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How To Write Catchy Blog Titles That Win You Traffic!

How To Write Catchy Blog Titles That Win You Traffic!

How to write catchy blog titles

As they say, the first impression is the last impression. Your blog’s title can very well be the make or break point of your traffic generation strategy. Your blog posts may not even get read by a visitor if he is not attracted or satisfied with your blog’s title. To help your blog title become a star attraction amongst others, we bring you how to write catchy blog post titles, which should be a must in your content marketing strategy!! 

A catchy headline compels a reader to click on that headline to read the whole article. That is a simple example of how catchy blog post titles can increase your click-through rates. 

Talking about the statistical part, you can increase the readings of your blog and generate traffic on your website by as much as 500%.   

Why use catchy blog titles?

There is no hard and fast rule to use catchy or attractive blog titles in your blog posts, but content marketers and experts prescribe this as a perfect practise for publicizing your great content. 

One of the most prominent reasons to use such blog titles is to attract your target audience. Irrespective of the type of audience you are targeting, a niche related blog title is as important as your niche related content.

And the other, simply the most important reason to use catchy blog titles is to generate more traffic by allowing a person to compare different search results.

Imagine your search for “10 best shopping malls in New York”. A person is more likely to click on the headline that has more numbers, top rated headline search phrases, and shorter size,  than the one which has none of these in the blog title. 

“ How-to blogs and case studies are the blog titles that get blogs the most credibility(socialmarketingwriting.com)”   

Some Great Blog Tiles Examples

Intriguing and creative blog posts titles are in demand these days. A great blog title is the one that personifies your blog’s goal in a creative and compelling way. And also reading the blog post title should make the reader feel that the blog posts is helpful and guides solution to his problem. 

Some of the great blog titles are : 

The “Guides” Blog Titles

People are searching for solutions. What could be better than a guide? It is suggested by many content marketing strategy experts, such as Neil Patel in his blog “How to Write Headlines People Can’t Help but Click [Formulas Inside]”, to use various “Guide” related titles, such as “ A step by step guide to…” or “Ultimate guide to making more…”.

To make the best of your content, you can also try writing the content of your blog posts in a step by step guide form. 

The “Why * people do * things” Blog Titles 

This is one of the most used and engaging blog titles used these days. This is the simple use of the fact that people have celebrities or professionals they look up to. 

For example “ Why Barack Obama’s daughter is working at a restaurant?” is likely to get a good amount of clicks, as there are billions of people that admire president Barack Obama and his family. And the best part is that nowadays we have a ton of experts in each and every niche, so using this “Why * people do * things” is easy and feasible.   

The “Best” Blog Titles 

These are quite frequently used in SEO strategies. One of the most searched keywords, “Best” is a favorite of blogs having lists. “Best Samsung Smartphones” or “10 Best Google Alternatives” for example. 

Tips To Write Catchy Blog Titles That Win You Traffic

Shorter Titles Get More Click-Throughs

No denying the fact that there is no definite word limit for a blog post title, but longer blog post titles have seen ignorance and lesser click-throughs than blogs posts having shorter titles. 

It is advised, by experts of course, that an ideal blog title should be kept within 70 characters. Of course your blog title really depends upon your content, but try to keep it under 70 characters, as according to a report on Content Marketing Institute, blog titles with 8 words get 21% higher click-through rate that longer titles.

So how exactly do you write shorter titles? For example, let’s say you are writing a title for your football centric blog. You write a title “How to choose your favourite football club: 10 points to always keep in mind”.

Now this is surely telling a lot about your blog’s content, but it is way to long. Rather than writing this, you can shorter it by writing something like : “10 benchmakrs to choose your favorite football club”. Now this one is much shorter and explains a lot about the content of the blog.

The Numbers Game

The numbers game is all about making your blog title look genuine and product of a research work. Using numbers in a blog title has been noticed to provide 206% more traffic to a blog than the blog having a blog title without any numbers(coschedule.com).

And talking about social shares, integrating numbers and stats into your headlines can increase your social share by a whopping 73%(Neilpatel.com). 

One of the reasons for the popularity of numbers and statistical data in blog posts titles is that the human brain is more attracted towards numbers. According to a report by Mike Hamers on writedirection.com, numbers are like “brain candy. 

The report further says that “human brain are attracted to numbers because they automatically organize information into a logical order”. And odd numbers are seen as more genuine than even numbers. So the next time you think of writing “ten best …” , try writing “10 best…”.

