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CBD Affiliate Programs: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2020

CBD Affiliate Programs: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2020

CBD Affiliate Programs

Affiliation programs are diversified into various categories of technology, health,money,  investment, marketing and tools to name a few. There is an abundance of affiliate programs for CBD, such as the diamond cbd and natural cbd program, cannabidiol extract of industrial hemp has revolutionised the organic medicinal industry with its influx of several medicinal properties and benefits. 

Although certain countries are apprehensive about its legalised usage, United States for example, CBD and hemp based products have been predominantly cleared by several drug organisations and by legislative bodies. 

This money spinning organic component can fetch your own share with the innumerable affiliate programs. You can start out by promoting products belonging to this rapidly growing market after having partnered with your chosen brand; and also take commissions from recommending other prospective affiliates to partner up! 

The CBD industry is thriving and the market is flooded with demand for it and its allied products. In turn fuelling e-commerce, the necessity for affiliate marketing of the wonderous product has had many takers. For making it easier to weigh your options and make an educated choice, we have put together 2020’s list of highest paying programs for beginners regarding CBD affiliate programs. 

Joy organics

CBD Affiliate Programs

One of the most popular CBD affiliate programs, Joy Organics is known to be the fastest growing CBD brands. Its varieties and elaborate diversification of CBD products caters to all your specific and general CBD needs. 

In addition to this, it is also a suitable platform for beginners with their impressive 25% commission and 60-day cookie too. It houses an infinite earning potential for all its affiliates and comes off as an aggressive bonus program. Without an initial investment, you’re at a liberty to casually text the waters first before committing to the domain. 

Joy Organics further elucidates that this is a risk-free engagement while giving you the opportunity to capitalise on the growing CBD market, which blossomed recently after the legalisation of hemp and CBD related products. 

It can also prove to be a vivacious chance to educate the people about the properties and benefits of this organic medicine and help in ridding the stigma that surrounds it. 

  • Account linked with Impact Radius
  • Assurance of commissions twice a month
  • Free of cost partnership and multiple banner ads
  • 25% commission on every Joy Organic product purchase
  • Discounts offered to your followers

CBD Medic

CBD Affiliate Programs

Reveling in the organicity of its products, CBD Medic offers the best and qualitative variations of CBD to cater to all your needs and necessities. Their comprehensive products are inclusive of CBD oils, tinctures, skin and hair care products, topicals like lotions, creams, balms and much more. 

With 30% in commission, CBD Medic has  abi-weekly pay period and hosts a cookie duration of 60 days. As a partner affiliate, you will be privy to the team of entrepreneurs and revolutionists who strive for the upgradation of organic medicine and healthcare. 

Taking pride in being one of the first family of organisations to include topical medication with pharmaceutical ingredients in hemp oil extracts. It also boasts about its 60 days commission period, which is inarguably longer than rest of the programs. 

  • Available at CVS
  • Avail discounts with coupon codes
  • 60 days commision period
  • Easy to join
  • Advanced affiliate tools


CBD Affiliate Programs

Advancing the CBD vaping industry by intimating the population regarding the innumerable benefits of CBD and its legalised usage; Koi CBD is a prime player in one of the fastest growing markets. With several satisfied customers, this site strives on brand royalty and heightened user experience. 

It offers a plethora of products such as vape juice, pet treats, edibles, topicals and allied goods. With 20% commission, one can get access to personalized URLs on this extremely functional and high-converting site. 

It is extensively easy to for prospective bloggers, YouTubers and social media influencers to forge affiliations with Koi CBD via their website. Their integration with RevOffers has made it easier for affiliates to facilitate promotional content. 

This has provided the publishers centralised access to multiple offers and discounts that they can use to promote.

  • 30 days of cookie duration
  • Easy affiliation through enquiry submission forms
  • Commission rate ranges from 15-30%
  • Based on a monthly pay period 


CBDFX is one of the most celebrated companies manufacturing CBD. it has garnered acclaim as the premium seller of certified and high-quality CBD products such as CBD oils, edibles, capsules, shots, tinctures and several others. 

