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ClickBank Review: Scam or Real?

ClickBank Review: Scam or Real?

ClickBank Review

If you are a busy bee in the online digital products, or in the affiliate marketing jungle, then there is no doubt about the fact that you must have heard about the term ClickBank. But what exactly is ClickBank and how does the make money with ClickBank game works? To answer such questions, we’ve brought you ClickBank Review: Scan or Real?”.

There are some common industry standards that come to our mind when hear about the term “affiliate networks” or “affiliate programs”. 

You typically sign up on a network, wait for your application to get accepted, then you choose a program that is not very interested to pay you until you make a hefty money in your commission wallet.

And the worst part? The middle player in this game, the affiliate network takes its commission(in percentage 🙁 ) from your hard earned money!! 

But things are a bit different when it comes to ClickBank.   

This hands-on review comprises of inputs from industry experts and from people who have had used ClickBank for years. From “What is ClickBank?” to “How Does ClickBank Pay You?” we’ve covered it all. 

So without any further ado, let’s check out the review of ClickBank Affiliate, or rather should be called ClickBank Marketplace.     

ClickBank Review: What is ClickBank?

So basically this is a two part answer. ClickBank, at its very basic level is a platform for retailers to sell their digital products. It provides them an easy to use and manageable platform for doing their monetary transactions and monitoring their sales. 

ClickBank Review

Imagine you create a software that does something amazing. You’ve spent hours and hours in developing the product and now you want to sell the same to potential customers. What would you do?

First thought that comes to our mind is to create a website for our software and use different kinds of digital marketing strategies to make our software gain popularity.

And you might even think of selling your software directly through the website, which would take a lot of knowledge to code and will be a hassle to manage. 

And if you are thinking of hiring some third party agency to do the same, you better get ready to pay a hefty amount of money to the agency. 

It’s obvious that you will go for the most trustworthy and cheaper platform to do the same. This is where ClickBank can be your best friend. 

ClickBank allows retailers to sell their digital products online and manage their sales at the best possible ease. 

Now the other half of the game. ClickBank is also very famous as a master in affiliate networking world. This affiliate network is a choice of many beginner affiliates.

This is mainly due to the reason that ClickBank has a lot of products to promote, as well as the affiliate management is one of the best in the industry. 

ClickBank Review

ClickBank Review: How Does ClickBank Works?

So now that we know that ClickBank is basically a platform for vendors and sellers( affiliates as we know). 

As a vendor, ClickBank works like your all-in-one platform for selling your digital products. You just upload your product on ClickBank and add information about the same. The rest is to be done by ClickBank.

ClickBank being a middlemen, takes care of payouts, e-commerce and all other monetary related management part.

To register as a seller on ClickBank, you’ll have to pay $49.95 as a one time activation fee.

This price is perfectly genuine and is also very beneficial in removing low grade vendors away from misleading affiliates.

Now as you know, or will now get to know that nothing is free in this world. ClickBank charges a decent amount out of your earnings. You as a vendor will be charged a dollar + 7.5% of your sale. Ouch!!   

And there’s more to that. Vendors these are moving to different affiliate networks such as Teachable, which take very less, or no percentage out of your earnings. 

ClickBank also charges $2.5 as payment processing fees each time you take your payout from ClickBank. Ouch Ouch!!! 

And to top it all, ClickBank also offers its customers a money back guarantee, which is charged from the vendor only. It charges around $0.50 to $1 for it.     

As an affiliate, this is one of the most easy to use and hassle free network in the market. No over complicated verification technique and no screening system.

Just simply sign up as an affiliate, create affiliate links and start making money!!  

The high commission rates and helpful affiliate promoting creatives provided in a range of different programs on ClickBank makes this affiliate network worth investing the time in.  

ClickBank Review: ClickBank Marketplace

ClickBank has undoubtedly one of the biggest and definitely one of the most versatile range in the marketplace checkbox. 

ClickBank is used by vendors as a platform to sell their digital products online. Most of the vendors, or online business houses use ClickBank to create their product’s sales page.

Rather than actually going to upload individual products on ClickBank, vendors and business people are using Clickbank as a selling page attached to their company’s or vendors website. 

But yes vendors can actually go to ClickBank’s site and buy products directly from there. Just like the do on any other ecommerce website. 

The categories listed on ClickBank’s websites include some of the best selling categories, such as Travel, Education, E-Business & E-Marketing, and even Games. 

And the list is even more interesting when it comes to affiliate marketplace. Affiliates have a lot more options to choose from. Some of the categories are termed as “As Seen On TV”, “Languages”, “Betting System”, and “Spirituality”.      

ClickBank Review: How Does ClickBank Pay You?

The payment system of ClickBank is quite simple and easy to understand. Let’s get deeper in the ClickBank payment system. 

