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Best Blogging Courses: 30 Best Courses To Help You Skyrocket Your Blog’s Growth

Best Blogging Courses: 30 Best Courses To Help You Skyrocket Your Blog’s Growth

best blogging courses

Looking for the best blogging courses to maximize your earnings? Do you want to make the most of your blog? But tired of spinning your wheels, creating content that never generates traffic or reaches the correct audience?

Worry not because we’ve got you a list of the 30 best blogging courses that will provide you some great knowledge at some of the cheapest prices.  

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7 30 Best Blogging Courses in 2020

Why Go for The Online Courses? 

Blogging is a very smart way to start earning a passive income online. But you won’t be successful if you don’t do it in the right direction. Many people say that there is absolutely no need of taking any kind of course for blogging. It’s true if you are blogging just for the fun. 

But if you want to scale it up and monetize your blog, then a good blogging course can help you a lot in understanding the money making side of blogging. 

So if you are a beginner or you want to increase & improve your blog traffic, you’ve arrived at the right page. This article will let you know about the courses that will tell the tactics to make the performance of your blog better than ever before. So…let’s get our inner (and outer) nerd on with this list of the best blogging courses of 2020! 

Where Can You Find The Best Blogging Courses Online?

When it comes to blogging related courses, there are millions of options to choose from. Many platforms specialize in hosting online courses—few of those major ones are Udemy and Skillshare. Udemy provides you with the platform to buy courses individually and runs frequent sales.

You can get a Udemy Blogging Courses as per your requirement at much cheaper rates using Udemy discount coupons and promo Codes.

Skillshare provides memberships, so on buying their premium membership, you will get unlimited access to all their blogging courses available.

best blogging courses

Blogging for Business Courses 

Blogging is one of the best ways to get started with the marketing of your business online. Blogging courses for businesses can make a big difference as they are designed to teach you about the tools that can help you create an engaging blog.

Various online blogging courses are available these days such as, HubSpot Academy and Pitman Training, which are quite helpful when you want to learn about creating a successful business blogging strategy as well as want to manage a growing blog of your own.

Free Courses

Nowadays, there are plenty of free blogging courses online are available on the internet. Yes you read that right. FREE!

The most fantastic thing about a free blogging course is the excellent combination of zero cost courses that entail valuable information, apt for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re just a newbie to the blogging world or if you are ready to shift to the next level with your blog, these courses surely have something for you.

Few examples of Free online courses are Blog Launch Blueprint, Free Blog Traffic Bonus, and Free Time Management For Bloggers, These online blogging courses will give tremendous value to your blog and will keep you engaged and encouraged.

Viral blogging & how does it work

Viral blogging is the same as that of regular blogging. Like the word, “viral” suggests, it is something that gains popularity unexpectedly. Viral content is often spontaneous, shocking, and exciting. An excellent example is Upworthy, which shares viral stories and videos with catchy headlines to drive massive traffic from social media platforms.

Another good example is ViralNova. It uses the same ‘clickbait’ headlines to make the content go popular on social media. It’s essential to start using tools to create viral content. Some of those tools that you can use are LinkTrackr and Tumblr.

Viral Blogging courses 

If you are searching for online blogging courses for viral blogging, then you can refer to the Udemy blogging Course, i.e. Udemy for viral blogging from where you can get the secret of writing viral blogs to attract more traffic.

As you have seen, It’s not easy to grow a blog, but you can get successful with investing in the time, effort, and the right strategies.

And most importantly, If someone has been reading your content, been following your blog and getting value from it, then they already trust you that you’ll create things of value. So to monetize your blog, create something valuable and unique. 

30 Best Blogging Courses in 2020

Searching for the best blogging courses that’ll help you to take your blog to the next level can be a challenging process. Today, there are plenty of blogging courses out there—some of which are genuinely helpful, others not so much.

You can find free blogging courses online as well as paid online blogging courses. 

These Online courses are perfect for self-learning individuals who aim to master new skills and lead their careers without spending hefty amounts and having the luxury of learning any time, anywhere.

In short, there are multiple benefits of taking courses for effective blogging, and it gives tons of value addition as well, Isn’t that amazing?