With easy online ordering and prompt delivery and service, CBDFX hosts a hoard of satisfied and regular customers. The company has prioritised the accessibility of pure CBD products to their customers, carefully crafted using only the best ingredients alongside their organically cultivated hemp plant. 

They are also famous for CBD gummies, vape pen kits and wax dabs. It fastens the payment process through the integration of affiliates’ Paypal accounts. Due to high-convertibility of the website, affiliates can make online purchases that are processed with valid payments. 

It guarantees 20% commission on all of CBDFX products alike, no differentiation. One can easily sign up on their CBDFX Affiliate program registration Form published on their website after having created an account on their official website.  

  • Has unique coupon codes
  • Affiliates can avail special discounts
  • 90-day cookie
  • Percent of sale type of commission 
  • 20% base percentage for commissions 

Lola Hemp

Deriving from the best cultivation of industrial hemp, Lola Hemp is one of the trusted manufacturers of hemp and hemp-based products. With their 5-year old rescue do being the face of their brand, Lola hemp offers high quality merchandise with ample certification on their high- converting website. 

With regard to affiliation, Lola Hemp has  a compelling backstory that has wooed their partners and prospective affiliates. They aim at maximising conversions to help the affiliates with reasonable commision rates and weekly payouts rather than monthly. 

This company has slowly manifested into one of the biggest pet CBD products domain. It is extremely easy and free of cost to become an affiliate partner with Lola Hemp; and mutually capitalise on each other to generate the inflow of cash. 

On the website dashboard, the affiliate partner can find their unique tracking link alongside their coupon code. They can use this coupon code to appeal to their social media followers regarding the benefits of their products and offer them valid discounts on their purchase. 

Coupon codes and personalised discounts are a great way to make your customers feel validated while ensuring income generation. 

  • 20% and more commission rates
  • Bi-weekly payments
  • 30 day cookie duration
  • Availability of coupon codes based on merit and performance. 
  • With coupon tracking 

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is an upcoming business in the hemp and CBD industry, and has already garnered a fair share of trusted users and a customer base. It has been trusted by major brands and offers 24/7 assistance to their current affiliates and provides necessary help. 

With the assurance of swift and regular payouts, their affiliate program works on a 30-day cookie period. It paves the way for full-time affiliate management for all it’s partners. However it does have certain prerequisites for their affiliate partners like a certain number of social media followers, regular posting and advertising. 

Once applied to become a part of this CBD affiliate programs, the Hemp Bombs’s management team will your application and get back to you your commission rates will somewhere be between 10-20% based entirely on the authority and traffic that you have managed to generate. 

With the rates performance-based, you are at the liberty to earn higher profits through your increased merits. In addition to this, you are also privy to 5% of the cost of all referrals. You can also track your referral rate and other personalized statistics on the website dashboard. 

  • Intuitive affiliate interface 
  • Commissions range from 10 to 20%
  • Great range of products 
  • Avail coupon codes when you boost the brand 
  • Easy affiliation


Founder of National SBD day, CBD MD started the wave of CBD consumption and propelled its popularity to what it is today. It has been advertised and endorsed by professional MMA fighters, sportsmen and athletes alike. 

This is also one of those companies that indulges in your guilty pleasure and has come up with completely organics and certified CBD bath bombs! A trusted brand in itself, CBDMD has carved out a stellar reputation for itself with its wide range of qualitative and certified products such as CBD oils, tinctures, personal hygiene products and much more. 

The company also claims higher conversion rates, this fuelling higher commission cuts and earnings for CBD MD affiliate partners. It boasts it’s best commission rate and sib-affiliate earnings alongside very long cookies. 

The affiliate partners are free to choose the platform on which they would choose to share content and the uniquely generated CBD MD link. By referring new customers and generating traffic on the CBDMD website, you can earn your additional income easily! 

