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Blogs That Accept Guest Posts: Top 10 Blogging Platforms To Check Out in 2020

Blogs That Accept Guest Posts: Top 10 Blogging Platforms To Check Out in 2020

Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

If your ultimate goal is to make big in the online market, you must know the importance of blogging and getting your articles published on top blogs that accept guest posts. Blogging helps you attract the right traffic and will definitely help you build authority in your respective industrial niche. 

Having good amount of quality content is important. No doubt about that. And having some great marketing blogs along with your quality content is a great marketing strategy. But that’s what everybody is doing. Isn’t that too mainstream. How do you make your website or online business shine out of the crowd? 

This is where guest blogging steps in. Guest bloggers around the world are helping different blogs and online business to make more money online. Whether you talk about any travel blogs, where expeditioners from all around the world guest blog on certain website’s blog to help it rank better, or you talk about digital marketing blogs, where market experts are providing their practical advice and expertise to help businesses grow.  

The best part is that guest blogging is actually a two way street. Not just the online business you blog for gets all the perks, but you, as a guest blogger also get a lot of benefits, such as :

  • You get a good establishment as an expert in your particular niche
  • You can also generate more organic and genuine traffic on your own blog or website by referring to your own blog or website at some point in your guest blog 
  • You also get to engage and contact readers of that blog, that will ultimately help you increase your writing skills.

What is a “Great” Guest Blog?

First things first for getting your articles published on top blogs that accept guest posts . You must not write in a tone of selling. You are not writing an advertisement. You have to make sure that the reader must not feel that you are trying to manipulate him to buy a product. 

blogs that accept guest posts

Your article must be a good fit of great amount of case studies and should highlight your writing skills to get published on the blogs that accept guest posts . It is not considered a good practice in digital marketing if you write out of the context in your guest blogs. A few more important points to keep in mind while guest blogging are : 

  • If the blog allows, write a very concise and straightforward author bio, which should have a link back to your website or blog
  • Make use of your own marketing tools to promote your guest blog. You can use social media platforms, external links on your website or other internet marketing tools to promote your guest blog
  • You should always conclude you guest blog with a call-to-action directing the reader to leave a comment on your guest blog, so that you can increase your engagements and writing skills

Check Out the Numbers!!!

62.96% readers consider blogs with multiple writers more credible ( Neilpatel.com)

According to an observation on Basicblogtips.com, engagements on a certain guest blog increased. Readers were now spending over 30 minutes on guest blogs. 

96% marketers say that they have planned to publish more guest content this year. (red-website-design.co.uk)

Top 10 Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

To make things a bit easier for you, we have curated a list of the top 10 blogs that accept guest posts. There are a ton of websites and blogs that you can approach, but choosing the best ones is a task we’ve done for you. Check it out!

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is for all the web designers and web developers out there. The website offers a ton of useful resources and high quality ebooks talking about professional resources and content based on web development. 

The site’s blog has seen guest blogging from many expert guest bloggers. Since its inception in 2006, Smashing Magazine has included a number of different engaging topics in its articles lists, such as graphic design, user experience and web design.

While guest blogging for Smashing Magazine, there are certain notable points that you should keep in mind. Fist of all don’t use superlative and needless words. Keep it short and simple. It is a good practice to share your personal experiences, or stories for that matter. 

You should always state support and reasonable points for your statistics and arguments. With Smashing Magazine you have a lot to write about, such as Opinions, Tutorials, Case Studies and Ultimate Guides.    


Copyblogger is considered one of the most useful and famous content marketing online guides, that teaches everything about content marketing and digital marketing. 

Practical advices, traffic generation techniques, and business building are the backbone and USP of Copyblogger since its inception in 2006.

Copyblogger, in its starting days, was a simple one man blog. But now it does accepts high quality guest blogging. The site focuses on straightforward and hassle free content. You should be focusing on practicality, relevance and quality of your voice. 

“Copyblogger is the bible of content marketing” ~ VentureBeat

Copyblogger doesn’t hopes for a very wordy or extremely literature correct content. You have to be precise, you have to be thoughtful, you have to write your content in such a way that a reader can actually implement that.

You can be creative with the grammaticality, you are free to add stories and expertise, and you can also use relevant metaphors.  


ShoutMeLoud is an online community of bloggers focusing on digital marketing tips, marketing blogs, marketing strategies, search engine optimization , and content marketing as well.

This blogging website is packed with tricks and tips to make money online and is aiming to liberate a “boss-free” working lifestyle. You get to write for both basic and advanced level of WordPress, SEO and content marketing enthusiasts. 

With more than a million page views a month, ShoutMeLoud is gradually making a name in the digital marketing guides market. Like many others, ShoutMeLoud accepts only high quality and content that is focused on giving values to the reader.

