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Amazon Affiliate Best Selling Products: Top 10 Products to Check Out Right Now!

Amazon Affiliate Best Selling Products: Top 10 Products to Check Out Right Now!

Amazon Affiliate Best Selling Products

Amazon.com, a name that definitely needs no introduction. The first name that comes in our mind while thinking of online shopping, or even shopping for that matter, is the billion dollar eCommerce enterprise Amazon. And same is the case when we think of the best affiliate programs, Amazon affiliate best selling products are an obvious choice.

And we are not saying this just for the sake of it. Statistics say so! Did you know that over 300 million people use Amazon for shopping worldwide? Or are you familiar with the fact that as an affiliate you have more than 119,928,851 products to sell on Amazon.com?

Another very interesting fact about Amazon.com is that 72% of all Amazon users spend something between $100 to $500 annually( on average of course) while shopping on Amazon.com. Loving Amazon even more now?

Talking about the Amazon affiliate program, which is actually known by the name Amazon Associates, you have a ton of different and amazing Amazon affiliate best selling products to promote and earn passive income money online. Amazon Associates is the most popular affiliate program in the entire world. In fact, over 419,900 live websites are using Amazon Associates and in the past, over 1,320,000 affiliate websites have been an amazon affiliates website (Trends.builtwith.com).  

This completely free to join affiliate program allows bloggers and website owners to earn affiliate commission when someone redirected to Amazon.com from an amazon affiliate marketers blog or website buys some products on amazon.  

But what’s important is to find amazon affiliate best selling products products that are a hot seller and the one’s which actually help you earn a good commission. But how do you do that? How do you know which products to promote? How can you choose the best out of the rest? 

How to Choose Your Amazon Affiliate Best Selling Products?    

Amazon Affiliate Best Selling Products

Now which amazon affiliate best selling products to choose is an important question. How do you select the products to promote and the products to sell on your website or blog? Amazon affiliate sites all around the world spend hours and hours to research and pick the best, high quality, and high passive income generating products to promote on their websites. 

Before jumping into the 119,928,851 products to sell on Amazon.com, here are a few points that a potential amazon affiliate marketer should keep an eye on. 

1. Pick You Niche 

First things first. Don’t confuse a potential customer. He might not even revert to your site ever again! If you just blast off a bunch of different affiliate products on your amazon affiliate sites, then how do you expect a customer to not get tangled. 

Niche of your site matters! If you are a freelance sports journalist in New York, writing about the sports events in NY, then you can’t expect someone to click on a link selling dolls and toy cars on your website. You better be selling American football in NYC for that matter. 

When you search and visit any website, Content Vista for example, you know that you have arrived there looking for some excellent and professional content and fast deliveries. That’s the importance of niche and the worth is even more if you are looking to work with amazon affiliate program.   

The best practise to follow in picking your niche is to go with your interest. Choose the niche that you have a lot of knowledge about and a good experience with. You will certainly pick the in-demand, future proof and high quality products to promote on your affiliate website.  

2. Research The Best Sellers

Now that you niche is set, you have to choose the ones that will definitely sell off and the ones which are the hot favorites. Some important points to keep in mind while selecting the products to promote on you affiliate website is that the product has to match your website’s niche, the product must have a good reputation on products reviews sites and also, it should be among the tops in the best sellers list.

This is where Amazon offers a lot of help to its affiliates. You don’t really need to look around the internet for best selling products on Amazon.com or you don’t need to read those lengthy selling reports. 

All you have to do is to go to Amazon.com, select you niche category, and then use the search filter to get a list of the best selling, high rated and well reviewed products in your niche category.    

It is also advised to keep a regular check on all the latest product reviews and on the constant updates of the highest selling products list on Amazon.com. 

3. The Price Tag Matter!!

The drift from traditional commerce to e-commerce has a lot to do with the cheaper rates that e-commerce websites offered. Any potential customer will go for the platform offering cheaper price tag than the one offering the same on a higher rate. And of course no disguising please!

You must play very smart here. You have to find the sweet spot to hit. You should always avoid to choose the product with a heavy price tag, that does not go with your websites niche and also, should avoid to choose the one priced at suspiciously lower prices. 

So, choosing the right product is a time consuming one, but undoubtedly the most important one. The bottom line is that it all depends on you websites niche, your research and the price range in which the products of your niche fall. 

To help you a bit and to make your life a little easier, we have got you a list of amazon affiliate best selling products of 2019, comprising of the 10 best products to choose from. Curated with the best of research work and a lot & lot of time, this list is sure to help you make money.      

Top 10 Amazon Affiliate Best Selling Products

PlayStation Store Gift Card by SCEA

amazon affiliate best selling products

Sony’s PlayStation is a world wide top choice when it comes to video games and gaming consoles. As the product says “All The Entertainment. All The Adventure.Always Open”, this #1 best selling store gift card surely stays true to its words. You get to download a ton of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita video games using this gift card. 

