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Fitness Affiliate Programs 2020: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2020

Fitness Affiliate Programs 2020: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2020

Fitness Affiliate Programs

The internet is jammed with fitness affiliate programs these days. Whether it is the popular web hosting affiliate programs or the evergreen fashion affiliate industry, the affiliate business is seeing a steep rise in the number of new affiliates and amount of sales generated through affiliate links. 

Today we’ve bought you the top 10 highest paying fitness affiliate programs for beginners in 2020.

All of these fitness affiliate programs are tried and tested by experts many a times. Beginners stepping in the affiliate business must try fitness affiliates programs. In fact according to AM Navigator, via a stats report published on HostingTribunal.com, 14.60% affiliate marketers promote sports and outdoor activities products and 11.10% affiliate marketers promote health and wellness products. 

So without any further ado, check out the highest paying fitness affiliate programs in 2020 :

TRX Training 

Fitness Affiliate Programs

TRX Training offers a complete body training program for both men and women. Irrespective of the age group a person belongs, he or she can use TRX for health training. 

Also, it really does not depends at what fitness level a person is, anyone, literally anyone can use TRX for his or her fitness. The equipment is very compact to store and is very easy to set up. 

TRX Fitness is designed by Fitness Anywhere, the globally famous brand dealing in innovative fitness products. 

TRX Fitness offers a lot of important fitness products, such as education course, workout lineups and functional training tools. Also, you get a lot of unique and amazing category to choose products from, such as TRX Home, TRX Pro and TRX Tacticals.

You get a jaw dropping 5 years warranty on TRX fitness products. 

TRX Training offers an amazing 8% commission on new and repeat product sales. The cookie duration lasts for a good 30 days.         


BodyBuilding.com is an all-in-one health and fitness store where you can find each and everything related to health and fitness lifestyle. 

The categories to shop under are one of the most detailed and complete, as compared to the competitors. You get to sell products from various different categories, such as Pre & Post workout, Protein, Vitamin, Clothing, and Accessories. 

The grand online store offers many high selling and very popular products like whey protein, weight gainers, creatine, shakers, fish oil, and so on. 

Sports and fitness clothing are offered for both men and women and of all sizes. 

Not just that, this online store has a ton of other stuff to sell. One of the most famous fitness categories that sells off very quickly and is an affiliate favourite, is the workout plans. BodyBuilding.com offers many hand made workout plans, made by famous fitness experts, such as Jim Stoppani, Kris Gethin and Jamie Eason. 

The store has all kinds of fitness products and workout plans to choose from. Whether your aim is to lose weight, gain muscle, gain weight , or just simply fitness, BodyBuilding.com is your one stop shop. 

For beginner affiliates, this is a go to option. You get to target the world audience, as well as you are selling something that can satisfy people of all kinds and shapes.

BodyBuilding.com offers commission per sale, somewhere between 5 to 15%. Cookie duration is of 9 days. 

Life Fitness

Life Fitness is in the fitness business for over 45 years now. Life Fitness has been innovating and providing fitness solutions worldwide. Basically Life Fitness offers different types of fitness equipment for all kinds of needs and trainings. 

All over the world, Life Fitness’s equipments have a good share in their respective markets. 

Life Fitness is quite popular for their range of home fitness equipment. Their innovation and market experience can be seen quite evidently in their innovations. 

You get a bunch of unique categories, such as Cardio, Group Training, Strength Training, and other accessories. Also, it offers new age innovative and digital training products and apps. 

The affiliate program of Life Fitness offers bonuses and incentives based on performance. Also, affiliates get dedicated affiliate manager to help them out. And signing up for the program is absolutely free.   

Life Fitness offers over 8% commission on each sale and a 30-day cookie duration. 


Fitness Affiliate Programs

Bowflex is somewhat similar to Life Fitness. For over 30 years now, Bowflex has been innovating in the fitness industry and is providing some of the most innovative fitness equipment for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts. 

This award winning brand offers all kinds of fitness equipments and gears. You also get a complete set of workout plans and fitness tips to sell through your campaign. 

From treadmills to treadclimbers, Bowflex offers it all. Bowflex also offers products for home gyms. You get a complete set of innovative and new age fitness machines and accessories. Bowflex also offers a unique finance program, where you are offered different purchase plans and financial schemes. 

Bowflex offers commission between 3 to 7% per sale. The cookie duration is of 30 days. 

Natalie Jill Fitness 

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Natalie Jill Fitness is owned and managed by a single mother, Natalie Jill, who turned herself from a depressed and unhealthy person to a fitness motivator and fitness trainer. 

Natalie Jill gained tremendous fame when famous media houses, such as Fox 5, NBC and Hallmark Channel published her story and fitness evolution. 

A licenced master sports nutritionist and fitness trainer, Natalie Jill has a lot to offer on her website. Natalie offers fitness plan magazines, fitness exercise videos, weekly workout plans, and number of fitness related blogs on her website. 

Natalie Jill Fitness also offers fitness related podcasts and customer support as well. Also, you get a lot of fitness and health supplements to sell and earn a commission from. 

Natalie Jill Fitness offers a whopping 50% commission per sale. The cookie duration is of 60 days.

