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Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers: Top 10 Programs That Pay in 2020

Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers: Top 10 Programs That Pay in 2020

best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers

Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers

The word fashion is as dynamic as the fashion industry itself. Fashion enthusiasts all around the world are turning towards fashion experts and fashion bloggers for their expert opinions and fashion guidance. Fashion blogs and social media platforms are influencing the fashion industry pretty well. Citing the importance of blogging these days, fashion bloggers can be spotted looking for the best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers.  

And talking about the online shopping industry, there is no comparison of its impact radius. Fashion brands from all around the world are using the power of ecommerce, digital marketing and of course, affiliate marketers, for selling their different fashion products such as shoes, dresses, tshirts, jeans, and so on. 

But, as an affiliate marketer, you must have gone through the difficult phase of choosing the best affiliate programs. And the number of choices in the fashion industry, makes this choice even more difficult. 

So, here is a list of the 10 best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers to choose from. The list is packed with the highest paying and user friendly affiliate programs, that will surely help you make some serious money. 


best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers

NordStrom is one of the leading fashion retailers in the world. The brand has an incredible approach to the upcoming fashion and trends. 

Since its inception in 1901, which is over a century now, NordStrom has been widely popular for its high quality fashion products and for the versatility it offers in its products. 

The online store at NordStorm.com serves customers of over 200 countries from all around the world. The brand offers some great services addons, such as free shipping, free returns and mobile shopping accessibility. 

NordStorm not only offers some of the most high quality dresses for women, but it has a ton of apparel, shoes, beauty care products, and so on for men and kids as well. 

The online store has a unique section where a shopper can buy clothes, based on some specific occasion, such as a night out, weekends, work, weddings and so on.

For fashion affiliates, this is a great program to go offers, as you will have a well established and famous brand to sell products. The brand offers men, women, and kids apparels in over 200 different countries, making your possible target audience much more wider. 

NordStrom offers commission rate somewhere between 2 to 20% and offers a cookie duration of 7 days.


best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers

Zaful is a one stop shop for all fashion needs and products. Zaful’s products are one of the most affordable and pocket friendly. This chineses brand has been in the business for a long time now and has established itself in the fashion industry quite perfectly. 

Zaful delivers to almost all major countries of the world. Zaful offers a large number of different fashion products that are equally trendy and well appreciated by fashion critics. 

Talking about the online store at zaful.com, you’ll notice that the user friendly design and simple layout gives you a great shopping experience. Also the easy and reliable payment methods available at zaful.com make this online store a must try. 

As an affiliate you have a lot of opportunities to grasp. Zaulf offers trendy and high quality fashion clothing and accessories for both men and women. From swimwear to sportswear, Zaful offers it all.

Zaful offers free shipping on all orders above $29. Zaful has a wide range of fashion accessories to offer, such as its very own jewellery range, hats, tech accessories and so on.    

Zaful offers 15-20% commission on sale. The cookie duration is of 60 days. 

Tea Collection

best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers

Tea Collection, started back in 2002, is a San Francisco-based children’s clothing brand, that is famous worldwide for their support and affiliation with The Global Fund for Children. 

This children’s clothing brand has been in the news for a long time now, and has been featured in some top fashion magazines, such as Inc.’s top 100 consumer products and retail companies, since 2007.

The brand’s popularity is clear from the fact that in the year 2012, the brand saw 24 percent compound annual growth and in the year 2014, the revenue reached $40 million, almost $10 million increase from 2013.

The online store is very user friendly and easy to use. Tea has a lot to offer for children of all age groups and gender. As an affiliate you get a lot of unique categories such as newborns, tween, baby girl, swim shop to sell products from. 

Also, there is a dedicated sale section where a potential customer can get great deals and offers on different products.

Tea offers a good 8% commission on sale and a cookie duration of 30 days. Tee offers a dedicated customer support and also has a good conversion rate of 10%.


best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers

This is a name you must be familiar with and must have came across in many best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers lists. Reebok is an english footwear and clothing brand, and is a subsidiary of the world’s second largest sportswear manufacturer Adidas. 

Primarily in the sports industry, Reebok has a very well established reputation. Reebok manufactures and distributes fitness, crossfit and athletics footwear and apparels all around the world. 

Founded back in 1958, Reebok has been associated with some of the leading sports and non sports stars, such as Ryan Giggs, Shaquille O’Neal, Jay Z, Ariana Grande, Gal Gadot, and Cardi B. 

A complete user friendly online store, flexible order tracking and return policy, and 24×7 customer support has helped in making Reebok a household name around the world.  

The online store offers a trending section, which has a lot of in-demand and trendy clothing to offer such as 90s Tennis Shoes, slides, back-to-school, and high top shoes.

And for the sports specific audience of yours, you have a mammoth of products to offer. Training, running, combat, crossfit, yoga are some of the sports specific categories Reebok has to offer. Also, it offers a range of clothing wears for dancers as well, which is quite popular these days. 

Reebok offers commission on sale upto 7%. The cookie duration offered by Reebok is of 30 days.

Eddie Bauer 

best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers

Edie Bauer, named after the founder himself, offers premium quality clothing and accessories for both men and women. Edie Bauer offers clothing in some of the most searched categories such as outwears, legendary, khakis, and a world famous, complete range of casual wears, such as casual denim and casual outdoors.

