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Top CPA Affiliate Networks For Beginners In 2020

Top CPA Affiliate Networks For Beginners In 2020

For those of you fond of monetising your online efforts, here’s a great opportunity- in the form of CPA affiliate networks! These networks have grown into the fastest money-spinning platforms via your blog or website. Predominantly, bloggers even social media influencers have resorted to affiliate marketing due to its offering of higher returns in the form of commissions.

CPA is the abbreviated form of ‘cost per action’ or ‘cost per acquisition’, which implies that the platform pays their affiliates commission entirely based on the market they manage to create, in terms of purchases or user clicks.

This model incentivises the affiliates to market offers better and draw traffic, which will adversely help them increase their earnings each time a customer buys something or clicks in the platform using the affiliate’s link.

This meritorious approach helps in establishing neutrality, accountability and transparency while doling out commissions.

The cpa affiliate networks are adequately equipped with a central database housing affiliate offers, allows the participation in various programs and also offers a wide range of tools and analytics to enhance your marketing skills and actions.

As a beginner venturing into the industry, picking out the right platform or affiliate program can be quite daunting if one is not equipped with all the information required to make the career decision. In order to change that, we bring to you the top CPA affiliate networks of 2020 across the globe and thus advance your career.


A picture of top CPA affiliate programs - perform[cb]

Having been popularised as the fastest growing cpa affiliate networks in this upcoming industry, Clickbooth was founded in 2002, making it one of the oldest CPA companies. But now, Perform[CB] is the one-stop-shop platform where Clickbooth, Apderio, and Ignite OPM are brought together.

Its anciency has also helped the platform in garnering a large and satisfied customer base, which keeps growing due to its reliability.

With the motto of “exceptional performance drives exceptional results”, Perform[CB] has managed to connect several advertisers with affiliates specifically on the CPA model. With the assurance of high and consistent traffic, the platform’s affiliate engagements are expansive and quite attractive for beginners.

The platform, specifically for affiliate programs, is constantly coming up with tools and online devices to enhance your performance and monetise on your earnings.

In addition to this, they are known for diligent weekly payment of commissions made on the basis of NET-15, with the minimum payment threshold being 50 USD. Their affiliate bunch is so large and functional that the company is known to spend at least a 100 million USD annually to pay their affiliate managers.

·        Wide variety of payment options

·        Integration with PayPal along with wire transfers and direct deposits

·        Several categories for their advertisers to find their niche

·        Weekly payments

·        Scalable and high-quality traffic

·        Affiliate friendly technology

Max Bounty

Having been in the market since 2004, Max Bounty has grown over the past decade to become one of the best-reputed companies in the industry and has managed to satisfy thousands of their users and affiliates alike.

Max Bounty takes pride in its highly functional dashboard which houses offers with highest convertibility and a wide array of landing pages for you to choose from.

It is also known to be the platform with one of the highest paying affiliate programs. This apart, it is also lauded for the tailor-made solutions offered for marketing goals such as scaling up your sales and increase app-installations or sign-ups. They’re compatible with both the models including CPL alongside CPA.

Max Bounty has tended to various bloggers and influencers belonging to the sectors of clothing, diet, fitness, and even real estate.

It has an in-built tracking option that can monitor one’s sales, clicks, sign-ups, form submission downloads or any action taken by the customer.

Its weekly payments coupled with conversion rate optimisation makes this platform a valuable option for you to consider.

·        Minimum payment amount is 100 USD

·        Most reliable CPA network

·        Weekly payments across various payment platform

·        Inclusive of PayPal, Bitcoin, wire transfer, Payoneer options

·        High quality leads to back your campaigns

Market Health

An affiliate network that specialises exclusively in health and personal hygiene products, the platform has attracted various advertisers from all kinds of domains. Be it fitness freaks, dietary food supplements, beauty products, you name it- this platform houses all the niches and products.

Being a manufacturer themselves, this company has a stock of free resources and other promotional content; along with a proficient design team who can customise content or graphics to suit your advertising needs.

Giving their affiliates all the necessary attention, the company has been known to provide their affiliates with all the necessary help and assistance, in addition to tools and programs to accelerate their sales and marketing initiates.

With the advanced tracking software, affiliates can trace the latest market trends and customer behaviour, to design their promotions or campaigns accordingly.

Market Health prides in offering high pay-outs with the absence of a middleman and with guaranteed pay-outs or commissions in accordance to every user activity, thanks to the CPA model!

·        Highest conversions and best-selling products

·        Latest online tracking software

·        Over hundreds of offers

·        Recurring income with minimum payment amount of 20 USD

·        Free advertising resources


Peerfly has been known amongst the industry to be the best and the most reliable cpa affiliate networks platform, owing to its vibrant history and reliability. It has been specifically recommended for beginners or newbies who are venturing into the field and are looking to carve a niche for themselves.

The platform does not ask for past experience and also allows you to specify the kind of work you will be engaged in.

With over 2000 offers, Peerfly helps you earn a 5% commission rate on all purchases made through your affiliate link, needless to say the affiliates are at a choice to choose the domain of their choice to market the content.

They also have referral programs where the affiliates get to refer the programs to prospective affiliates and earn commission on their sign-up.

Unlike other platforms where they pay referral commission up to a period of six months at the rate of 2%; but Peerfly ensures that you are paid permanently and at the rate of 5%. Their distinctive payment options range from your standard PayPal and Payoneer to more adventurous options like Bitcoin.

·        With a maximum payment threshold of 50 USD

·        Offer daily, weekly and bi-weekly payout options

·        Functional across 165 countries with around 40,000 publishers

·        Help affiliates find their niche

Amazon Associates

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the biggest e commerce giant Amazon and the acclaimed retailer also hosts the single platform for the largest affiliate program. Knowing them, the affiliates have over a million products to advertise and publish on their platforms, giving them an edge to earn as much profits as possible.