Optimize It For Social Sharing

Social Sharing optimization of your blog’s content and blog’s title has become a to-do things these days. Just imagine if your content is worth sharing on Facebook, but is not getting shared just because it has a boring and lengthy blog title. 

A minimal consideration is to think according to Tweeters character limit. The range between 120-130 character is the sweet spot(blog.hubspot.com). The shared blog posts in this range get the most click-through rate. The best part about this range of character is that it leaves a good amount of space for adding comments about the shared blog post.

Another very important and useful point to consider while writing a shareable blog posts title or any blog posts title for that matter is to make it as human as possible. Don’t write blog titles that look like some high end business owner is sharing his advertisement pamphlet. 

Also, since on social media platforms you have even less space than search engine results pages, write the primary keyword in the beginning. You definitely have a larger audience to attract, but the competition is even higher on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

The Whos and The Whys 

The use of “Who” and “Why” are a highly practised method of intriguing a target audience. Half of your job is already done if your blog’s title can get a potential readers interested in reading it and sharing it.

This excitement is very well generated by using “Who” and “Why” in blog titles. For example, “Why is Donald Trump Sure To Lose The Next Elections?” or “Facebook Data Leaks : Who exactly is Peeping In?”. These types of titles are sure to make a reader click the title and read the content of the blog.

According to HubSpot, a blog with title having a “Who” can generate 22% higher click – through rate than headlines without “Who”. 

The correct use of “Who” and “Why” actually depends upon the kind of excitement you are willing to generate in your audience and the content you have in your hand, but you should try to get as close as possible.

And if your content is no where related to answer the “Who” or the “Why” question, don’t use it. Your surely lose a lot of potential reverts if your title and contents don’t match.  

Use Keywords in Blog Titles As Well

One of the most sidelined practises in writing good titles is to add SEO centric keywords in the blog title. This step actually helps in the long run of your blog’s traffic generation strategy.

This adding of keywords in your blog titles actually allows people to discover your content easily. If you are taking time out to search keywords to write your content, then you can surely take time out to search keywords for your title. 

Brainstorming With Experts ( or Friends Maybe 🙂 )

Now this method can be used at the very start of the blog writing, or at the end when you are about to publish your blog. 

“Brainstorming is described as holding a group discussion to produce ideas or solve problems”  ~ Oxford Dictionary

If you have a team of bloggers around you, you are living in a gold mine. You can just take your fellow bloggers views and opinions on your drafted blog title and you can even ask them to suggest you some ideas. 

You should never get stubborn on a title you have in your mind. Having opinions and ideas from others helps you break your “Writer’s Block”. The other person helping you can actually improve your ideas and refine them for better understanding, as well as can improve the “attractive” factor of the title of it.

You can also hire an expert agency in the field of content marketing and writing, Content Vista for example, where you will get a team of expert writers and content marketing specialties who can solve your “How to write catchy blog titles?” problem. Do check it out.

Blog Title Generating Tools

Hemingway Editor App : Just simply insert your blog title into the Hemingway tool and it will give you a color coded analysis that tells you if your copy is too complex or easy. It will tell you if you need to add more attractive tone, or if you need to replace something illogical or things like that. 

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer: CoSchedule is packed with a ton of premium content marketing and management tools. The headline analyzer tool of CoSchedule is absolutely free to use. It offers you an overall scoring point for your said headline and tell you if it is good for social sharing, SEO and so on. 

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator: Another very popular title generating tool, HubSpot’s blog topic generator is also a great tool for discovering new blog posts titles. Just write in some related keywords and you will have a bunch of new and trendy blog ideas and title ideas.

Optimizely: This tool is very useful, as well as popular in automating your A/B testing processes to get reliable results. You get a good analysis about your working title and if your title will stand in the long run or not.            


So this was the inside-out of how to write catchy blog titles. The aim of this article is to help you become aware of the do’s and don’ts while writing a blog post title.

The ultimate aim of bloggers is to get as much traffic as he can. No boring and long, overstuffed, numbers-less, and non-relevant blog title will ever help you achieve this goal ever. 

So use the suggestion and tips provided in this well researched guide of “How To Write Catchy Blog Titles That Win You Traffic” and make the most of your great writing skills. 

And also check out “How To Build A Community Around Your Blog?” to know more about how you can make your presence felt online.

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