earning. The signing up process is free and does not require any kind of initial investment.

The creation of an account on the official website requires you to furnish all the necessary details like a functional email address, phone number and in some cases- your residential address.

Following this, heir affiliate manager will schedule a telephonic interview with you to glean more knowledge about your background, expertise and also to provide you a small insight into the workings of the program.

Their approval serves as a gateway pass for you to be able to access the site. Upon receiving the approval, the affiliates can log into their account and get started right away with their selection of campaigns for promotion and publication of affiliate links on various domains.

This platform is also amongst the few companies that offer hefty signing bonuses to their affiliates, a sum of 1000 USD that one can claim once they have managed to earn or generate the same revenue within three months of their affiliation.

Referral programs

The site also seeks to incentivise their referral programs amongst their current affiliates. This is a little added bonus on the side for you ambitious affiliates. The company boasts one of the most lucrative programs when it comes to referrals. Referrals work when existing affiliates refer their program to prospective affiliates and get them to sign up or enrol.

This entails them to a 5% added revenue that they will be drawing in for the span of the next 12 months, starting from the date of their referral’s enrolment. This is extremely alluring, especially as the site also hosts email marketing.

This means that you get to send or publicise the program across your emailing list consisting of thousands of addresses.

With guaranteed high-quality leads, the platform ensures that all the traffic diverted towards your campaigns house real prospective buyers who are genuinely interested in your niche and wish to see the products for themselves.

It is assured that only interested buyers come your way, who are inquisitive and are hungry for your product. The advertisers can be assured that with a reputation like Max Bounty’s one can rest well knowing that the integrity of your brand will never be tainted or compromised.

Their approval processes are thorough and their capable affiliate managers personally vet all their affiliates to prevent any kind of fraudulent activities and have 24/7 surveillance with regard to the nature of the traffic generated by them.

Their proprietary software is largely analytical and is efficient in discovering patterns and optimising your campaigns accordingly, so that your efforts do not go waste.

How to Promote Max Bounty Offers?

Before you forge affiliation with Max Bounty, it goes without saying that you will need a functional website or a blog of your own, that is up to date and updated regularly or within regular intervals.

During the approval of your account, your website will be evaluated and it is imperative that you keep it as pristine as possible. The landing page needs to house all the necessary snippets of information, and it can be a simple site without any kind of elaborations.

Solidify your presence on social media, you can start a twitter account and garner the right kind of audience or you can even start a Facebook page with memes that will propel your popularity; especially if your target audience comprises of young adults.

This will effectively build your traffic and requires minimal effort.

A YouTube promotional account is also recommended, a lone channel exclusively to create videos promoting offers as it can reach a wider audience and grab many more eyeballs by engaging the audience.

Freelancing your contextual or blog contents on several other domains can also work in your favour. Sites like HubPages and Ezine articles are free content platforms and authoritative content will help your marketing.

Although some of these sites have rules and regulations against the direct promotion of affiliate links, you can still find several that are not opposed to the idea.

One should aim at writing high quality content that will surely add credibility to your name and drive them towards the primary money site.

This not only propels traffic but also helps with SEO optimisation, aids CPA and thus enhances your earnings. In terms of SEO, asking effective and relatable questions on Quora can also help immensely, also because that domain is known to source traffic via links. Language fluency and precise writing is to be held with high regard when on Quora.

A common and favoured trend with relation to affiliate marketing is the articles that house comparison, like either between products or services. Any article that focuses on the ‘top 5’ or the ’10 best’ will irk the trader’s curiosity and help them get all the facts, compare them and know for themselves.

They need to weigh their options, and you can essay this by tabulating all the products or services you’re promoting and categorise them and have your users decide; don’t forget to publish respective links for all of them where the users can have a look for themselves.

It has been given the seal of approval of being 100% legit buy almost all reputed review websites and the platform takes pride in being one of the few in the industry that possess highly converting offers.

The great direction and consolidation of traffic helps in more ways than one- both for the affiliate and advertiser. This helps the affiliated chalk out their plans for their campaigns and promotions, narrows their target audience and helps them advertise effectively.

All the affiliates have vouched for the steady flow of income, hence the payment of commissions is never a problem when one is engaged with this domain.

As per the reviews that are flooding the internet and with the word of thousands of satisfied customers and users, Max Bounty is indefinitely faring as one of the top affiliate networks running on the CPA model and needless to say, a safe and suitable choice for venturing affiliates and publishers.

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