Methods of Payments

ClickBank offers multiple methods of payment, such as:

1. Direct Transfer – In some selected countries, including the USA, you can get your payment directly transferred into your bank account. You just have to give your accounts detail when asked and you’ll have you money deposited directly into your bank account. 

2. Payonner – Payonner is a globally famous payment and money transfer system. ClickBank uses this payment method to transfer money into your Payonner account. You just need to have a Payonner account and have to share their Payonner detail.

3. Wire Transfer – This option is for all the user in the countries having no international direct deposit service. 

4. Check – ClickBank also offer a facility to send you a paper check. This one is the default payment option that you get in ClickBank. 

The amount of money that you can expect to earn depends upon ClickBanks minimum threshold and of course on your activity and sales.

As an affiliate or as a vendor your earned money is deposited directly into your account and the refunds and cashbacks are debited from that account only. 

Payment Threshold

This is a predefined minimum amount of money that you need to have in your account. ClickBank, unlike many other, allows the user to choose the minimum threshold amount himself. 

User can choose any amount between $10 to $1,000,000. By default this amount is set to $100. Payouts are done after your earnings reach this minimum amount.     

ClickBank Scams: The Answers

ClickBank in the past has been quite famous for all the fake and inappropriate vendors. Many cases have been witnessed regarding fake products on ClickBank. This platform has been home for many illegitimate vendors for quite some time now.

When we say the term “ClickBank Scam” we are not referring to the monetary and online banking related frauds and scams. The “Is ClickBank legit or scam? “ question is related to the unavailability of “what you see is what you get” policy. 

ClickBank Scams are referred to the cases where the customer gets a total piece of crap. Many things shown on ClickBank are not exactly what you will get as a final product.

And this problem becomes worse when the vendors have no intention to provide quality products to the customers.

ClickBank Review: How To Avoid ClickBank Scam? 

1. Read Reviews : One very basic thing you can do to protect yourself from such frauds is to read the reviews posted by other customers.

They can tell you exactly how the product looks like and what you should expect from the vendor. They can even tell you about the after service, payouts and everything you need to know. 

2. 60 Days Refund : ClickBank offers a 60 days money back guarantee which you MUST use in order to get your money back. 

3. Be A Little More Careful : In many categories such as dating, mobile and fashion, you have to be a little bit more careful as the demand in such categories is higher than the demand in other smaller niche, so fraud vendors target these categories a lot more than the smaller categories like DIY items. 

But to be honest, we are not trying to say that each and every product on ClickBank is fraud. These kind of misleading vendors can be found on any ecommerce platform. It’s not just that ClickBank is home to frauds.

It’s all up to you to keep yourself safe from such scams.       

Best Selling ClickBank Products of 2019 

ClickBank is no doubt one of the most famous and easy to use platform for all kinds of affiliates. Best Selling ClickBank Products of 2020 are :

1. Leptitox: One of the top commission offerings in the marketplace, Leptitox is a great option for all affiliates. It is a real physical product but the catch is that it has an amazing landing page with an average sale of 48%.

2. Red Tea Detox : Health and diet plans are a hot seller these days. The big reason for this is the flexibility it offers for all age groups. From teens to elderly ladies, all can make use of Red Tea Detox.

The large amount of promotional creatives that you get in this affiliate program is one of the highest in the industry. 

3. Flat Belly Fix: This one is a hot seller. Actually anything in the weight loss category and fitness is a hot seller. Even if it doesn’t work on them, people will still use them at least once.

Fat Belly Fix is one of the hottest all time sellers on ClickBank and is definitely worth a try. 

Best Selling ClickBank Products of All Time

1. Cinderella Solution : As said above, fat losing solutions and fitness products are always a hot seller. And this fact is proven on ClickBank. Cinderella Solution offers fat loss solutions, specially for all the plus size ladies out there. 

2. Halki Diabetes Remedy : Yet another name in fitness, Halki Diabetes Remedy is the second most sold product of all time on ClickBank.

A good option in the list of ClickBank affiliate program, Halki Diabetes Remedy is not just for diabetes, but is also beneficial for weight loss.

3. Manifestation Magic : The third most sold product on ClickBank of all time, Manifestation Magic is a set of videos and DVDs that motivate you to achieve what you think you can’t.

For affiliates this is a great option, as it pays up to $300 per sale.     

ClickBank Review: Pros and Cons 


1. High Paying Commissions. Up to 75% commission is achievable

2. Target Audience is huge

3. Makes the management and technology hassle away  

4. Tons and tons of options to sell


1. The scam products

2. Competition is really high

3. High costs related to the ecommerce platform


Overall this is a great option for beginners and new bees in the affiliate industry. As well as for vendors, this is a decent option, but is not a feasible option for the long run. 

So if you are just stepping in the make money online game and if your are inspired by the ClickBank rankings of sale, then this is the go to option for you. 

And if you are looking for more such amazing in-depth reviews, do check out Soovle – A Unique Keyword Research Tool To Help You Rank and make your blogging journey a cake walk.

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