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CJ Affiliate Review: Best Affiliate Network?

CJ Affiliate Review: Best Affiliate Network?

CJ Affiliate Review

To choose a perfect affiliate network is a tough task. Especially when there are hundreds of options available on the internet. If affiliate networking is your next to-do thing, we’ve got you CJ Affiliate Review, which is going to give you the all access to the deep analysis of this amazingly popular affiliate network.  

Different affiliate networks have different payment structure and different affiliate programs. Directly affiliating with a brand might sound much easier to you, but is actually not. 

Not only are the promotional factors at stake, but there is money management involved, reliability involved and brand name involved that no one wants to let down.

Commission Junction, also known as CJ, is a globally renowned online advertising company operating in the affiliate networking and affiliate marketing industry. With headquarters based in California, CJ has offices all around the world, for example they have offices in countries like South Africa, France, Spain and Germany. 

Founded back in 1998, the company is now owned by the multinational enterprise Alliance Data. CJ affiliate network’s simple to use dashboard and free signup policy has helped the network to become popular in the beginners category of affiliates. 

CJ Affiliate Review

CJ Affiliate Review: How To Sign Up to CJ Affiliate Network?

Signing up to CJ affiliate network is as easy as signing up to any other affiliate network. 

Simply go to Commission Junction’s official website and scroll down till you see the “Sign Up” button. Here, you’ll see two different sections of cj affiliate sign up options to choose from, namely Advertisers and Publishers. 

CJ Affiliate Review

You have to go for the “Publishers” option, as the Advertisers options is for brands and companies looking to add their affiliate network on Commission Junction. 

Publishers is basically being an affiliate. Just like in any other affiliate program, here also you get a percentage of commission from promoting and making people buy the advertisers digital or physical product on your website, blog or social media platforms.

The signup process here is very easy. It starts with simply entering your First Name, Last Name and Email address. 

After this, you will be asked to confirm your email address. You’ll receive an email in your inbox having a link for account confirmation. Click on the link and you’ll be redirected to the confirmation page of Commission Junction.

Here starts the important parts of signup. Now you’ll be asked to enter all the important information related to you and your platforms. Some of it includes your country, phone number, password, website category and preferred currency. 

After you enter all of this data into CJ’s account sign up page, you’ll be asked to agree on the legal agreements. After you agree to the agreement, you account will be up and running. 

Although CJ doesn’t asks for any sign up fee, you still need a working website to sign up on CJ. Your Facebook or Instagram account alone wouldn’t get you signed up on CJ. But the positive here is that you don’t need to have a set amount of traffic on your website. Even a new website with zero traffic can sign up on CJ.

How To Make Money on CJ?

Making money on CJ is quite easy. And it’s a bit different too,as compared to other affiliate networks. Commission Junction offers users three different ways to earn money. These are:

Cost Per Sale : This advertising process is quite easy. You get paid by the advertisers as per the total sale you make for them. Affiliates create engaging content, mostly in positive and educational tone. When buyers decide to make purchases, you will be paid. 

Cost Per Lead : If Cost per sale is not your cup of tea, then you have an option to choose Cost per lead to make money on CJ. There are some advertisers on CJ that pay you an amount in exchange for the lead having specified information. The information basically involves the name, email, and a few questions. 

Advertisers : This is simply the increasing of sales of a particular brand. Using this method you can help a brand create engagements, new prospectus and increase sales. More the benefits to the brand, the more money you can make. 

How To Find Affiliate Programs on CJ?

After you have signed up successfully on CJ, you will have to choose an affiliate program in order to get started in making money. 

To get started with affiliate marketing on CJ, click on “Advertisers” tab on the top. This is where you have to start searching for advertisers and affiliate programs to join.

Manual Search 

This method is for the people who exactly know which company they want to work for. Mostly, experienced affiliates make use of manual search for joining program. 

Just type the name of the company you are searching for in the “Keyword” section and click on search. Now you’ll see all the related companies as well as some important information about them, such as Network Earnings, Sale in percentages and 3Months/7Days EPC.

Search by Category 

One of the easiest methods to search an affiliate program is through the affiliate categories. First of all, you have to decide your niche. Actually this has to be your initial step, even before you choose an affiliate network. 

To search by category on Commission Junction, click on the category drop down tab under the Keyword section. Here you’ll see all the different categories of affiliate programs. Choose as many categories as you like and hit the search button. 

This search will show you only the names and headlines of affiliate programs, but not the terms and conditions. To see the briefs and guidelines related to the affiliate program, you can click on the name of the company. 

You will see all the guidelines and terms related to the program. It’s important to know the terms of a program before joining the program, as different affiliate programs have different terms and conditions. 

There are a ton of different affiliate programs available on CJ that you can be a part of, but most affiliates get confused in choosing a reliable program.

How Do You Get Paid on CJ?                                   

Things get a little tricky here,as there are so many people involved here. The process of payment is quite complicated here. 

Whenever an affiliate gets a sum of amount credited to himself in the name of commission, Commission Junction bills the advertisers about the affiliate’s payments. And when the advertisers checks all the required terms and conditions, the commissioned money is credited to the account of the affiliates.

But the advertiser can refuse the payment also. There can be a couple of cases related to this, which are:

1. Fails to transfer commission money to the account 

2. Blocks the transfer intentionally due to some common issue

The payments are transferred on the 20th of each month. But in case you :

  • Have your money blocked by the advertiser
  • Reported suspicious on your Commission Junction account
  • Haven’t met the minimum payment threshold amount

You will not have your payment transferred in your bank accounts.

CJ Affiliate Review: Pros and Cons


  • The list of reputable advertisers advertising their products on Commission Junction is quite long. You have a lot of options to choose from, such as Vimeo, Vista Print, TripAdvisor and so on
  • The provided tracking and affiliate campaign managing software is amazing. The ease provided on Commission Junction to carry out affiliate searches, progress management and affiliate links generation, as well as managing of affiliate advertisers is almost a cake walk
  • Free sign up, no minimum traffic requirements and option to earn money using Cost per Lead make this affiliate network a great option to go for


  • The payout methods and payment security is quite bad. You might have your payment completely blocked
  • You can be banned on Commission Junction without any prior warning
  • For getting approved on top ranking affiliate program, you have to achieve a minimum payment amount

CJ Affiliate Review: Verdict

Commission Junction or CJ, is worth a try. For all kinds of affiliates, beginners or pros, this affiliate network has a lot to offer. The large amount of available affiliate programs on Commission Junction and the ease of signing up and making use of the programs is amazing.

So, CJ Affiliate Review end here. This hands on review is comprising of lots of insights and information from experienced affiliates and online marketers. 

And if you are looking for more such amazing review, then do check out MOOVLY REVIEW: THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS? and take your money making game to the next level!!!

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