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JVZoo Review: Is JVZoo Affiliate Program Legit? Let’s Find Out!

JVZoo Review: Is JVZoo Affiliate Program Legit? Let’s Find Out!

JVZoo Affiliate Review

In our series of tried and tested affiliate program reviews, we now bring you a hands-on review of an affiliate network that has made a good name for itself in the huge online jungle of affiliate networks. JVZoo Affiliate Review will give all the answers you need regarding the legitimacy of this world famous affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing is a great option for everyone to earn money and run online businesses. And one doesn’t even need to have an office or a team of professionals with along to do so.  

And to make this even easier, affiliate marketing’s online world is blessed with what in general term is called middlemen, affiliate networks.

But in the market of affiliate networks, there are a ton of different affiliate networks that either don’t have good quality and critically acclaimed products to promote, or the payout and money management is of very low quality.

To make sure you don’t end up banging your head with an average and  low quality affiliate network, we bring your this in-depth analysis and review JVZoo affiliate network. Let’s do it!!

JVZoo Review


JVZoo Affiliate Review

JVZoo is no doubt the talk of the town in the affiliates business these days. Just like many other affiliates networks, this one is also a kind of middleman between business houses who desire to make as many sales as possible and affiliates who wish to earn millions in commission ?. 

Although it is still a very new in the game, but thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, JVZoo has made it clear that it is here to stay. 

Now to the thing that has made JVZoo a feasible choice for affiliates all around the world. No waiting for monthly or bi-monthly payouts. You get paid instantly on your sales.

You Sign Up. You Choose. You Promote. You Earn.

Another very important factor that makes JVZoo a go to option for affiliates is the range of options that one can promote or sell. The items range widely and include some hot selling items such as softwares, apps, plugins, DIY video tutorials and so on.  

JVZoo Review: Using JVZoo

Affiliate platforms provide opportunities to both vendors and affiliates. JVZoo does the same and altogether makes a worth using JVZoo marketplace. 

JVZoo Affiliate Review

Using JVZoo as an Affiliate

Signing up as an affiliate on JVZoo is as easy as it can be. 

Just go to JVZoo’s official website

Then click on the tab saying “Start Promoting on JVZoo”. Signing up on JVZoo as an affiliate is absolutely free and has no hidden or after signing up costs. That’s just another reason why JVZoo is there in the market standing strong.      

Now follow along and fill up all the details that are being asked by JVZoo. Once you’re done, get ready to make some serious money. 

Using JVZoo as a Seller

For sellers also, signing up on JVZoo is very easy. The process is somewhat similar to other affiliate networks. 

Sellers just need to go to JVZoo’s official website and then have to click on “Start Selling on JVZoo” tab to get started. 

Products on JVZoo are very easy to create and list. Different products such as digital products, can be created with the help of JVZoo’s easy to use interface. Creation and managing of sales pages for products is very easy. One of the easiest in the market for sure. 

And yes you don’t need a special website with digital marketing horns to make a product sell on JVZoo. Creating one time orders is also feasible with JVZoo. 

JVZoo Review: JVZoo Top Sellers

JVZoo has spent quite a while in the affiliate business till now. There are tons of good quality products listed in the marketplace which are worth promoting. A list of JVZoo top products of all time is as following: 

1. Video Maker FX : Launched back in 2014, this video editing and video making software has crossed over $3,559,500 from using JVZoo only. Video Maker FX offers a lot to the customers. This all-in-one video creator software is popular for providing easy video creation with no watermarks, no monthly leasing and no internal charges. 

With over 113,000 funnel sales, this product is standing strong in the all time best sellers of JVZoo top selling products.

2. Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 : This is a very easy to use doodle software which can be used to create doodle video in just a few minutes. Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 was released back in 2014 and now has made over $1,574,000 from JVZoo only.  

Overall Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 has sold over 55,000 copies overall. For affiliates Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 is a great option as the next big thing is video and video streaming. One of the best JVZoo products Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 is a great option for all kinds of affiliates. 

3. Explaindio v1-3 : Another product launched in 2014, Explaindio v1-3 is one the best products of JVZoo marketplace that affiliates make the best money online. 

With over 32,000 funnel sale, Explaindio is a great tried and tested product for affiliation. 

Now if we talk about the availability of products on JVZoo to promote and make money from, the list is pretty decent with respect to conversion rate and commission rates. 

Is JVZoo a Scam?

JVZoo itself is not a scam. It is just a mediocre for many scam vendors. JVZoo is one of the only affiliate networks that pay affiliates on time. And the customers refund policy is pretty good. At Least the customers reviews say so.  

Now here is the catch. When it comes to refund, JVZoo refuses to play the mediocre this time. For getting a refund of any kind of discrepancies you have to request to the seller.

Now if some obvious situation arises such as your seller not approving your request of refund, JVZoo will just sit there silently, unlike other affiliate networks that have a monetary account setup for a seller, from where refund money is transferred.

So summing it up JVZoo is not a scam at all. But as an affiliate or a customer you yourself have to be careful of the unethical and conspicuous vendors and affiliate programs. Remember JVZoo is just a platform folks. Don’t blame the postman!! 

JVZoo Affiliate Review: How To Earn Money With JVZoo

How to earn money with JVZoo Making money with JVZoo is no rocket science. This is similar to making money with any other affiliate network. All you have to do is that,

First create an account on JVZoo as an affiliate as mentioned above.

One important thing here to notice is that you have to have a PayPal account. Also that PayPal account has to be integrated with your account on JVZoo. This is a compulsion.

Then just like on any other another affiliate network, you just have to select a products affiliate program, wait for approval from the merchant ( this can take a few days) and once approved you can start promoting the product using the affiliate links and creatives offered by JVZoo. 

JVZoo Affiliate Review: Pros and Cons


1. No Sign Up Fees : Unlike many other affiliate networks, JVZoo asks for no sign up fees at all.

2. Variety : The marketplace of JVZoo is one of the best in the industry. From DIY to digital, JVZoo has it all. 

3. Quick Payment : You get paid instantly when a referral buys something through your affiliate link 


1. Refund Request : Customers have to request the seller for the refund. JVZoo remains silent in this matter

2. Affiliate Approval : Although you can easily sign up as an affiliate, you have to get approved by a seller you are seeking to promote and affiliate to

JVZoo Review: Verdict

JVZoo definitely deserves a try. The payouts don’t get any easier than this. The great customer support, good quality of products and easy to use interface makes this affiliate network a must try for all affiliates out there. 

So JVZoo affiliate review 2020 ends here. This was our hands-on review of JVZoo, an affiliate network that has been making a mark quite frantically in the online industry. 

And if you are looking for more such amazing reviews, then do check out SHAREASALE REVIEW: FAULT IN THE STARS? and give your blogging game an A+. 

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