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best ad network for bloggers

Best Ad Networks for Bloggers: Top 8 Ad Networks of 2020

Best Ad Networks for Bloggers

To start making money out of your blog, you need to monetize it. And ads are definitely one of the best options to earn money from your words. And this practice is firmly tried and tested by a ton of brands all around the world.

To help bloggers and small publishers earn real money out of their blog, there are tons and tons of ad networks available out there that helps new bloggers to make money out of their articles.

But how do you know which ads network you should choose? Now this is the step where a lot of bloggers and small publishers get stuck on. And its pretty obvious, because there are tons of them available out there.

To help you and fellow bloggers save their precious time and energy, we’ve curated this list of the 8 best ad networks for bloggers, that helps you decided the one ad network for your needs.

Best Ad Networks for Bloggers: How Exactly These Ads Work?

It’s really simple. Whenever a reader of your blog clicks on the ad being displayed on your article, you get paid for that.

And now a days whats helping bloggers to earn more and more money is the method being applied by ad network, where they offer exclusive deals and offers for specific publishers. Because it’s all about the niche!

So the pay structure and method is divided into two formats:

  1. Pay-Per-Click Ads : Quite popularly known as PPC ads, these are the ones where you get exactly paid for the number of click on the ad banner, link, pop up etc. This is one of the most applied and preferred method in the industry of monetizing blogs.
  2. Pay-Per-View Ads : Popularly known as the PPV ads, the money here is generated by calculating how many people have seen your ad on a given page of your blog. The thing here is that you get a fixed and said amount of money when your blog touches a certain number of impressions.

The catch with PPV is that the minimum impressions required here go up to thousands and thousands in number for a very small amount. So for emerging and new bloggers, PPV is not recommended, rather Pay-Per-Click model has proved to be much more beneficial.

So without any further ado, check out this list of the 10 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers and thanks us later!

HillTop Ads

Best Ad Networks for Bloggers

HillTop Ads is basically for everyone. For bloggers, advertisers, small and big publishers, agencies and so on.

HillTop Ads is globally renowned in the global advertising network and specializes in online marketing and business growth.

HillTop Ads offers different kind of payment models, such as cost per click(CPC), cost per action(CPA) and critical path method(CPM) and so on.

The type of ads offered by this platform are pop-up ads, banners, social ads and so on.

With over 12 million global monthly impressions made, HillTop Ads is one of the fastest emerging ads network in the world, as per the web traffic monetization benchmark.

The minimum threshold amount here is $50 in the account, which is quite less as compared to other ad networks. There are a few different kinds of payment sources available in HillTop, such as ePayService, PayPal, Payoneer, and Paxum.

Overall, keeping in mind factors like the zero transaction fees, quick approval, great customer support and quick approvals, HillTop Ads is not a bad option.

Check out the full review of HillTop Ads on HillTop Ads Review: An Unbiased Review for Bloggers and Publishers

Google AdSense

Best Ad Networks for Bloggers

A name that needs no introduction, Google AdSense is regarded as one of the most, and sometime the most, famous and legit ads network in the world.

And also this ad network is the worlds largest and leading in its category. Google AdSense offers and serves both CPC ads and CPM ads with various type of ad types, such as Banner Ads, Link Ads, In-article Ads, Mobile Ads and so on.

The catch here is that getting approved by Google AdSense is a bit difficult than any other Ad network, since your blog has to check a lot of boxes that GoogleAd Sense demands.

But the good part here is that there is no minimum traffic requirement has to be achieved to become a successful Adsense publisher.

The minimum payout threshold here is $100 and is released on 22nd of every month.

Payment methods available here are either direct transfer to bank account, or via check.

Overall, even though the minimum threshold is quite high, you just can’t ignore Google AdSense and must give it a try.


Best Ad Networks for Bloggers

Started back in 2013, Media.net is a great alternative to Google AdSense. And for a while now, Media.net has created an extensive list of advertisers that serve their ads through Media.net.

What makes Media.net different from others, is that Media.net doesn’t serves any floating image or banner ad. Rather it supports in-content native and mobile docked ads, as well as desktop interstitial, which have surprisingly proved to be worth the effort.

The approval process and guidelines here is quite simple and doesn’t take much time. Usually it takes about 4 days for your blog to be reviewed.

The catch here is that only high traffic receiving and top quality websites get approval on Media.net.

The minimum threshold amount here also is $100 and modes available here are PayPal, Payoneer and Wire transfer.

Overall, features like option to parallely run the Google AdSense makes this ad network a great choice.

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RevenueHits is one of the most famous and leading in technology name when it comes to innovation in publishing ad network.

RevenueHits uses Geo-targetting ad serving technology to help target the niche audience and produce as much of conversions as possible.

You can easily monetize your website, mobile site, widgets and so on using RevenueHits.

RevenueHits has been witnessing over 2 billion ad impressions each day for quite a long time now.

Other than the display ads offered, RevenueHits allows you a lot of other types of ads and ad locations, such as text ads, pop-ups, XML feeds and other custom formats.

The various model of revenue offered here are CPM, CPC, CPV and even auction! And not just that, here comes the best part, no minimum traffic! yes, you head it right.

Check out the full review of RevenueHits at RevenueHits Review: Best Alternative to AdSense? now!


Best Ad Networks for Bloggers

Continuing the innovation aspect in ad networks, Shorte.st is a name that many of the online marketers might not be familiar with.

Shorte.st helps you monetize your links that you share by shortening them with the service. Once a user clicks the short link, they get directed to the ad page, which the user would have to see before moving on to the final destination of the service they actually clicked for.

Shorte.st currently has over 300,000 active publishers that earn money through the ad network. Talking about the traffic, the shortened links receive over 6 million daily clicks.

The best part here is the simple registration and hassle-free signing up, which is best and required for beginners. Overall a great option for bloggers.


Best Ad Networks for Bloggers

Another very popular name in the ads network world, Ezoic has been ever improving since its inception, thanks to its machine learning technology.

The technology has the power to help you make money with the same traffic you have been receiving. Ezoic allows you to test and change ad placements, ad sizes and so on to help you make sure that no ad goes unnoticed.

To get started with Ezoic you have to be a certified publisher, which also gives you exclusive advertisers and ultimately more revenue.

With over 21,000 websites worked on and increasing their revenue by 115%, Ezoic is not a bad choice at all.


Mediavine is one ad network that works directly with the largest ad exchanges and advertisers to increase profit for its ad inventory.

The technology results in faster load time, more organic traffic and improved overall user experience.

The monthly impressions needed here is a lot higher than that of Google AdSense and Ezoic. You need 25,000 sessions per month to be eligible for the ad network.

Other important factor that is looked upon for getting your blog approved is that you need original and engaging content, as well as clean and verified traffic.

75% earning per impression and ease of use makes Mediavine a great choice.

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Best Ad Networks for Bloggers

PropellerAds is one of the best and most used platform for bloggers and publishers out there. Their banners and push notification ads boost your blog income in a lot of ways.

Your blog traffic need not to be of million and billions. A new and beginner can also get approved here. The best part here is that you can monetize your blog for the global audience, rather than just for any specific country.

The minimum payout here is $5, yes you read that right.

The process of signup is very quick and easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. And you can easily monetize your desktop and mobile resources and blogs as well.

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So our list of the Best Ad Networks for Bloggers: Making Money The Right Way ends here. The list is curated with a lot of expertise and aims to help you choose better. Keep blogging!

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