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Blog vs Vlog: The Ultimate Comparison

Blog vs Vlog: The Ultimate Comparison

Blog vs Vlog

That is a question that has been bothering newbies all over the world. Which is more beneficial? Which one is a safer option? Which one has more audience? Which one should i choose? Blog vs Vlog, choosing the winner is a tough choice!

The rivalry has become so famous and talked about due to some very interesting reasons. Both activities are very popular among individuals and among various online marketing brands. Everyone is pretty interested in the reach of these activities among the online community.

The times have changed. Not much long ago, approximately 12 years ago, no one even knew what vlogging or social media was. Creating content was all about writing blogs.

No one knew that in few years, content creation and the demand for it will increase drastically. Social media platforms will explode, a new term “Podcast” will come into existence and on-the-go content will be the market favorite. No one even had a guess.

Blog vs Vlog: An Overview

The sole purpose of both the activities is to reach out to the potential audience and ultimately to the potential customers. Not just individuals, brands and corporate houses are investing in both blogging and vlogging. So let’s see what exactly is the difference between blogs and vlogs.

What is a “Blog”?

Blog vs Vlog

A blog is more like a collection of data and textual content summed and penned down by a writer, more profoundly known as blogger.

One of the reasons for the popularity of blogs, is that creating and starting a blog is one of the easiest to do things online. You don’t need a lot of monetary investment and resources to start a blog. There are a lot of different platforms available out there that allow bloggers to write and publish blogs for free.

Few things are there that you need to have in you to become successful in blogging. You need impeccable writing skills, you have to be a good reader, and you need to be a good researcher, as blogging involves a lot of data and knowledge. Check out these amazing courses from HubSpot to learn more! Click here.

Blogging is quite like a journal, where experts and writers share their view and ideas on certain topics.

What is a “Vlog”?

Blog vs Vlog

Vlog, or vlogging is actually a short video that explains or talks about a certain topic, similar to blogging, which is written. This is a audio video medium that is much easier to understand and notice.

Now a days, the internet is filled with a ton of platforms for bloggers to record and publish their vlogs. And yes, “vloggers” are making some serious money out of these videos.

And another very noticeable point about vlogs is that vlogging is also very simple to setup. You just need a camera, microphone, and an editing software, and boom! you are ready to vlog. These days mobile phones, also called as smartphones, are packed with everything you need to start a vlog.

You need, just like in blogging a good amount of knowledge and data in order to create content for your video. Also, even a 4 minute short video takes up to around 3 to 4 hours of making.

Blog vs Vlog: How to Make Money?

Making money is definetly the sole purpose of blogging and vlogging. No blogger or vlogger would not want to earn money. What is important to notice here is the opportunities available to monetize the content. So who wins the monetization battle here? Which is a better source of income? Let’s find out.

How to Make Money blogging?

Monetization of blogs has been a must to do practice for all bloggers around the world. The options have evolved and now there are a lot of ways through which you can monetize your blog. But the basic formula in making money blogging is the same till now, “targeting your niche audience”.

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Relevant products and services have a better chance to attract visitors than any random product. Thus you can generate more earnings. So, some of the most famous and in use methods of monetization of blogs are:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular and widely used method of monetization of blogs. This method is for all the bloggers who don’t have a particular product to sell off from their blog.

What exactly happens in affiliate marketing is that a blogger links an affiliate link to some third party website and recommends that product in exchange of some percentage of the amount of sale.

Check out Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2019 and started with affiliate marketing now!

Here, a lot affiliate networks, such as are available out there that makes the process of generation of affiliate links and tracking of affiliate income easier. Bloggers get a lot of ready made helps from these networks, such as a lot of images and hyperlinks, widgets, banners, snippets and so on, which the blogger only needs to copy past in his platform.

Here, bloggers create special posts and articles specially for some particular business or service. Bloggers receive an agreed commission for there posts and sponsored articles. Bloggers are paid for the links that they embed into their blog posts and for the content they are writing.


Bloggers earn money by allowing sponsored banners to be placed on their websites. Bloggers actually sell these spaces to online marketers and brands for a pretty good amount.

Banners are basically advertising images, that have brands selling their products and services, basically like a poster on walls.


Blog vs Vlog

Google’s AdSense program is every bloggers favorite tool to monetize their blogs. The thing here is pretty straight forward. You allow Google to place ads on your blog and on return, Google pays you for every click on those ads.

Google AdSense offers you a lot of other features also, such as progress tracking, where you can actually monitor your progress and earnings. You can also choose the category of your interest also. You can also format the style of your ads to be displayed on your blog.

All you need to get started on Google AdSense is a Google account and a blog with original content, under the policies of the program.

Email Marketing

Blog vs Vlog

The monetization service being regarded as the one with the highest conversion rate in the market, email marketing is the one which shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Email marketing requires you to have a relevant mailing list, a good reputation in the community and a email marketing service provider, through which you can send thousands of emails in a few clicks. Also, you need to have skills to design and write trustworthy emails.

