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Google AdSense Review

Google AdSense Review: Still The Best in The Market?

The name needs no introduction, but you definetly got to take a look at this hands-on, unbiased Google AdSense Review that will help you decide if this is the one you need or not.

Started back in June 18, 2003, that is now over a decade ago, Google AdSense is the oldest and most famous online advertising network in the world. And undoubtedly Google AdSense is what comes in mind when bloggers think of monetizing their blogs.

The most amazing and attractive thing that has made Google AdSense a bloggers favorite is that implementation usage is super easy!

And not to mention the content specific ads that Google AdSense displays according to your geographical locations. And you, as a blogger can receive payments using both, per-click and per-impression basis! Isn’t that awesome?

And to top it all, you get the amazing support from Google support team.

Google AdSense Review: Major Features

The Publishers : Google AdSense has one of the largest number of publishers and advertisers in the market. Did you know that over 10 million websites are using AdSense on their websites? Yes read that again!

Ad Formats : One of the most innovative and variety of ad formats are available on Google AdSense. You can run text ads, images, HTML ads, video ads and so on in different sizes. This helps you decide what actually would look best on your website or blog. Easy!

Easy to use Control Panel : The control panel of any ad network is the place where you do most of the work. It is very much important to understand the control panel first before actually starting to use it. Google AdSense has the most basic and easy to use control panel in the market. The data breakdown is awesome and needs no high grade knowledge to understand. The landing page is even easier where you can see your earnings for the day, yesterday, last 7 days, 28 days and of even earlier. You can actually create customized reports from control panel only!

Reporting : The major reason why people shift from other ad networks to Google AdSense is that Google AdSense has the best reporting features in the market. No doubt about that. The reports are very precise and can help you break down you data in a lot of simpler categories, such as functionality, ad unit, and so on.

Minimum Payout Threshold : This is the minimum amount that you need to have in your Google AdSense earnings account. This is $100 on Google AdSense.

Customer Support : Google is the best when it comes to customer support and Google AdSense is no different. You get various types of customer support such as help desk and support forum.

Google AdSense Review: AdSense Approval Process

Google AdSense is quite easy to use as compared to others. The process of getting yourself started on AdSense is very easy and usually takes about 48 hours to complete the process. Typically it is the review process that takes time. But once your application is approved, you can easily start earning!

The process of Google AdSense approval is as following :

  • Simply log into AdSense.com and register your AdSense account. Provide all the required information and data that is being asked, such as Name, website and so on.
  • Login in to your Google AdSense account and generate your AdSense code. Now simply copy and paste the generated code in your websites / blog’s sidebar.
  • Now that you have the code in your source code, the ad space will be shown on your website but will be blank, until your application gets approved.
  • It usually takes around 14 days to get approval, but don’t remove the code from the source code.
  • You will receive your final confirmation email after the final approval.
  • Now when your account gets approval, your earning process starts. Once you reach $10 in your account, Google AdSense will mail you a PIN to your email address.
  • Enter that PIN in your AdSense account and you are done!

Google AdSense Pros and Cons


  • Ease of Use : It’s quick and requires no technical knowledge. Just select the type of ad format you want to run on your blog and you get your code generated.
  • It’s Free: The program is absolutely free to join.
  • Multiple Websites: Using a single account, you can access and monetize more than one website.
  • Interface: The interface is very easy to use and is one of the most user friendly in the market.
  • Customization: Google AdSense allows you to customize your ads as per your favorite colors.


  • Payment: The minimum threshold of Google AdSense is $100.
  • No Complete Control: You cannot completely control the types of ads that are displayed on your blog.

Google AdSense Review: Final Words

Google AdSense is simply the most famous and easiest to use ad network in the market. Features like free to set up and customization makes it even more amazing.

But Google AdSense is only recommend if you have a good amount of traffic on your website / blog.

Overall a great choice if you have a good amount of traffic on your website.

And if you are looking for more such amazing ad networks, check it out Best Ad Networks for Bloggers: Top 8 Ad Networks of 2019.

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