That’s why we put together a list of the 30 best blogging courses in 2020, for any blogger looking to take his/her business seriously. It’s up to you which type of blogging course will be adequate at your stage of blogging.

Your end goal should be learning when you start a course for a blog. It all depends on what you want to implement on your blog. Blogging courses have their uses – but pick one carefully. So let’s dive in-

1.Built to Blog 

This course offers 8 hours of video lectures, 15,000 words of written content, and 6 hours of interviews with top bloggers.

2.Blogging 101: Build a Successful Blog

This blogging course  is a “all-in-one” course and is an excellent choice for beginners.

3.The Blog Village: Tools to Create Your Blog

Its basic lessons teaches you how you can set up WordPress plugins, work with Google Analytics, and even freelance photography tips. 

The Plus plan adds lessons on Adobe Lightroom, social media, and advertising, and the Pro plan wraps up with videography tips, Adobe Premiere, affiliate marketing, and working with brands.

Niche Courses

4.Superstar Blogging

This blogging course covers the how-tos of installation and set up part of your website, building brand strategy, great content, social media strategies, and much more.

5.Food Blogger Pro

If you’re reached an intermediate level in blogging and if you are looking to make a living out of your food blog, check out the food blogging guides on Food Blogger Pro.

6.Blog By Number

This course covers the essentials of blogging, such as finding your niche area, setting up your website, how to monetize your blog, making great images for Pinterest, and most importantly how to drive traffic.

Best Course for the Beginners

7.Blogging Basics

This free blogging course is a great introduction to blogging, and covers all of the beginners stuff like which blogging platforms to use, design tips, what pages you should have, and social media basics.

8.Elizabeth Stapleton’s Blogging Course

This course if a great option for people looking for a free online blogging courses. This is also a beginners and “working from home” course, but is directed towards the technical aspects of blogging as well. 

9.WordPress for Beginners

This blogging course is a step by step guide to learn WordPress, and guides you in the creation of your blogging website. 

10.Guest Blogging Certification Program

This blogging course is a bit different from most of the other blogs. This blogging course teaches you how to cater right audience and articles for your content. It comes packed with some great blog post ideas, and teaches about pitching and writing them effectively. And most importantly “how to use guest blogging” is its core lesson.

Search Engine Optimization-Focused Courses

11.Intro to SEO: Tactics & Strategy for Entrepreneurs

This blogging course is highly recommended for its easy to understand lessons and for “how to create an SEO strategy”, as well as for the fundamentals of optimizing your content.

12.SEO for Bloggers

A blogging course brought to you by the team at Money Lab, teaches you everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization.

Writing-Focused Blogging Courses

13.Creating Content, Your Readers Actually Want To Read

This blogging course is a one stop shop for all your blogging lessons needs. In the first part of this course, you’ll learn about understanding your niche audience and further you’ll learn more about what great content looks like.

14.Intentional Blogging

Yet another free online blogging course, this one starts with how to start blogging, and moves through optimizing your content for search engines and guest posting.

Traffic Driving-Focused Blogging Courses

15.Blog Traffic Blueprint

This blogging course is for all the beginners out there. It’s excellent for your basic understanding and for learning about traffic strategies in a simpler way.

16.Traffic Transformation

It’s a full-packed guide of the Do’s and Don’ts of increasing traffic. This blog is based on the real-life experience of Lena Gott.

Email List Building-Focused Blogging Courses

17.Date Your List

Date Your List, is a workbook that focuses on how you can nurture the relationship with your readers.

18.List Love

Another blogging course focused on building a strong relationship with your subscribers. This one is a bit more deep into what you can present to your readers and what they will love to read.

Social Media-Focused Blogging Courses

19.What is Social? 

In this blogging course, you’ll learn the methods for growing your social strategy and its implementation. It is a complete free blogging course.

20.Social Media Marketing Mastery

This blogging course is the one-stop destination to master advertising on every significant platform in the social network market.

21.The Perfect Pin

This blogging course is designed around Pinterest and help you in finding out what it takes to make the perfect pin!

22.(Udemy) A blog for a Living: Compete Blogging Training

In this course, you learn about how you can build a professional-looking blog from scratch, attract masses of traffic using efficient and free methods to turn your blog into a profitable online venture.