The online store is a one stop shop for all your shopping needs and demands. You get a complete insight into your ordered products delivery status. The brand offers rewards for specific customers and has a feasible policy for returns & exchanges.

The online store offers you a ton of different and interest specific products to sell, such as Jacket styles, hat styles, pattern, collar style, leg shape, and price specific items.

Edie Bauer also offers a specific gears section, where you can get a ton of accessories and gears, such as Tote bags, hiking gears, sports backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and so on. 

As an affiliate you have a lot of support from Edie Bauer. You get regular newsletters, creative assets, exclusive offers, and various other exclusive insights that will help you monetize your fashion blogs. 

Edie Bauer offers a good 5% commission on sales. The cookie duration is 7 days. 


best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers

Jane is basically an online boutique. From the last 8 years, Jane is slowly becoming a household name for online shopping around the world. The latest and trendy clothing offered by Jane is helping the brand expand from its regular audience. 

This online store is not just for the buyers, or not just for MNC’s, but Jane is helping small boutiques and fashion stores to sell their products on an online platform. 

Jane has a lot to offer. From clothing apparels from multinational brands to fashion products from local shopping stores, Jane has it all. Jane has a lot of variety in the price range as well. You can get apparels in all different price ranges and can make use of Jane’s occasional sales and offers. 

And the best part is the range of products offered by Jane. Party dresses, sportswear, workout & training clothing, jackets, tees, and so on, the list of products offered on Jane is huge. 

Affiliate get a lot from Jane. High quality AD banners, deep links, a dedicated products manager, 66% returned customers rate, and much more. 

Jane offers 10-11% commission on sale. The cookie duration is of 15 days.    

Spiritual Gangster

best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers

Spiritual Gangster is quite a unique clothing and fashion brand. Dealing in the fashion niche, there is a peace movement behind the inception of this particular brand. Spiritual Gangster is promoting products with a message of peace and harmony, in one kind of the other.

The clothing range is trendy and unique. What’s important here for you as an affiliate is the range of impact radius you have. The message of peace and harmony has and will definitely attracts many potential customers all around the world. Popular in the youth, this brand is sure to make money.

The range of products is huge. For women, Spiritual Gangster has a lot to offer, such as active wears, graphic taps, swimwear, jumpsuits, bottoms and so on.

For men, there ain’t much to offer but surely some interesting stuff is available, such as graphic printed hoodies and t-shirts. The special section for kids has a lot of good looking and attractive items. 

The brand offers free shipping in the US for all orders above $100 and has a decent return & exchange policy. The catch is that you have to get approval from Spiritual Gangster before you start promoting their products and start earning commissions.

Spiritual Gangster offers 10% commission on sale and offers a cookie duration of 45 days. 


best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers

Boohoo is a name you must have come across in many lists of fashion affiliate programs and on many popular affiliate networks. This UK based brand is an online fashion retailer and has been in the business for over 13 years now. 

The brand has always aimed at the people in the age group of 16 to 30 years. The popularity of the brand can be noticed from the fact that in the financial year of 2018, Boohoo crossed over £578 million. 

The brand is currently offering 27,000 different clothing styles and offers almost 34,000 unique products to choose from. But before starting to think of earning commission, you have to make sure that Boohoo validates your blog or website.

You have a lot of different products categories to offer, for both men and women, such as Shop by size, shop by fit, Big and Tall, Nights and so on. The accessories and shoes collection offered on Boohoo is also of very high quality and fashionable.    

Boohoo offers commission rate of 7% per sale. The cookie duration is of 30 days. 

Xero Shoes


Xero Shoes are one of a kind in the business. This brand actually offers “Xero” shoes, which is actually a type of minimalist and lightweight shoes. The brand is making a global presence steadily and has been liked and used by many famous personalities worldwide. 

Designed and used for running, walking and athletics, these shoes have minimalist of sole at the bottom and is specially designed to fit the exact size of a human foot. 

Many different affiliate programs list of high commission paying affiliate programs might not feature Xero Shoes on there list, but what’s important to notice is the rise in the popularity of minimalist shoes and increasing demand of it all around the world. 

The shoes are priced from $19 to $149, which makes the shoes quite affordable and feasible to sell for an affiliate. And not just shoes, the brand is very popular for its high quality minimalist sandals and slippers. 

As an affiliate, this is surely worth the time and effort, as the product you are offering has a wide audience to attract, such as athletes, people with medical issues, kids, senior citizens and so on. 

Xero Shoes offers a 10% commission on sales. Cookie duration is of 60 days.    



Newchic is another very popular name in many best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers lists. The online store is huge. Newchic has one of the highest numbers of fashion clothing and accessories in the online retail market.

The products are listed as low as $14 and has a lot of different categories to offer, such as plus size apparels, denim and jeans, shapewears, and vintage dresses.

For affiliates, this is a must try, as you have a lot of different products to choose from, for both men and women, kids and moms, outdoors and indoors and so on. 

Newchic offers a good 18% commission. The cookie duration is of 60 days.     

Signing Off

This was the list of the top 10 best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers. All of these programs are tried and tested by professional affiliate marketers. High commission rates, feasible conversion rate, and user friendly support system is available in all of the above programs. 

So choose your favorite program from this list of the best affiliate programs for fashion bloggers and get ready to rumble!! Are you a passionate blogger looking forward to expanding your domain outside fashion blogging? Well, we have an entire guide ready for you! Check out the highest paying affiliate programs list here. Happy blogging!

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