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Blog Niche Ideas: Top 10 Ideas That Make Money!

Blog Niche Ideas: Top 10 Ideas That Make Money!

Blog Niche Ideas

Do you love blogging? Yes you do and we know it. At Article Content Planet we love blogging too!! <3 . That’s why we’ve bring you a list of the top 10 blog niche ideas that make money! Check out the inside-out of all the top niche ideas that make money and step-up to make the most of your words!!

It is very well said that idea is the seed that you sow in making a complete and striking blog. Your blog’s idea can be the deciding factor of your click-through rate and online presence. You definitely need an in-demand and appealing idea to make your blog a winner. You see there are like a ton of blogs active and doing well on the internet. How do you shine out? The answer is your blog’s idea! 

So now some questions arise, like what are the perfect blog niches that make money? How do we choose a good niche idea from various blog niche list? What is the trend being followed?… Do you have the same questions in mind? Just relax and check this post out!!    

Blog Niche Ideas: How To Choose A Profitable Blog Niche Idea in 2020? 

Choosing a particular blog niche ideas for your blog, if you are a beginner or even an expert, can be a daunting task. You just don’t know what you want!!(Sometimes 😉 ). From brainstorming to refining, you just can’t take it easy at any point. To make your life a bit easier, here we’ve got you the do’s and don’ts of “How To Choose A Profitable Blog Niche Idea?”.  

Know What They Want

While choosing a blog idea, it’s important to know what is successfully running in the market. It’s important to know what blogs are making a mark in the industry, in what niche there is a possibility of growth in future and what exactly is trending in the market. 

The idea here is to get in-depth with the things that are sure to be a success in the market. You need to know the need of the people. You need to know the vacuum that is there in the online market. To stand out of the crowd it is important to be unique and appealing. And how do you do that? By simply knowing the heat of the market. As simple as that.      

Any Space For Affiliate Marketing?

The affiliate marketing is worth over $12 Billion annually. 81% brands are relying on affiliate marketing. Over 5 billion clicks and 170 million transactions. How can you not think of affiliate marketing while thinking of blogging? 

You must know the possibility of affiliate marketing in your niche. Is it there or not? It is profitable? What are the conversion rates and what are the previous records? What brands are available in your niche to promote? 

With the ever rising competition in the blogging world and more so in the affiliate marketing industry, you better be up for it before you even start blogging.    

The Competition

One of the most important parts of the blog niche ideas selection is to know the competition in various possible niches that you can go for. You have to about the top guns in your niche.

You have to know how much are those blogger making. What percentage of incomes are they earning from different sources, what offers do they give, what are they exactly blogging about and things like that. 

One good practise to do so is to read as much as you can. Know why some blogs are making it big, while others are not.        

Your Niche? 

 Almost every successful blogger will suggest you a very simple thing, which is to go by your favourite niche. Blog about the things you love the most. Create your blog in the niche that excites you. To make it big, make it your own. 

Nothing can beat you if you are doing your best in what you love. If you like to swim, blog about swimmers and swimming. If you are a movie buff, blog that up!! Blog what you love!!  

So without any further ado, let’s get to the list of the top 10 blog niche ideas that make money. All of these ideas are suggested by some of the best content marketing experts in the industry. Check it out the best money making blog niches ideas and thanks us later !! 🙂  

Blog Niche Ideas: List Of The Top 10 Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money

1. Fashion Blogging

When we say fashion, you definitely can expect a lot of opportunities, and money of course! The fashion industry hardly sees any downfall ever. Right from the days when it all started, till now fashion has been a no brainer investment by top business personalities, and for bloggers also. 

$1.66 Billion is the amount of money retail online fashion businesses make, thanks to all the shopaholics out there! An industry having such a global presence and relativity with the masses, it is easy to say that this one is a good try. 

Blog Niche Ideas

Fashion Blogging examples are OG Fat Girl, Make My Lemonade 

2. E-Learning Blogging

E-Learning has made quite a buzz around in the online world. People are moving from those old heavy books to easy to download and carry e-books and other e-learning platforms. Classrooms and educational institution are using e-learning to provide better educational opportunities to students of all age groups.

Online courses, music lessons, pet care training, language courses are some of the few micro niches of e-learning. 

Blog Niche Ideas

E-Learning industry and Coursera are the best examples of E-Learning Blogs

3. Traveling and Tourism Blogging

Traveling and tourism industry has seen an epic rise thanks to the internet. What is more easier than to just click a few buttons to get a flight ticket in hand? People are spending billions and billions on traveling. 

And the best part is that it is global. You’re possible range of audience is increased so much that you can’t even imagine.

You have families looking to go on trips, you have travelers looking to travel around the world and so on. You as a blogger can blog about the must visit destinations, your personal experience, cheap travel locations, offers and so on. 

