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ezoic review

Ezoic Review: Worth The Time?

Ezoic Review

You might have heard that Ezoic ad network is the simplest ad network to use? Are you also confused whether it is the one for you or not? In our series of ad network reviews, we bring you Ezoic Review, an unbiased and in depth review of an ad network that has been making quite a buzz in the market.

Ezoic is actually a simple ad testing tool that helps you find the best place on your website to put the ads on so that you get maximum clicks and increased sales. If you are looking for a tool that automatically does the A/B testing for you to help you improve the overall look of your website, then this tool is the one for you.

In simple words, Ezoic tells you where to put the ads so that you get maximum clicks. Simple.

Ezoic is also a Google certified publishing partner and also allows you to take advantage of premium CPM advertisers using the Google’s Ad exchange program.

Ezoic Review: How to double your ad revenue using Ezoic in 5 steps

Ezoic Review

Step 1 : Simple log on to Ezoic.com and create a free account. Hardly takes few minutes.

Step 2 : Now you have to integrate your site with Ezoic. There are several different ways through which you can do this step. You can either copy paste the javascript into your web pages, or you can point your nameservers to Ezoic.com. Another very simple way to integrate your website with Ezoic is to use CloudFare app, which you can download from the app section.

Step 3 : Now in this step, you have to create ads. There are a number of different ad units available with Ezoic that you can use. These depends on the requirements of your reader.

Step 4 : Now that you have selected the size and kind of ad for your website, in this step you will get the ad’s code. Simply copy the entire code and paste it into the appropriate location that you wish.

Step 5 : Once you’re done with the steps above, simply turn on the Ezoic ad tester for mobile and desktops. Wait till the tester runs through the ad combinations.

Step 6 : Depending upon the traffic on your website, as well as the sizes you try, you will get the results in the next 1 week to 1 month.

Ezoic Review

Ezoic Review: Key Features

1. Analytics : Ezoic offers a great set of features to test and show you a in depth details of your progress. You get amazing graphical representation of all the different pages of your websites. You get a lot of specific details in analytics, such as Mobile Revenue Data, Traffic Revenue Data and Country Wise data.

2. Ad Types : Ezoic has a lot of different types of Ads that you can make use of, such as Banner Ads, Sticky ads, Link ads and Native ads. Ezoic offers a full set of different sizes, including mobile ad units, clickbait grids and so on.

3. Automated Ad Split Test : One of the most amazing feature of this online tool is that it splits ads in a variety of different ways, such as placement, ad types and AdSense configurations.

4. The Payment Methods : Ezoic has three different payment methods that it works with, namely PayPal, Payoneer and checks. The minimum payment threshold limit $20 only.

The payments are based on the NET30 model, which means you get paid on the end of the upcoming month, a standard model in the market.

Ezoic Pros and Cons


  • Amazing Reporting Tools: One of the things that has made Ezoic a success, is that the reporting features available in the platform are just amazing. You get a lot of in depth analysis and tracking reports that help you decide if your campaign is going on the right track or not.
  • Improves Mobile Responsiveness : By implementing progressive web app technology, your websites mobile responsiveness increases, which ultimately increases your incomes.
  • Improves the overall layout: You’re websites overall layout becomes more beautiful and your website doesn’t look unprofessional due to ads.


  • Support : The support team is a bit slow and compared to other competitors, the support is on the weaker side.
  • Implementations : Implementations of various features has several problems and potentially difficulty to use than the competitors.

Final Words

Ezoic has been in the market for a long time now. The trust and expertise build for the program is one of the best in the market. Over 200 million people are serverd by this brand every single month.

For the people who have a long term goal with their blogging plans and want their websites to look professional, Ezoic definitely deserves a try.

So, Ezoic Review ends here. And if you are looking for more such amazing ad networks, check out Best Ad Networks for Bloggers: Top 8 Ad Networks of 2019. Happy Blogging!

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