You can directly interact with potential clients and send them your latest articles, ask them to promote their products on you blog and so on. Email marketing and Google AdSense both are a necessity of blog monetization these days.

Building and Monetizing a Community

Building an online community around your blog and around your content is very important if you are seeking online success. Building a community starts with the content of your blog. You can use services like in-built forums, live chat sessions, emails, social media content and so on to keep your readers engaged.

After creating your community successfully, you can charger new readers and members of your community a sum of money to read your content to download exclusive content.

How to Make Money Vlogging?

Vlogging and making money through vlogging is pretty much all about producing good content constantly. You have to engage you audience till the end so that they don’t just jump off to the next video on YouTube.

One thing pretty easy to do on vlogs is to advertise products in the video. It is pretty easy to get the viewer to see the product in a video than that on a blog. Some of the most famous and used methods to monetize vlogs are:

Google AdSense

Making money with Google AdSense is pretty easy. And with a vlog, it is even easier. You can monetize your YouTube channel by allowing Google AdSense to display relevant ads on all your YouTube videos. The service is free to use and you earn a good amount of commission on the advertisements.

But if your content or video is found anywhere forcing the viewer to click on the advertisement, you can get banned by Google as this is against their policies.


Sponsorships are a great tool to help vloggers earn money through their videos. Brands invest in potential vloggers in order to help their product reach out to the specific target audience.

This method is very content specific and you need to make sure that the brand getting promoted on your platform is satisfied with your audience reach, your content and your overall performance.

As a vlogger, you need to pitch your channel to the brand you are targeting. You need to make sure that you write and pitch each brand uniquely, as per their needs.

Community Building

Blog vs Vlog

Building a community around your vlog is another very beneficial method of monetizing your vlog. You can ask for direct money transfer as donation from your viewers, if they like your content.

You can also create a brand for yourself, by selling merchandise and print on demand items through your website. This is a very popular practice these days.

Blog vs Vlog: The Equipments Required


A blog, or you can say the top blogs, need an independent website for itself to publish articles. Building a simple blogging website is pretty cheap. Registering a domain, buying a hosting and building a website hardly costs over $120.

Of course you will also need a computer or a mobile device along with an internet connection to successfully run a blog. Not much of equipments are needed these days to blog. You can do that all in your mobile phone in a few clicks.


Vloggers spread and publish content through videos. Now this means a vlogger will need video production and processing equipments to create blog.

Video production involves everything from writing scripts, to shooting videos, to uploading it on vlogging platforms. You will need a high quality camera to record videos, a high quality microphone to record sound and vocals, a video editing software to edit the video. And finally a computer with high speed internet connection to upload you final video.

Additionally, if you need high quality, professional looking videos, you will need a light setup, reflectors and may be a recording studio to add good vocals. And if you want to add any kind of animation or you want to create explanatory videos, you will need additional software and may be a designer to do that for you.

But mobile phones these days are pretty advanced, and if you have a good one in your pocket, then you can do all that in your mobile phone.

Best Cameras for Vlogging:

best camera for vloggers

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Quite popular among all kinds of vloggers, Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III has a lot of amazing features to offer.

  • 4k Max Resolution
  • Tilting Touch Screen
  • 304g only

You also get mic sound elevation options, live stream flexibility and powerful USB charging. Canon is a trusted brand worldwide and G7 X Mark III is definitely a great investment.

GoPro Hero 8

If you need a camera with a rugged body and super stabilization, this is the one for you. The brand needs no introduction, GoPro’s Hero 8 is one of the favorites of vloggers worlwide.

  • New and improved microphone
  • Amazing stablization
  • 4k 60p max resolution
  • 126g

This action friendly camera from GoPro is here to make a mark. And the best part, the offered price is quite low as compared to the competitors. So if action and stabilization is what you need, then this is the one for you.

Sony RX100 VII

One of the best pocket camera available out there, Sony RX100 VIII is a delight to use. Compact body, 3.0 inch titl screen and electronic viewfinder make this pocket camera a feature packed one.

  • 4k 30p max resolution
  • External mic port available
  • 302g only

Perfect for outdoor shoots, Sony has proved that when it comes to pocket friendly cameras, this is the go to brand.

Sony A6400

Not only for the front facing screen it offers, but Sony A6400 is definitely worth every penny. This mirror less camera with 4k video recording and APS-C sensor makes your vlogging experience a lot easier.

  • Amazing focus features
  • 180 degree front facing camera
  • 24.2 MP resolution

If you have a decent budget for camera and looking for something packed with a lot of features, then Sony A6400 is the one for you.

Best Microphones for Vlogging:


One of the best USB mics available out there, BLUE Yeti is packed with a lot of features. Reasonably priced, this is one of the most used cameras for online streaming and voice recording for videos.

  • 16 bit/ 48 KHz
  • 4 bit different pattern setting
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

Detailed sound, instant mute, studio control audio and so on amazing features are packed in this best seller USB microphone.

Apogee MiC Plus

Studio quality USB microphone, having a solid body and giving a tough competition to BLUE Yeti, Apgee MiC Plus just cant be ignored. Attachable with iPhone and Windows devices, this mic is equally perfect to record indoors and outdoors both.

