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Best Affiliate Programs for Personal Finance Bloggers: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2020

Best Affiliate Programs for Personal Finance Bloggers: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2020

Your search for the best affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers ends here. For finance and business bloggers out there, the corporate world is tough and unforgiving. It is not always easy to carve a niche for themselves in this fast-paced world. The questions of budgeting, assessing your current financial situation and debts are common topics of finance blog, and quite popular at that too. To aid one in these, there are several personal finance tools, software, budgeting training courses, templates and tax software to help you carry them out with efficiency.

Once having joined an affiliate program, you become the company’s publisher in charge of advertising or marketing their content.

You are privy to their expansive stock of content, products and services that you get to promote on your blogs, channels or social media profiles. This also enables you to make money through affiliate income even when there is little traffic generated.

With our affiliate marketing guide, you as a passionate blogger, YouTuber or a social media influencer can now further your ambition by promoting worthy content while also earning big bucks from the comfort of your home.

We bring to you 2020’s 10 best affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers – crafted exclusively for beginners in personal finance blogging; ones where you can you’re guaranteed higher returns for your efforts and involvement.


This financial software company specialises in tools and devices specifically designed to disaggregate and assess personal finance. Apart from offering free of cost, personalised and automated assistance- the company also caters to those with retirement plans and other financial goals. 

They offer proficient opinion and expert advice with the aim of coaxing their customers to make smart and educated financial decisions. SmartAsset seems like a promising place to start. It provides several affiliate opportunities for bloggers and influencers wishing to promote their services. This personal advice platform also helps people connect with professional advisors. 

The company also provides a great collection of professionally designed banner ads, image and textual links that the bloggers are free to promote on any platform of their choice to catch eyeballs and generate traffic.

  • Commission Junction used for affiliate program management
  • They have a large base for target audience, ranging from the age 45 and above
  • Constantly available on-hand support and assistance
  • 1 day cookie
  • Commission cap at $40 per lead

Pocket Smith

Another very popular program in the list of the best affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers, which can anchor your venture in affiliation is Pocket Smith one of the online monetary platforms in the industry. With great value for your money and financial intricacies, they help their clients compartmentalise and categorise their money in terms of their future. 

Here, the customers can view their past, current and future finances and the company empowers them to take ideal long-term decisions.  Unlike SmartAsset, Pocket Smith hosts its affiliate program on Awin and tends to all of their needs and necessities with the hop of forging long-term and permanent affiliations.

Their partnered affiliates have unfettered access to comprehensive tracking tools and marketing resources to help them advance their promotional material.

  • They provide professionally devised logos and content
  • They have a cookie duration of 30 days
  • Offer 2 subscription levels one can choose from
  • Free access to their learning centre and service and assistance team

Personal Capital

Assessing your capital and monitoring it can be quite tedious sometimes. Personal Capital does that job for you, it helps you manage your monetary wealth and capital with intuitive and proficient wealth advisory tools. With over thousands of customers with sorted financial lives, this firm analyses every detail of your finances and conjures personalised plans to effectively capitalise on them. 

With the HasOffers integration, Personal Capital can easily manage their affiliation programs. To enhance mutual benefits, the firm offers customised graphs for their affiliate where they ca track their progression, monitor their marketing campaigns and track click rates on the dashboard.

  • 60 day cookie duration
  • Monthly commissions with swift payments
  • Every qualified sign-up entails commission
  • This ranges from $50-100 per sign-up
  • Highly functional and convertible website

Self-Counsel Press

Having pioneered legal self-help publishing category, the firm Self Counsel Press started off as a lender of “how to” books for marketing and business expertise. The company has a lineage in publishing books, journals and e-books related to diverse topics ranging from personal finance, law, business writing and communication. 

They have been serving heir satisfies customers for several years now, helping them manage their money effectively and make smart investments.

For their affiliates program, Self-Counsel Press uses ShareASale. The firm engages the affiliates by granting them access to pre-designed banners, professional logos and textual content to put their message across. Get started now by creating an account

  • Affiliates have unhindered access to all their cover images
  • With a cookie duration of 60 days
  • 10% base commission
  • ShareASale allows consolidation of your sales to monitor

Your Sunny Money Method

As quirky as the name sounds, this online family budgeting training course is one of the best ones out there. With small and precise 15 minute videos related to budgeting lessons and finance workshops; you can browse through the course at your own convenience and pace.

In order to venture into their affiliate program, one must register for their courses to get a hang of the kind of content they produce and understand how effectively it can be promoted. Its membership entails a lifetime of free upgrades and inexpensive courses on budgeting and personal finance management. You are also entitled to guaranteed cashback, if you’re dissatisfied with their service. 