Workout Anywhere 

Fitness and health brands are investing heavily on fitness and health programs for people who either don’t have time to workout in the gym, or for people who are left with no energy to workout due to their office and daily works.

Workout Anywhere targets busy and professional, office going people. The brand offers many different fitness programs and training solutions that are designed and planned perfectly for office going people. The workouts and plans consume very less time and space. 

Workout Anywhere offers training lessons, fitness meal and diet plans, fitness challenges, and fitness tracking. The best part? All of the features and programs are offered packed in a lite mobile app!! No hardcopy magazines, no waiting for home delivery and no billing issues. And there is no doubt about the popularity of mobile fitness apps these days for sure.

You also get a dedicated fitness community and multiple workout videos in the Workout Anywhere app.      

Workout Anywhere offers 30-50% commission per sale and cookie duration varies from time to time. The catch here is that you have to be approved by Workout Anywhere’s team before you can start promoting their products and apps. 

Tough Mudder

This is one of the most innovative fitness program in this list. There is mud, there is sweet and there is fitness. Owned by a former British counter terrorism officer, Will Dean, Tough Mudder is not just a fitness program, but an overall fear and life experience. 

Tough Mudder is actually an endurance event program, organised at different parts of the world, where participants from all around the world attempt an 10-12 miles of obstacle course. 

The unique factor differentiating Tough Mudder event series from others, is that the obstacle is not just packed with sticky mud, but with fire, water, electricity and height fearing challenges. 

Started back in 2010, Tough Mudder has been attended by over 3 million people around the world, as of 2016. The events have been featured on famous sports TV channels, such as ESPN, Sky Sports and The CW. 

The events are designed for all kinds of people. You can take part in
“Mini Mudder Challenge” to get started with a fitness program. Also, there are other popular events and challenges that people from all around the world take part in, such as 1 Mile Master Challenge, which is one of the toughest; Tough Mudder Classic, which is attended by pro level athletes.

Also, the online shop of Tough Mudder offers wearable gears and accessories. As an affiliate you can get to sell out many different things related to Tough Mudder such as the travel packages, exclusive deals, event licences and so on.    

Tough Mudder offers a good 10% commission on sales. The cookie duration is of 14 days. And there is a dedicated affiliate management team to help you out. 


If you are familiar with top fitness related brands in the world, then you might have heard of MyProtein. MyProtein is one of the most famous sports nutrition brands in the world, especially in europe. 

Europe’s number #1 sports nutrition brand, MyProtein offers a ton of high quality protein powder, vitamin supplements, and minerals. The brand has been featured in almost all the top fitness and health magazines around the world. 

MyProtein is also very popular for providing some amazing quality of high-protein food, healthy snacks and alternatives. 

Not to mention the sporty clothing line offered by MyProtein, which is very popular around the world and has been specially designed for high performance workouts. 

The brand operates in 70 countries and since 2004, MyProtein is amongst the favourite of fitness influencers and athletes. The team behind MyProtein is quite renowned for producing all its products exclusively in-house, rather than from some third party supplier. 

The products are categorised and made for all kinds of people, such as muscle gaining, Losing weight, amino acids and so on. 

MyProtein offers 8% commission on sale. Cookie duration is of 30 days. 

American Council on Exercise

Founded in 1985, American Council on Exercise, located in San Diego, is a nonprofit fitness certification organization that is globally respected and valued by the fitness enthusiasts and athletes. 

ACE aims at providing healthy living resources for all. American Council on Exercise aims for providing healthy lifestyle by offering NCCA accredited certifications to healthcare professionals and exercise coaches.  

ACE offers opportunity for health professionals by creating innovative continuing program, which helps them to move forward in their careers.  

More than 85,000 connected certified professionals with over 90,000 American Council on Exercise’s certifications have been a part of ACE. 

An affiliate can make use of his blog, website, or even social media platform to market ACE and earn commission. 

American Council on Exercise offers 8% commission on sales. Cookie duration is of 30 days.   


Similar to ACE, National Academy of Sports Medicine provides certifications to fitness coaches and trainers. 

Since 1987, NASM has been offering highly respected and widely approved sports certifications. The programs offered by NASM are based on deep scientific research and tried-and-tested methods, which are renowned all over the world. 

NASM offers 4 unique learning packages that are 100% certification oriented. Many famous and renowned fitness trainers have taken their fitness programs to a whole new level with certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine. 

Optimum Performance Training(OPT) system, is a scientific performance training system, which is dedicatedly used by NASM for its training programs and certifications.

In this decade, till now NASM has certified over 190,000 personal trainers. The best part? Anyone above the age of 8 years can take the NASM program and also can give the test. 

The National Academy of Sports Medicine offers a whopping 25% per sale. The cookie duration is of 30 days.   

Bottom Line 

So, this was the list for the top 10 highest paying fitness affiliate programs for beginners in 2020. As a beginner you must try to get as much experience you can get out of these beginner level affiliate programs. 

All of these fitness affiliate programs are tried and tested by affiliate professionals from all around the world. Each of these programs offer you a convincingly long period of cookie duration, which is a must for all the beginners out there.

So choose any one of the above and always remember to keep your patience level high, because becoming an affiliate marketer is all about patience!! 

Looking for more such money making affiliate programs? Check out Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2019 and get ready to hit the bulls eye!

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