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Best Backlink Checker Tools: List of The Best Tools in 2020 (Free + Paid)

Best Backlink Checker Tools: List of The Best Tools in 2020 (Free + Paid)

best backlink checker tools

Are you looking for the best backlink checker tools to use in 2020? Guess what you have landed on the right page because we have got the list of the best backlink checker tools, both paid and free. This list is curated with a deep research and analysis of the latest trends for both best paid and best free backlink checker tools. All the tools are offered by some of the finest and most popular names in the business. 

Talking about backlinks it should be very well noted that the trend these days is not just about how many number of backlinks are there on the website, but that of the quality of links that you have. 

The fact that you should know where you stand in your niche is a no brainer to know. Knowing about it makes you feel a lot more engligtended and motivates you to do better. 

“ Checking backlinks can help you know who’s your friend and who’s not!! 🙂 “ 

Best Backlink Checker Tools: Reason To Check Backlinks in 2020

The ones who know what backlink is and the ones who have a knowledge of its benefits will definitely know what is there to learn. To make you a lot more aware about the wonders that backlinking can help you achieve, we’ve got some “reasons” that will surely instigate you to learn everything about backlinks. 

The Bad Reputation 

Just like many other things online, backlinks can also have a harsh side to deal with. The bad publicity or bad reputation being formed of your website can be a reason of some great losses in your income. But that said, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on creating and maintaining the reputation of your website.

You need to make sure that you identify and get those backlinks removed that are a threat to your website’s reputation. The websites having abusive language, pornographic content and unethical stuff have to get your backlink removed from their websites so that unethical traffic cannot get redirected to your website

Avoid Penalties Please !!

Many of you won’t know but yes there are ranking penalties that are applied on your website if there are spam backlinks linking to your website. It’s important to know that all the backlinks will not help you improve traffic on your website. 

If you use some of the major backlinks analysis tool, such as those in the list below, you will actually see the spam score of your backlinks. Google’s penguin algorithm checks for all those websites having spammy links and then puts them under penalization. 

The possible practise to undo this? Keep a regular check. 

De-Indexed ?

Now it can’t get any worse than this. Did you know that in 2012, Google de-indexed a lot of high ranked blogs having great domain authority. Thinking why? Because of all the backlinks that were generated with the use of various objectionable practises, such as companies taking part in link schemes, companies buying link and building low quality links.

For the exact figure Google de-indexed over 80,000 blogs. Sites having page rank 7 and 70 domain authority were also removed. To avoid this scenario, you have to keep a check on the sources from where your backlinks are coming from.

Negative SEO 

Let’s face it. On the ever so growing world of the internet, it is important to know what your competitors are up-to. Many case studies have shown that companies are using a lot of unethical ways to defame their competitors. 

One of the methods used to do so is via spamming a website. Competitors report each others websites as spam in order to get them removed and deframe the business.

You must get those backlinks removed before Google takes any serious action. 

There are several other major reasons that will insist you to use a backlink checker tool, such as investing in a wrong agency to help you in SEO and digital marketing. These days you’ll see a lot of companies that offer SEO and content marketing services, but are not at all liable and trustworthy. 

If you need a professional SEO and digital marketing service, then you should go for Content Vista. They offer a very reliable and safe SEO service, as well as other digital marketing services, such as content writing and social media marketing. 

Best Backlink Checker Tools: List of the best backlink checker tools to use in 2020 

Check out this well researched and well developed( 🙂 ) list of the best backlink checker tools to use in 2020 and make your choice as per your needs. 


best backlink checker tools

SEMRush is a SaaS tool that needs no introduction. This is the world’s first choice when it comes to SEO tools. From keywords searching to site audit, from SEO analysis to keyword suggestion, SEMRush does it all. 

SEMRush has also got a very remarkable tool of backlink checking, that also represents data in a lot of different forms of graphical format.


Checking the backlinks on SEMRush backlink tool is as easy as it can be. Just go to the SEMRush homepage and enter the domain name that you want to analyze and hit start now button. 

Now you can see all the backlink check online, of your domain name. If you want to compare your domain name with other domain names, you can do that too. SEMRush allows you to compare upto five domain names. You can also see the kind of websites referring to your backlink, such as .net websites, .org, .com, and also, you can see the referring IPs and even the government websites referring to your backlink.

SEMRush also gives you the flexibility of exporting your report completely in a PDF format. The free version of SEMRush backlink checker tool is pretty good and works fine. But you are really seeking the in depth details and working of your competitors, then you can go for the premium plan as well. 



best backlink checker tools

Ahref is one of the most popular names when it comes down to SEO tools and traffic generation analysis. Started back in 2011, the brand is now a multinational name with roots in Ukraine and main headquarters in Singapore. 