  • 20% rate of commission
  • Monthly payment
  • Cookie duration of 30 days
  • Reliable 
  • Bath bombs also available

CBD Pure

CBD Pure is one of the few companies in the industry which takes pride in it’s largest affiliate commission rate, which stands at 40% currently. They are famous for their elaborate diversification of CBD products, branching into CBD capsules, let treats, gummies and tinctures.

A long standing and established brand in the industry, it has been successful in attracting affiliates and customers for the long haul. It also offers their affiliate partners a chance to earn tiered commissions through sub-affiliations. 

There are several reasons for you to choose to partner with CBD pure. One of them being, the rich experience they have in marketing that pans over a decade and not to mention the highest payouts they have. 

With easily navigable website for you to sign up on, you can become an affiliate partner in no time and on to share promotional materials form their extensive banner repository! 

  • Extensive usage of promotional materials which the company will retain rights over
  • 90 cookie days
  • Current commission percentage is 40%
  • Highest commission cut
  • Paid on a monthly basis, pay period ending on the last day of the month

CBD Essence

CBD Essence has gained popularity by establishing itself as one of the brands offering a wide variety of CBD products suited for every specific and general necessity of the consumer. 

They have one of the longest cookie days, ranging to a duration of 180 days. This means that the affiliates can earn commissions on their referrals for longer periods of time, thus drawing huge benefits. Their high quality produce and top-notch service helps you snag prospective buyers and transform them into regular customers for the long haul. 

The affiliates can choose from their dense library of promotional content, visuals, ads and graphics to drive sales, and in turn earn their rightful commissions! Your efforts are diligently awarded with guaranteed  monthly commision payouts. 

Due to its recently acquired popularity, the CBD affiliate programs industry is one of the best out there, and no place better than CBD Essence to start forging affiliations. 

  • The commission rate ranges from 20-40%
  • Monthly and swift payouts
  • Longest cookie duration of 180 days
  • Affordable options
  • Great customer service


This prominent organisation operating under the license of Kentucky Department of Agriculture deals with cultivation and harvesting of industrial hemp. 

Available at affordable and inexpensive prices, NutraCanna offers the best and high quality products ranging from CBD tinctures, gumies, sleep pills, edibles, capsules and more. By supporting these premium products and enhancing their advertisability; they have carved a niche for themselves in the industry thus attracting CBD affiliates and also giving them the brilliant opportunity of earning commissions. 

The commission rates start off at 15%, and grow in accordance to your performance and the traffic you manage to generate. NutraCanna’s popularity and its excellent customer service is evidence enough for your guaranteed monthly payouts. 

The integration with Strackr also allows you as an affiliate to monitor your performance through the collation of your transaction, revenue and payment data. This helps you assess your drawbacks and laud your breakthroughs. 

Therefore, quit mulling over and join the fastest growing company in the CBD industry today! 

  • Monthly commission payouts
  • Swift and assured payments
  • Commission rates offered at 15% 
  • Cookie duration of 30 days

Bottom Line

Brand affiliation is an increasingly promising opportunity for budding social media influencers and YouTubers. As for established bloggers and vloggers, this could be a prime chance to boost their popularity as well as earn monetary benefits. This benefits the company and the affiliate mutually. 

These days CBD oil affiliate programs are growing massively and at an impressive rate thanks to its health benefits. It is never too late for you to decide to be a part of the industry, by becoming a trusted and reliable affiliate partner. You can earn hefty commissions from the comfort of your home and bask in the influx of your newfound income. 

It is important to choose the perfect brand to promote, one whose interests tally with yours. It can be a tumultuous process surfing through hundreds of brands in an industry and thus we have taken the liberty to do that for you. You can run through our options, compare the perks and make your choice now, hassle-free!

If you are looking for more such amazing affiliate programs, then don’t forget to check out Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2019.

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