  • Zero latency headphone output
  • 46dB preamp gain
  • 24 bit/ 96 KHz

The mic needs no special configuration, has a cardioid condenser mic capsule and is very easy to use.

Rode VideoMic Pro

One of the best shortgun microphones available out there, Rode VideoMic Pro is best when it comes to outdoor shoots.

  • 1/2” condenser capsule
  • 14 dB low noise recording
  • 1/8” TRS connector

You get amazing noise cancellation, solid body and a decent price tag. Rode VideoMic Pro definitely deserves a try.

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

A budget name in the USB microphones lists, Blue Snowball USB microphone is one of the best when it comes to voice recording and voice overs.

  • No software required
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Professional studio quality sound recording

This amazingly beautiful microphone is a delight to keep on your desktop and you can even include Blue Snowball in one of your videos!

Best Ligthing Setup for Vlogging:

LimoStudio 700W

One of the most easy to assemble and use, LimeStudio 700W creates soft and vlogging perfect light.

  • Two daylight bulbs and two softboxes included
  • E27 General Jack 5500K color temperature
  • 3 x 80”/2M stand made of aluminum alloy

12 months warranty, 100% original Mountdog and 3 solid safety legs makes this deal a good one. LimeStudio 700W is a great option.

Julius Studio 2X New Premium

Dimmable ultra high power lighting setup makes vlogging indoors a lot easier. Powerful LED light panel with easy to assemble setup makes this kit a best seller.

  • 2 x 216 LED Set
  • High quality accent light stand

Amazing flexibility, perfect diminishing lights and ease of use makes Julius Studio 2X a great choice.

Diva Ring Light 18″”

This setup is best for all kinds of lighting needs. Diva Ring Light 18″” produces very low amount of heat and a good bright light.

  • 500W ring light
  • 6′ Diva Ring light
  • Fluorescent High Power

If you are looking for a pocket friendly, multipurpose light setup, then Diva Ringh Light is perfect for you.

Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Professional Lighting Kit

This particular kit is pretty much all you need to create a full fledged YouTube channel. Indoors, outdoors, interviews, product videos and so on, all your lighting needs can be covered with this lighting kit.

  • Two 16-Inch x 24-Inch and One 16-Inch x 16- Inch softbox lights
  • 12 x 45 watt photo video fluorescent bulbs
  • Easy to setup

You also get carrying case, easy to setup design and good warranty with Fancierstudio 2400 Watt professional lighting kit.

Blog vs Vlog: Pros and Cons

Still confused? Here are the pros and cons of both Vlog and Blog that will help you decide better for yourself.

Vlog: Pros

  • With the boom in the online social media platforms and amount of internet usership, online video viewership has increased drastically. Viewers are spending hours and hours on these platforms, not just for entertainment, but to gain knowledge also. Vlogging is not at all going away soon.
  • Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are free to use. You don’t need to have a special websites or any kind of unique platform to publish your content.
  • You can also become popular on these platforms, as many vloggers turn out to be celebrity. Like PewDiePie and FunforLouis.
  • It is much more easier to engage large amount of audience in videos than in blogs. You can also attract the people that don’t really tend to read a lot.

Vlog: Cons

  • Vlog is pretty expensive as compared to blogging. If you want an informative video, or you want to create high quality video with animations, you will need a good set of video production kit to get started. Tripods, microphones and lighting setup costs hundreds of dollars and you will definitely need those.
  • It is difficult to rank higher on famous hosting platforms like YouTube. Reaching to audience is easier but building a dedicated community online is way more tougher than that on a blog.
  • The biggest challenge vloggers face, is face. You need to be camera friendly. You need to have video direction skills, you need to have idea of different camera angles. You need to know lights and so on. In simple words, you need a team and that will costs you big bucks!

Blog: Pros

  • Blogging is pretty easier that vlogging, in many aspects. Successful and top bloggers around the world just write about what they believe they love to do.
  • You don’t need a team of professionals and a set of equipment to do blogging. You just need, either a blogging platform, or a dedicated website to get started. And you can do that in the comfort of your home, sipping a cup of coffee!
  • Monetization options on blogging, as of 2019, are much more larger and trustful than that available on vlogging.

Blog vs Vlog: Who Wins?

The question that the online community is going crazy for, “Blog vs Vlog” has a pretty simple answer, it depends on you!

Firstly, you need to know what exact kind of content you’d like to work upon. If you are not comfortable with facing camera, and don’t wanna get out of your chair, then don’t choose vlogging at all.

But if you are comfortable with facing camera and if you know how to engage video audience, then ignoring vlogging is not an option at all.

What we recommend to do, is to combine both of these. And it has a lot of advantages.

Firstly, you will have a lot of audience to cover. You can generate a lot of organic traffic. Best of both worlds!

People nowadays, the emerging ones, are doing both. It increase their incomes, it increases their credibility and increases their audience. So go for both and make the most!

Check out How To Start A Vlog? A Step By Step Guide To Ensure Your Success On Youtube! to get started with vlogging now!

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