23. (Udemy): Blogging Masterclass

In this program, you will explore about things that will help you build a successful blog. It covers the essential concepts like building the mindset of a successful blogger, a WordPress site and so on.

24.  2019 Blogging Blueprint 

In this course, you will come to know about many tried and tested methods which will help you build your brand in the most profitable way possible.

25.    Blogging Classes Online – (Skillshare) 

Some of the trending lessons available online include blogging basics. These courses are for beginners and is all about creating blog material your readers would want to read.

26   (Udemy)Viral Blogging 101: Blogging & Content Writing Masterclass 

In this tutorial, you can understand the methods for writing blogs specific to your blog niche in order to create a profitable blog.

27   Blogging for Your Business

This course will help you in using your blog to establish your business online. It explores all aspects of establishing a business online.

28    Build a Successful Creative Blog (Creative Live)

This comprehensive program, throughout the course, teaches you how to create and market a full time, premium blog.

29   Master WordPress Quickly (Udemy)

This program at the beginner level, is designed to teach you the techniques of becoming a WordPress master quickly without much technical jargon.

30.   LinkedIn Writing a Compelling Blog Post Learning – Lynda

This training program is designed to help you to discover the structure of creating engaging content, and includes strategies that will keep your readers intact for a longer period of time.

Blogging courses London 

Whether for your personal finance or for business use, London has many blogging courses that guide you throughout your blogging journey. 

In these courses, you will get to know what it takes to create a good blog. You will learn how to develop effective messages and how to write blog posts that drive audiences, as well as how to write a call to action. Here is a list of the top blogging courses in London:

1. Blogging Masterclass

This London based course is all about monetization of a blog. You can learn the insights of attractive writing and content creation. And also you can learn a lot about the dos and don’ts of pitching your blog successfully.

2. Video Blogging With YouTube

Taught by Yolanda De Los, this vlogging course teaches you all about creating and uploading of vlogs for YouTube. 

You can also check out the ultimate guide for vlogging, “How To Start A Vlog? A Step By Step Guide To Ensure Your Success On Youtube!” and learn how you can make the most of your mobile phone camera 🙂 

3. Blogging With WordPress

This is an all in one guide for all your WordPress how-tos. Learn how you can create a free blog using WordPress and you can also collaborate with other fellow classmates.       

Blogging course in India 

Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information. If you are looking for the best  online blogging courses in India, you can find some great blogger courses from Udemy.

If you are looking for the best blogging course online in 2020 then most recommended blogging course is 100 Day blogging course by Deepak kanakaraju. Deepak kanakaraju, is among the biggest and most well known digital marketers, as well as one of the successful bloggers in India.

Blogging courses Dublin

There are literally millions of blogs available online that people of Dublin can go for. 

The reason is simple, the demand is rising. Organizations are realizing the benefits of blogging and they know that an effective blog can raise an organization’s online page views and credibility. 

It also builds stronger relations with clients and improves a website’s ranking in the search engines. 

If you are searching for some best online courses for blogging in and around Dublin, here is a list of the best: 

1. Blogging For Businesses

A blogging course program by Pitman Training Course, Blogging For Businesses is a short online course that teaches about how to create and write professional blogs in an effective way. The duration of the course is 15 hours and also teaches communication skills. 

2. Mulley Communications

Mulley Communications is an all in one platform for all your marketing needs. It includes digital marketing, digital marketing, content PR, social media marketing and so on. You just need to fill up a form and you can choose any one from the list of available courses.  

So here ends our list of the 30 best blogging courses that will help you Skyrocket your blog’s growth. Just like you need a good knowledge of email marketing and sense of affiliate marketing & affiliate links for making a complete professional blog, you also need to take a good blogging course in order to make the best of your content.  

Expressing yourself is the most peculiar behaviour of humans, and in this digital age, blogging has made it more comfortable to express yourself, online. 

But apart from expressing or sharing information, it is more of a source of income for online influencers and professional bloggers. In fact, there are more bloggers than ever earning money from blogging, and they’re earning higher than they did last year. 

The key is choosing the right strategy, quality content, and tools that help to make your content more useful and reachable to the right audiences. Hope we brought some valuable list of online courses for blogging to let you know what’s best, where to start from and how it can work best for you.

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