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Link Building Tools: Top 5 Amazing Tools of 2020

Link Building Tools: Top 5 Amazing Tools of 2020

According to a lot of famous SEO experts and online marketers around the world, link building, which is basically links pointing back to your website, is one of the major factors that affect rankings on Google. There are a lot of different link building tools available out there and it’s a bit tricky to choose the best among the rest. We bring you a list of the top 5 link building tools to help you rank better on SERPs.  

Link building tools have changed a lot since the inception. From the old techniques of posting comments automatically using tools like KontentMachine, link building has changed quite a lot. Nowadays link building tools have turned towards manual research and outreach platforms.

Link Building Tools: What is Link Building?

Link building is the acquisition of hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. 

Hyperlink is basically a link to another webpage or website usually embedded in a document or hypertext file. Typically a highlighted word or image on the screen. 

Search engines use links to crawl between web pages. This crawling is done in a couple of ways. Internal linking and external linking. To crawl between internal web pages, the crawlers use internal links, which link to other web pages of a common website. To crawl to other web pages, external links are used, which link to other websites.   

Link Building Importance

The idea of link building is important as it is a great tool to make people believe that the website or web page being linked is a reliable and genuine source. It not only affects the search results, but also enriches the websites profile. 

In the past few years and surely in many coming years, link building opportunities have and will evolve. The changes in the search algorithm, such as Google’s new “Penguin Update” is an example of this. One of the major reasons of these updates is the removal and filtering out of links that didn’t have the thing to rank.

Link Building Tools: Benefits of These Tools

All SEO tools are built to help you rank better in search results. From keyword research tools to link builders tools, the idea is to rank better. Following are some important benefits of link building tools that will make to crazy for link building tools.

  • To improve search rankings
  • To build links, internally and externally
  • It can also help you in removing broken links from your website, which is a must as Google Algorithms take this as a setback and it harms the ranking as well 
  • Help you in your link building campaigns 
  • Improve the overall link profiles on your website

Link Building Tools: Top Amazing Link Building Tools of 2020


Link Building Tools

A name that always shines out in the world of link building techniques is Ahref. Anyone familiar with content marketing and digital marketing world would know the Ahrefs link building tool. 

Ahrefs link building tool is always regarded as an asset in the link building sites strategies of many SEO experts all around the world. One of the primary reasons for this is the large link index database of Ahrefs.

Ahrefs can be considered as an all in one tool for your link building campaigns. The gigantic database, inclusive backlink analysis tool and the ever so increasing number of content marketing functions.

Unlike other tools, Ahrefs breaks down its index data into smaller parts. It uses a crawler similar to the Googlebot to search internal and external links. 

You can research your competitors link strategies and analyze the backlink profile of your competitors as well. 

Site Explorer is the highlight feature of Ahrefs. Using this tool is super easy. Just enter the URL of your competitors and Site Explorer will show you all the inbound links, as well as the link profiles. 

Another reason to choose Ahrefs tools, is Ahrefs Alert, which notifies you whenever you gain a backlink or you lose one. 

Overall, this is an amazing option and you should definitely give it a try. 

Majestic SEO

link building tools

The largest link index database in the world and the frontrunner SEO and link prospecting tool, Majestic is another amazing tool to help you in your link building strategies.

Using this tool, you can break down each and every inbound link. You can see the region, address and other related things that are related to the links. 

You can also analyze the pages of your own site which are getting links from other websites. 

You can also analyze all the complete inbound links to your site and see from where you are getting these links and what growth is made in the past.  

Guest Post Tracker

link building tools

Guest Post Tracker is an amazing tool that can help you maximize your link building campaigns and increases your link building opportunities. 

Anyone familiar with online marketing and guest blogging would definitely agree to the fact that guest blogging gives you headaches. Getting a good guest blog done and getting it published can be a daunting task. It takes a lot of time and effort out of you. 

This is where Guest Post Tracker steps in to help you. Guest Posts Tracker offers you over 1,500 reliable and genuine websites that accepts guest postings. You can approach these websites to guest posts your blogs and create backlinks to your site. 

One of the major features of this tool is that you don’t have to search terms like “Write for us” and then apply for guest postings. You can use the “blog categories” option in the tool to choose the kind of blog you want to write and the tool would showcase the exact same kind of websites that accept such blogs.


link building tools

BuzzStream is an amazing outreach campaign management platform which helps you to enrich and maintain relationships with websites that link back to you.

Basically it’s a customer relationship management system that helps you in building links and other variety of functions such as finding contact information, tracking social media growth, tracking backlinks and their sources and so on.     

Buzzstream is also a very useful tool to manage your email campaign. It provides you thoughtful statistics and campaign insides from your email campaign. 

Reaching prospects, sending emails, managing their responses and managing your own campaign profile is much easier done than doing it manually. 

Using BuzzStream you can also assign tasks and work to team members, which is very crucial to increase efficiency of the campaign. 


link building tools

Buzzsumo is a name which a lot of content marketers and digital marketers will find familiar. The best part about the tool is that it helps you to know the type of content that will generate maximum engagement in your niche. 

Making use of this tool, you can create content that is most likely to generate engagement and create similar links as well. 

You can also use this tool to keep a check on online influencers in and out of your field. You can see the type of content these influencers are working on and what kind of content is being shared. Using this data you can enhance your link building strategies. 

You would know who and where to target. You would know what the top player of this game are up to and what else do you need to do. This is definitely worth a try. 

So these are the top 5 link building tools of 2020 that will surely give a boom to your link building campaigns. All of these tools are tried and tested by SEO and online marketing professionals. These tools give you experience of automatic backlink software, as well as of manual backlink creation. 

And the best part is that you don’t have to be an expert in the field of online marketing and content marketing in order to use these tool. The interface and user experience of these tools is very easy. 

And if you are looking for more such amazing insights and tools, then check out “Best Blogging Courses: 30 Best Courses To Help You Skyrocket Your Blog’s Growth” and keep blogging!!

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