You have a lot of different categories to write content about, such as Podcasting, content marketing, SEO tools, email marketing, WordPress plugins, and various “How-to’s” on building a business. Articles accepted on ShoutMeLoud need to be of minimum 2000 words. 

Huffington Post

Anyone familiar with online blogging would definitely know what Huffington Post or HuffPost is. Since 2004, HuffPost has been publishing some of the best blogs and latest news from all around the world.

This pulitzer prize winner, no. 1 ranked in the list of most popular sites by eBizMBA, and New York based website has seen a lot of contributors from all around the world on all of its international websites. The website is available in many different languages such as Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.  

Get started with guest blogging through Huffington Post can be a very tough task. The standards, norms, requirements and quality that is needed on HuffPost are quite high.

As a guest blogger, you have a lot to write about, such as technology, digital marketing, environment, lifestyle, online marketing, culture, comedy, and trending local news. 


Yet another leading platform for practical advices, content marketing, finance, social media , online marketing , and business, and leadership ideas, to help businesses grow.

Entrepreneur also provides a dedicated section for emerging women entrepreneurs for their needs, demands, and for helping them learn the do’s and don’t of business.

The site also features business related videos and podcasts that are very engaging and helpful. The site also offers you all the insights and how-to’s of starting a new business and running an online business. 

Business products, books, magazine, franchise, webinars and online business related newsletters are also available on Entreoreneur.com. 

Like many others Entrepreneur has to be approached for guest blogging. Your articles has to be engaging and unique. Plagiarized content are not at all accepted on Entrepreneur.com. 

For all the business enthusiasts and potential entrepreneurs bloggers, this is a go to option. 


Moz is actually a SaaS company selling inbound marketing, as well as digital marketing analysis software tools. The website holds a very famous digital marketing and SEO blog, “The Moz Blog” which has been contributed by a lot of different content marketing and digital marketing industry experts. 

The blog is considered one of the most resourceful and helpful blogs, offering some of the most practical, how-tos, and business insights. If you are familiar with a lot of online SEO and digital marketing blogs, you must have heard the name “Whiteboard Friday”, which is the most famous section of The Moz Blog.  

There are no certain guidelines for guest bloggers but surely keeping in mind the popularity of this blog, Rand Fishkin, the famous CEO, will definitely not accept anything below “high quality”. 

For all those potential writers and guest blogger, even for constant readers, this is a good option as you have a lot to write about, such as SaaS, SEO, digital marketing, content marketing and online business.


blogs that accept guest posts

Kissmetrics is one of the most famous statistics and analysis online tool that helps a business to keep a check on its traffic and engagement. One of the key roles that this tool helps to do is to convert and create potential customers out of mere visitors.

Kissmetrics gives a combined result out of the behaviour of a visitor, which is actually his clicks and engagements on a website, and of email campaigns. 

So all in all this site can help customers grow their online community and increase conversion. Also, it helps you grow engagements and hold visitors to your site, ultimately increasing your profits. 

Similar to Moz, there are no certain special instructions for guest blogging, but surely it will not accept mere wordy articles. You need to write with a thoughtful and experienced mindset. 


blogs that accept guest posts

ProBlogger is a name associated with a very famous blogger, Darren Rowse, who has been blogging since 2004. ProBlogger has been blogging to help bloggers! Bloggers share their own expertise and stories. 

The site has over 8000 articles, how-to’s and tutorials to help all the bloggers out there. From blog’s online marketing to social media marketing, ProBlogger has it all. 

From multiple live events and special blogging-centric books, ProBlogger has made a good name for itself in the blogging industry. ProBlogger also has a lot of other engaging and helpful content marketing content such as Podcasts and eBooks.    

High quality content and practical advice are a must for getting your guest blog approved and published on ProBlogger.com


blogs that accept guest posts

Anil Polat is living a dream and helping others achieve so. Anil Polat and his team is combining travel and tech. Through this combination FoxnoMad is helping travels to do their journeys in a much easier and smarter way. 

For getting your article published on FoxnoMad’s blog, you have to keep certain points in mind. You better make sure that your content has to be a top notch. FoxnoMad does accepts guest blogging, but not on a regular basis. It all depends upon your writing skills. 


blogs that accept guest posts

Basically this website and its blog talk about technology and latest trends in the gaming industry. The site offers reviews and insights into the latest gadgets and video games. Best phones, apps, laptops, tablets, and various other electronics insights are available on UberGizmo.com.

To submit your post on UberGizmo, you have to make sure that your content is not boring, and it has to talk about the latest gadgets and trends. 

Checking Out 

So, this was the list of blogs that accept guest blogging. All of these blogs are well established in the market. You can choose any of it based on your expertise and knowledge. 

At the end of the day, what matters to get published on top blogs that accept guest posts is your writing skills. To become a pro in guest blogging, keep improving your skills!!

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