The firm is in-chare of handing out promotional content like text links, social media prompts, coupon codes or discounts to its affiliate partners for advertisement.

  • Affiliates can earn up to $30 per student with their exclusive offers
  • In-house management of affiliates
  • Commission rates upto 40%
  • Enrolment into the program also guarantees you access into their schedules and lessons
  • 30 days cookies


Etsy Affiliate Program

Home to extraordinary items, Etsy was established in 2012. With millions of products of listed, the best thing about this global marketplace platform is that it has gained a lot of market reputation that can be beneficial for you.

An American e-commerce website that offers its customers a wide range of homemade and vintage items. They offer craft supplies, jewelry, bags, furniture, and vintage items that are at least 20 years old.

  • The commissions are paid on qualifying sales
  • Referrals can work internationally
  • Commission rates between 4% and 8%.
  • Monthly and bi-monthly payout model
  • Number of banners and ads available
  • Affiliated will be provided with promotional content


best affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers

Moneyspire was established with the sole motive of enabling people to take better and educated decisions regarding their finances, and manage them with the help of their powerful personal finance software. What is distinctive about this is its customizability and versatility, where you can access Moneyspire from whichever device or internet browser. 

Their affiliate programs are given significant attention and they use Impact Radius for its management, and the software displays monthly statistics through online tracking links and sponsored texts.  The affiliates are also at the freedom to negotiate their way through promotion of custom materials befitting their marketing needs.

  •  Cookie duration of 45 days
  • Commission rates start at 15%
  • They also have free access to their tutorials and other materials
  • Payouts scheduled per month
  • Equipped with campaign and media source tracking.

Financial Gym

best affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers

As the name states, this site Financial Gym takes a fitness approach in optimising your financial goals and working your finances towards achieving it. This would mean professional advice on savings, investments and stocks; each tackled with a customised plan that will help you gain control over your money or capital.

Financial Gym has established its credibility and has been featured on Today’s Show, Refinery29, Forbes and CNBC. They also extend services to their clients revolving around personal finance training and tutorials with affordable monthly plans. 

Their affiliate program is managed exclusively on Rakuten Marketing, and the affiliates are granted commission solely on their leads.

  • Affiliates can advertise their own links once approved
  • They are given access to product links, store front and banners
  • 10 day cookie duration
  • There is a $5 referral fee for every scheduled call


best affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers

This one of a kind domain helps parents teach their kids the basics of managing their personal finances, like regular savings, etc. A winner of several accolades and awards, FamZoo is a family finances app and has played an elemental role in teaching kids the importance of money, its frugality and how the habit of savings can help in the long run.

This personal finance education for kids can help them in the long-run, and their services or training is for all age groups. Crafted exclusively for a family-friendly audience, they have an elaborate affiliate program, where prospective affiliates can try their hand out with their 30-day trial.

  • Affiliates are paid 5 cents per sign-up
  •  Every subscription entails a 25% commission
  • Highly convertible and responsive
  •  Several subscription payments plans to choose form
  • With gift subscription purchases

Amazon Associates

best affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers

One of the largest ecommerce websites across the globe, Amazon caters to a variety of services and needs; as well as houses a wide array of engagements that you could be involved in and avail monetary benefits. 

This is the perfect platform for you to find your niche and further your ambition, especially if you are an avid blogger, YouTuber or a social media influencer on the hunt for affiliates. As an affiliate partner, you can promote a number of goods an services of your choice. Depending on the kind of blogger you are, you can promote décor appliances, travelling gear, health supplements for fitness bloggers and gym accessories along with much more. 

Their affiliate program is called the Amazon Associates program.

  • Easy to join with a single approval
  • Associates get to choose from over 1 million products
  • Meets all your advertising needs
  • Earn up to 10% marketing and promotion fees
  • Their competitive conversion helps you maximise your earnings

Last Words

After you’ve discovered the best affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers, you can know determine what you niche could be and wok towards deepening it. As an affiliate, one can also target personal financers and advisors, establish links that will add credibility to your website or channel while also monetising it.

Remember to also forge personal links with your audience or followers, by recommending them the best of tools and software. One should always ensure the advertisement of high-quality content, that can be associated with your affiliate links- one that your audience will identify you with.

Personal finance bloggers have a plethora of finance programs at their disposal, but making the right choice in the list of affiliate programs for personal finance bloggers can be all too challenging. With this list of comprehensive and high-paying affiliate programs, we equip you with the necessary information and knowledge to make an educated choice regarding your future. 

Do check out the ultimate list of Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2019 if you wanna know the other best affiliate programs in the business.

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