Ahref searches all over the internet for data searching and marked as one of the most trustworthy by leading marketing professionals worldwide. With one of the most easy to use interface, Ahref has a lot of offer for all kinds of digital marketing professionals.

Ahref is quite well known for its backlink checker tool as well. The brand quotes that they have the second most active web crawler, after Google, which means that Ahref has the “best backlink checking database” in the market. The tool provides domain and page-level metrics for any domain name that you enter.

You get the Ahref Rank, Domain rating, URL rating, and number of referring domain as well.

You can check number of backlinks to a website, can also see an estimation of the organic traffic generating at your domain. The backlink checker tool also provides you a lot of graphical representation of the analysis of your backlinks.

You also get a lot of other features as well, such as Backlink anchor text checker, PDF exporting, followed and unfollowed link checker and a complete filtered report. 

Majestic SEO

best backlink checker tools

Majestic SEO offers some of the most famous SEO tools in the industry and noted as a good competitor backlink checker.The tool is used by various SEO professionals, entrepreneurs and developers from all around the world. 

Majestic SEO has a lot of tools to offer such as site explorer, backlink history checker and search explorer, as well as Link Inspection API.

It actually gives a tough competition to Ahref’s backlink checker tool. Majestic SEO has a complete unique database of its own, where they have ranked millions of websites based on various factors. 

Using the Majestic SEO tool, you can easily download the link profile of your competitors. This way you can actually make the best of Majestic’s data and you can have an in-depth analysis of the strategies of your competitors.

The backlink checker tools is quite simple to use. You get a good detailed summary of all the backlinks indexed to your domain and you can get the crawl timing of the search as well.

It also offers some other basic features, such as graphical representation, kinds of sites referring to your backlink, such as Government organizations, 404 error pages, Educational organizations, and so on. 


best backlink checker tools

Serpstat is an all-in-one platform for SEO and content marketing professionals. The brand has been awarded by name big names, such as No. 1 best selling SEO tool of all time by AppSumo, Best Solution for Ecommerce by Ukraine Ecommerce Awards and many more. 

Serpstat has a lot of tools to offer such as Keyword research, rank tracking, Competitive analysis, backlink history checker and site audit. 

It offers a lot of major backlink checking features  such as a monitoring of new and lost backlinks, measuring of links authority, researching competitors strategies and backlinks, and exploring anchors as well. 

Searching backlinks on Serpstat is quite simple. Just visit the homepage and enter the domain name that you want to search the backlink for.

Then you’ll see a number of referring domains to the backlink, subnets, number of indexed pages, page rank and IPs. And the best part if that you get all these data in graphical formats. 

You can also export these graphical data in Google Sheets or PDFs for better understanding. The free version gives you a lot of insights and well packed data, gives you free 10 queries for a day.

Moz Link Explorer 

Moz Link Explorer is a great tool to keep a regular check your backlink. You get a complete analysis of your referred backlinks, including page authority and domain authority of those websites.

Moz Link Explorer has a lot of features that can help you analyze your backlinks better, as well as you can also keep an eye on your competitors.

The name “Moz” is an assurance of quality in itself. You have a lot of features to use, such as you can find the broken links to your website that are affecting your reputation. You can also check the anchor texts being used. You also get to compare a lot of different domain names, to see how much exactly you lack behind in your niche. 

The Moz Link Explorer also shows you opportunities to establish your backlinks to help grow your presence online. You can also see the new and lost links. Overall, this one is worth the effort and time. Must try!!

SEO Spyglass

List of the best backlink checker tools to use in 2019

SEO Spyglass is pretty much a new entry in this market. Recently they have updated their database to a higher level, and the results are showing that surely. Over 1.6 Trillion fresh backlinks to be precise.

SEO Spyglass is giving a tough time to Ahref and other backlinks tools since its inception. You get three different pricing plans to choose from. The free version, $124 Professional plan and $299 enterprise plan. 

You get all the basic features and offers that you get in other backlink checker tools, but the catch here is that it is a desktop application rather than an online tool.

This backlink checker tool has a lot of other important and unique features, such as the keyword suggestions that you get in order to help you increase your traffic on your website, shows you which backlinks and anchor texts are working for your competitions and even shows you the sources your competitors have bought backlinks from.

Overall keeping the price in mind, this one is a good option to go for. 

So here, “List of The Best Backlink Checker Tools To Use In 2020(Free + Paid)” ends. Mostly each and every one of these tools are having both the free and paid versions. In the market of backlink checker tools, these are the best ones you can blindly go for. 

So, choose the best one according to your needs and be a step ahead of your competitors. 

And if you are looking for more of content marketing tools and tips, check out “Blogging Growth Hack: How to take your blogging income from $1 to $1,000” and keep blogging!!

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