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HillTop Ads Review: An Unbiased Review for Bloggers and Publishers

HillTop Ads Review: An Unbiased Review for Bloggers and Publishers

hilltopads review

The search for the best ad network for your blog, website etc can be a very confusing task. To help you explore the world of ad networks and to make you more aware about ad networks, we’ve got you an unbiased and unparalleled review of quite a famous and critically acclaimed ads network, HillTop Ads.   

The internet is filled with a ton of ad networks. Google AdSense and  Media.net are two of the names that you might have heard about in the ads network market.

\You have to make sure that you choose the best ad network that gives the best returns. Not just relying on a big name will give you the best possible returns. 

Many people just blindly choose an ad network based on the suggestions and recommendations they get, but when they don’t get the return on investment that they expected, they get disappointment. It is always recommended to read everything about the ad network you choose, even the harsh reviews.

So to help you with your “Is HillTop Ads the one?” question, let’s get started with the completely unbiased, hands-on HillTop Ads review. 

HillTop Ads Review: An Overview 

hilltopads review

HillTop Ads is a global advertising network that specializes primarily in online business growth for different kinds of users, such as publishers, advertisers, agencies and webmasters. 

HillTop Ads is a cost per click(CPC), cost per action(CPA) and critical path method(CPM) ads network, offering various types of ads. The ads type included are pop-up ads, banners, social ads and so on. Pop-up ads still the most popular among others.   

Started in the year 2014, HillTop Ads combines both the must have elements, smart approach and smart technology, to provide the best possible service for advertisers and webmasters equally.

If you are a little bit familiar with the features of online ads networks, you will notice that most of the online ads network offers only one, or a maximum of two payments structures, but HillTop Ads offer more than six types of payments structures, which are CPC, CPM, CPA, CPC, CPI, CPO, and CPS.

The payment structures of HillTop Ads are specially designed to optimize revenue generation for publishers, while simultaneously increasing the 

return on investment for the advertisers. 

Over 12 billion global monthly impressions has made HillTop Ads one of the fastest emerging, leading ad networks as per website traffic monetization.   

HillTopsAds is surely one of the best ads networks for beginners. This is so because HillTop Ads accepts all types of websites. Microsites, blogs, gaming review websites, etc. And yet there are no particular restrictions on traffic requirements, unlike the ones in the popular ads network. 

HillTop Ads also offers a very popular HillTop Ads Referral Program” which offers a 5% commission on referrals.   

HillTop Ads Review: The Setup 

HillTopAds Review

Getting started with HillTop Ads is as easy as it can get. You don’t need to be a webmaster or have a masters degree for this. Just follow these steps :

1. Create An Account at HillTop Ads.com. It just takes a few seconds and you can get started with HillTop Ads in a jiffy.

2. Now that you have successfully created an account in HillTops Ads and you are logged in, you’ll be prompted to enter certain must add information to your profile, marked with an asterisk. 

3. Now you will have to click on the tab “Manage Sites and Zones” and have to fill the publisher application form.

You’ll be asked to enter information like the list of your websites or other visitors source description, the percentage of mobile traffic, and so on. 

4. After you have successfully submitted all of these data, HillTop Ads will send you a confirmation email with all the information about successful verification of your website. This approval process usually takes between 3 hours to 3 days. 

5. Once your website gets approved by HillTop Ads, you now have to go to the Zone tab to create an ad code. 

6. Once your code is successfully generated, all you have to do now is to add the code to your blog or website. And now you are all set to make money!!

HillTop Ads Review: For The Publishers 

HillTop Ads has been making quite a buzz, as per in the publishers zone of the global online ads market. This is very well due to the fact that there is no special or minimum traffic requirements for a website. Any beginner or the one’s struggling to get some minimum amount of traffic can also advantage of this ad network.

Another important aspect of this ad network is there is no language requirement for any kind of publisher. This is a global network and you can take advantage of your target’s audiences regional language. You can set ads and banners in regional languages and help increase your click through rate as well as income.

HillTopsAds have a very useful feature that lets absolutely no impression to go in waste. There is a unique feature available called Anti-ad blocking, which helps publishers to monetize their mobile traffic as much as possible. The eCPM rates are of HillTop Ads are very competitive and can be considered one of the highest in the ads network.

HillTop Ads provides a lot of different types of ads to help publishers monetize their websites or blogs. Some of them are desktop pop-under, direct ad links, instant advertisement messages, mobile pop-under ads, display banners of various sizes and types, and so on. Another notable point about HillTop Ads is the Net7 payment frequency, as well as the minimum payout of $50.  

eCPM rates of HillTop Ads start at market friendly rate of $0.5%. Payments on HillTop Ads are made through various payment sources, such as PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer, ePayService, ePayments, and Bitcoins.This is actually a very great feature, as a beginner has more than one payment sources and doesn’t gets confused in the payment management issues.           

Another notable point for publishers is that there are no financial transactions fees in HillTop Ads ad network, unlike other famous ad networks. And if we talk about publishers support, HillTop Ads has a dedicated 24×7 customer support, where HillTop Ads international team of managers are always ready to help. 