Blog Niche Ideas

Some examples of Travel and Tourism Blogs are My Life’s a Movie and Travel Break

4. Health Blogging

The health industry is so huge that there are endless sub-topics that you can blog about. From baby care to medicine, from supplements to health kits, you have a huge set of options to blog about.

There are hundreds of brands and companies, which means that the possibilities of your affiliate marketing earning are quite high. 

And with the rise of online e-commerce and retail industry, health related products and online health industry has seen a boom worldwide and now is the perfect time for bloggers to step-in and step-in hard!!

Blog Niche Ideas

My Fitness Blog and Fit Foodie Finds are the examples of health blogs. 

5. Gaming 

This one is a no-brainer if you love gaming. What better than blogging about the game you played an hour ago. There are millions of gamers all around the world that read a lot of gaming and gadget centric blogs, to just know what’s cooking in the blogging industry and what other gamers are doing.

And don’t worry, gaming is not going away anytime soon. In fact, last year the gaming industry was estimated at about $135 billion.

Every single day there are hundreds of games being launched in the market and so is the case with gaming consoles. The gamers worldwide spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just on gaming chairs and similar accessories. 

If you love gaming, or even if you are a tech freak, this is the go to niche for you.

Blog Niche Ideas

Some examples of gaming blogs are Kotaku.com and The Video Game Blog

6. Finance 

Finance is a hot favorite of bloggers these days. Various blogs like mutual funds blog, investment banking blogs and so on are one of the top money makers these days. 

From business and investment advice to case studies, you have a lot to blog about in finance blog niche. The key here is to find out about the latest investment trend being followed. 

People are searching all over the internet for questions like “How do I save money?” and “How profitable is mutual funds?” if you can answer such similar questions, you can surely be a winner. 

Man vs Debt and Money Saving Mom are the best examples of Finance Blogs.   

7. Food

Food niche is a win win situation for all, and especially for food bloggers. You don’t have to be a culinary expert or a master chef to blog about food. You can simply start a blog about local restaurants in your city and the kind of food available. 

You can start a blog explaining about the traditional food of your region and what history it perceives. You can also blog about the famous chefs and crockery brands. What else can be so simple to start with?

Also, you can inculcate this with your travel and tourism blog and you can simple blog about the food you had in your travel journey. A lot of travel bloggers are doing so and earning a lot of money. 

ProFoodBlogger and Pinch of Yum are two of the most famous blogs in the niche.

8. Personality Development

Believe it or not, personality development blogs is one of the most profitable niche for blogging. These blogs don’t just blog about the do’s and don’ts of personality development, but they actually feature famous celebrities and personalities that give a lot of insights of making a sound personality. 

From language correction to styling, personality development blogs have a ton of opportunities for a potential blogger. 

These blogs also feature a lot of motivational speakers and storytellers that blog and podcast a lot about their personal experiences in life and guess what? You can do that too!! You definitely don’t need a master’s for that. 

Maria Popva and Tiny Buddha are a must read.

9. How To Make Money

One of the most used ideas and definitely one of the highest earning one, “How To Make Money” is a go-to option for mid-level and pro-level bloggers. Also for beginners if they have an adequate industry experience. 

Why wouldn’t a person would want to read a blog that say “Make Money in Just 5 Steps”?

 If you have a lot of knowledge about the insights of generating money, in any industry, then you can go for this niche as you are sure to have a lot to genuine traffic and click-throughs.

The only catch here is that your content has to be actionable and genuine, as there are a lot of wordy and lengthy guides and how-tos that are not genuine and only are there to earn money from pop-up ads.

Blogging Basics 101 and Shout Me Loud are one of the best how to make money blogs available. 

10. Sports 

Sports blogs are an all time favorite. Now there is no need to tell you about the popularity of sports all around the world. And talking about the monetary value, the sports industry is worth $488.5 billion

So what exactly can you blog about? Absolutely anything. According to Wikipedia there are about 8,000 indegenous sports in the world.

You can pick any number of sports and sporting games and write about the famous players, famous matches, famous stadiums and so on. You can also review recent matches, give a list of the best one, write about the world championships and so on. There’s just so much to write about. 

You can also take an example from famous sports blogs such as Holdout Sports, Sporting Life and Bad Left Hook.            


So, top 10 best blog niche ideas that make money ends here. Blogging is all about being helpful and actionable. Your blog has to stand out of the crowd of billions of blogs on the internet. And to do so you need to start well, and to start well, you have to have a good blog niche idea.

Choosing a top grade blog niche idea has to be your priority. This is not just a one time requirement, but will be essential for your long run in the business. 

So, follow this well curated list (thanks 🙂 ) and guide of “Top 10 Blog Ideas That Make Money!” and get ready to be the blogging king in the jungle of the internet.     

And if you are looking for more such amazing money making blogs, then check out Blogging Growth Hack: How to take your blogging income from $1 to $1,000 and become a professional in the business!! 

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