This platform also allows you the freedom of endorsing not just the product that fits your niche but its allied accessories and much more related products, which epitomise scaling up.

With a success rate of 80%, all of the Amazon affiliates have been known to earn a minimum of a 5-figure monthly income. Due to the reputation it has garnered over the years, the company has taken violations of terms and conditions pretty seriously.

Their payment modes range from Amazon gift cards, direct deposits to cheques. Its easily navigable interface makes signing up as hassle-free as possible and there is also the added perk of 10% advertising fees from all qualifying purchases.

·        With competitive conversion rates helping you maximise your profits

·        Several products to advertise on the platform of your choice.

·        A 60-day hold on payment

·        Minimum payment method of 10 USD


cpa affiliate networks

The cpa affiliate networks with old-world charm and the flair of modernity, Pepperjam aims at bridging the gap between the publishers and the advertisers.

This platform immersed in today’s competitive digital marketing sphere, is an intuitive technology solution and a stable domain to earn your commissions.

Pepperjam coaxes its affiliates to take risks and also explore new domains and opportunities, to help them monetise on their efforts. With over 19 years of experience and 2 million affiliations forged annually, Pepperjam has affiliates or publishers who are willing to disclose their methods of promotions and also offer personalised incentives.

Housing executive publishing tools, they also have an eminent support team backing their engagements who offer support and assistance round the clock to their partners.

With over 1000 highly convertible offers, this platform is perfect for those who have a particular area they want to specialise in and certain products that they wish to promote.

·        Has a minimum payment threshold of 25 USD

·        They also offer coupons and digital tools and services

·        Functional and easily navigable

·        Variety of payment options inclusive of PayPal and direct deposits.

CPA lead

cpa affiliate networks

With an impeccable track record garnered over 10 years since their inception, CPA lead has gone on to become a widely preferred and reliable CPA affiliate network. 

They have a collection of over 100 products ready for their affiliate and publishers to advertise, with the allowance to share their link on any platform of the affiliate’s choice.

They are not apprehensive about the experience you have, and thus beginners looking to establish themselves while also earning steady income- this would serve to be the best platform to do so.

They have a stock of promotional content in the form of display ads, banner ads, interstitial ads and pop ups crafted by their designers, which are also equipped to detect the location of your user and in turn display CPI ads.

Each display option is customized in order to match the operating website. CPA Lead boasts a worldwide outreach with as impressive 7,00,000 traffic sources spanned across several countries. Gives you the right platform to launch yourself into the industry.

·        PPV/PPC optimised CPA offers

·        Highest payouts with the usage of combined traffic

·        50 USD being the minimum payment threshold

·        Weekly payments across PayPal, Payonner, etc

·        Wide array of offers and campaigns

eBay Partner Network

cpa affiliate networks

Alongside Amazon, eBay has also been popular for its massive affiliate program which not a lot of its users know about, but the company is working on steadily popularising it.

They sure have succeeded because the platform currently hosts around 182 million active buyers attracted through their vast network of 1.3 billion listings. You can find the appropriate products to fit in your niche and your target audience.

With their inquisitive marketing tools, they can easily drive the traffic and accelerate the purchases made from your publishing, hence increasing your earnings.

Hard to keep track of your user analytics? Don’t worry, the website just does that for you- the affiliates can track how many purchases were made, user clicks and sign-ups were made; and get accordingly paid every month.

This is essayed through their easy to view and accessible reports and analysis. It works the best to monetise your efforts and help you receive your deserved price.

·        Operating over 13 countries across the world

·        Their minimum payment stands at 10 USD

·        Payment carried through PayPal and direct deposits

·        Wide spread of retail products conducive to all publishing backgrounds

·        High convertible rates and access to best offers

·        Extensive incentivisation and easy sign-up

AdWord Media

cpa affiliate networks

One of those cpa affiliate networks with global outreach, AdWord Media allows you enough legroom to publicise your content across various demographics.

A platform with the highest paying offers, AdWord media assures you high convertibility and profitable offers that will earn you sizeable commissions, making it a crowd-favourite.

The domain’s platform contains the affiliate’s publicizing information that is consolidated into reports and graphs where one can track their user clicks, offers, commissions made and even the purchases made from their affiliate link.

This is also allied with their tracker that gives affiliates access to copious amounts of data regarding traffic, location, browser so that you can tailor your campaigns or promotions to meet the demands of the specific area.

They monetise extensively and equally on web as well as mobile traffic, owing to the versatility of their site.

This unique publisher platform is well-versed in enhancing solutions with their easy-to-use API and allows you to get paid for each and every prospective user that access the site!

·        Capitalises on global traffic

·        Mobile affiliate network

·        Powered by an intuitive tracking platform

·        Earn up to 3% referral commissions

·        Minimum payment threshold of 35 USD

·        Paypal, Payoneer, western Union and wire deposit payment options

So the list of the best cpa affiliate networks comes to the end. It is also important to know what qualifies as a good affiliate network while you’re scouring for options.

Always ensure a good number of partners which will prove to be beneficiary, along with earning commissions from established networks . This adds weightage to your experience while also paying you hefty profits for your publicising.

However, one can also start on smaller networks where there is high demand but low supply, which will build your credibility from ground up.

It is advisable to opt for networks that have been around in the market for long enough and have carved out a reputation which will vouch for their reliability.

These enlisted affiliate programs have been handpicked amongst the best in the industry to aid your expertise and fuel your ambition to its fullest! For those you beginners out there, these affiliate networks have the potential to propel your career towards success!

Looking for more such amazing affiliate programs? Check out Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers: Top 10 Programs That Pay in 2019 and start making some serious money.

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