Another notable choice a publisher gets is the amount of possible target options. You can either choose a whole country as target, or can choose a particular city. You can also choose your target’s device type, target’s browser or operating system, and keywords.

You can also set time for targeting your audience. Setting a particular IP range and ISP is also possible. Last, but definitely not the least, you can set the mobile carrier or WIFI using audience as a target.

HillTop Ads has a very important feature that many other ads networks don’t offer, which is the Ad network rotation of eCPMs, that too in real time.

This is a very effective feature as you now have a chance to shift the lesser popular and low earning ads to the back. Automatically the ads having higher conversion rate and generating more income will be displayed and the lower one’s will hide back. This is a complete win win situation for both publisher, as well as the advertisers.

All-in-all, as per the publishers point of view, this ad network has a lot of features to offer and has a decent payment rate and policy. So as per the publishers point of view, this ad network gets a thumbs up.      

HillTop Ads Review: For The Advertisers 

HillTop Ads network is a global ad network. There are a massive number of advertisers who have joined the HillTop Ads ad network. HillTop Ads network has been striving to reach out to the best, highly acclaimed advertisers, having loads of high conversing campaigns all around the world. HillTop Ads is also considered one of the safest ads networks for all kinds of advertisers.

HillTop Ads offer a complete self-serve platform for advertisers, removing all the general unnecessary hassle between advertisers and ad networks.

HillTop Ads also have a very low minimum deposit amount, which is only $200, and that too via various payment methods. Advertisers also get a lot of other useful features such as White and Black lists, Retargeting, and Frequency Crapping.

Advertisers are offered some of the most innovative and important features, as well as traffic analysing tools of the market at HillTop Ads ad network.

Advertisers can actually scan all the incoming traffic for automated-bots, malwares and viruses, using the various in-house HillTop Ads tools and other available third-party fraud filtering and scanning tools.

HillTop Ads also have a very important feature for advertisers, called the RTB. HillTop Ads allows you to buy genuine traffic from HillTop Ads very own RTB ( real time bidding) platform for media buyers. This allows advertisers to manage, as well as optimize their ads for multiple ad networks, and also allows advertisers to create and run multiple ad campaigns.

Self service platforms for advertisers are also available so as to allow advertisers to get fast campaigns approvals and quick launching. HillTop Ads also provide some of the most competitive CPM rates, to get the best high-quality crowd possible for top geo locations.  

HillTop Ads Review: Payments

HillTop Ads has some of the most easy payment methods, as well as some of the most genuine payment rules. Any publisher of HillTop Ads can withdraw the earned money via the campaigns, but the publisher should have a minimum earning of $50 in the account.

This amount is actually very low as compared to other ad networks, such as Google’s AdSense.

Similar to other ad networks, all the transactions will be commenced after the end of the week, in which the targets meet up. Comparing the payment methods of other ad networks, which actually complete their payouts on a monthly, or bi-monthly basis, the deal we get on HillTop Ads is quite better. 

There are a lot of payment sources available in HillTop Ads ad network, such as PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, ePayService to get the amount transferred into your account.

You can also get your transactions done in Bitcoins, only in case it is legal in your country!!

HillTop Ads itself does not have any hidden charges, but you the third-party transaction sources can surely charge you on transaction, such as PayPal charges for around 3-5% on each transaction and the charges charged by banks while using Wire Transfer. 

So while calculating your overall income, it is always advised to add up the charges of the respective transaction source you are about to choose. 

Net7 payment policy and $50 minimum payout threshold, and the availability of so many payment methods, HillTop Ads definitely is a good option keeping the payment and monetary aspect in mind.   

HillTop Ads Review: Pros and Cons

HillTop Ads has been growing rapidly in the ever so growing online advertising network. But like any other online advertising network, it has both its pros and cons. Here is a list of some of the pros and cons.


1. Weekly payout schedule 

2. Beginner friendly 

3. Anti ad blocking 

4. Easy to sign in

5. eCPM’s rotation in real time

6. Net7 payment policy 

7. Quick approval

8. Accepts all kinds of websites

9. Zero transaction fees

10. Customer support through Skype, email and phone


1. Lesser number of ad formats than other ad network

2. No control panel to add changes in campaigns

3. Mainstream traffic still very low

Final Thoughts 

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that HillTop Ads is a great option for all kinds of publishers, especially for beginners. Web traffic monetization is quite simple to do using this online ad network.  

For advertisers also, this is definitely a must try option, as you are sure to get a ton of clicks, as well as views. 

With some amazing features like anti ad blocking, zero transaction fees and weekly payout schedule, HillTop Ads is definitely here to stay. Talking about the ads types, pop under ads are the most popular on this network. You also have a facility of using both the publishers account and advertisers account from the same dashboard.

Overall with keep the features and minor limitations of HillTop Ads in mind, this online ads network is definitely worth the investment. 

Looking for more such amazing ad networks for bloggers? Check out Best Ad Networks for Bloggers: Making Money The Right Way. Happy blogging!

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