You can also download, stream, purchase or rent a lot of different movies, TV shows and DLC content on your PS device. 

You can also download a lot of multiplayer maps, game insights, additional levels and so on using this PlayStation Store Gift Card by SCEA. 

Where The Crawdads Sing

#1 New York Times Bestseller. 

“Heart-wrenching…A fresh exploration of isolation and nature from a female perspective along with a compelling love story.” ~ Entertainment Weekly

This is Delia Owens first novel, formerly known for the 80s hit novel “Cry of the Kalahari”. The novel revolves around the life of a young girl Kya Clark, who lives alone in nature and her journey to being introduced to human love and civilisation. 

The genre is mystery at the very core, but has a lot of layers to talk about. You would want to read more and more about the girl after reading this novel. 

The love and trust readers have on Amazon when it comes to books and novels, is a no brainer. This is a hot seller and surely will help you monetize your blog or website.   

Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer is a multipurpose air fryer, electric oven and oven cooker. Rated 4.5, this is the #1 seller in the Home & Kitchen category on Amazon.com. 

You get a lot of different features in a good price tag, such as auto shut off, non-stick fry, and temperature control. With this air fryer, you can reduce fat percentage in your food by 70-80%, without compromising the taste. 

The appliance is very easy to use and offers a very quick service. The appliance is very safe to use, thanks to the auto-shut off service which prevents overcooking, as well as cool touch housing. This feature even makes it very easy for kids to use. 

The product is ranked #1 in air fryer category and also, #1 in Amazon Launchpad Kitchen. 

Avengers Endgame (Blu-ray + Digital)

The worldwide mega blockbuster action adventure film and installation in the Avengers film series, Avengers EndGame is the #1 best seller in the movies and tv section of Amazon.com. 

An IMDB rating of 8.5 , NTSC format, 4 different audio languages, three different subtitles, and PG-13 rated action adventure film is a great deal and a no brainer to try.   

The fourth installment in the avengers series, is a culmination of 22 previous Marvel movies and is a top blockbuster in almost all the countries  around the world. 

Available in prime video version, DVD version, Blu-ray version, and 4k version, you have a lot of variety to choose from. 

Wyze Cam 1080p 

The demand of camera and camera equipment never goes out of demand. Wyze Labs have introduced Wyze Cam 1080p, which records full HD 1080p indoor videos. 

The camera is packed with a ton of unique and in-demand features, such as night vision, face detection and 2-way audio. 

One noticeable feature that you get in  Wyze Cam, that you don’t in most other cameras, is its easy and ability to incorporate with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

4.5 rating, latest AI enability, Wi-Fi connectivity, and support for iOS 8.0 and above makes this camera a great choice. #1 in Camera and Photo,#1 in Amazon Launchpad Camera, and #1 in Surveillance and Security section on Amazon, Wyze Cam is a must try.    

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Water Bottle are one of the quickest to sell on Amazon. Hydro is a well  established brand in the high quality water bottle market. Hydro Flask Water Bottle is available in a lot of different colors such as, black, blue, green, and white. 

The water bottle is stainless and completely vacuum insulated. The bottle is available in multiple sizes. The wide mouth, sleek design, non toxic BPA free plastic, and food grade stainless steel bottle is a perfect choice for kids as well. 

Hydro Flask Water Bottle is ranked #1 in sports & outdoors and #1 in Water Bottle category on Amazon.com.    

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey is a name we are all familiar with in the pet’s industry. With a 4 star rating and over 15,500 customer reviews, this is an “Amazon’s Choice” in the cat litter category. 

The litter box is hypo-allergic, has zero perfumes and has no plant proteins. The product is 99.9% free of dust and uses heavy granules for creating as little mess as possible. 

The product is very lite in weight and is a #1 best seller in Pet Supplies and #1 in Cat Litter category on Amazon.com. 

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Apple, is one of the biggest names in the electronics industry. Each and every Apple products are ranked very high by tech experts around the world. 

Apple AirPods are one of the latest apple products in the market and has a great demand around the world. AirPods are very easy to connect to your iphones or macbooks. You can access Siri by just saying “Hey Siri” in the AirPods. The AirPods charge up very quickly. 

The audio quality and clearity are just excellent.  This is a must try for all electronics lovers. 

Fire HD 

Fire HD tablet computer is the number 1 best seller in the computer & accessories category. This 10 inch tablet support Alexa Hand-Free and has a full 1080p HD screen. 

Over 40,800 customer reviews, two color variations and expandable memory upto 256 GB makes this tablet P.C. a good choice for affiliates. 

Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Hand Wash

amazon affiliate best selling products

The #1 best seller in “Beauty and Personal Care” category, Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Hand Wash is made with many different natural oils, such as aloe vera, olive oil, and garden basil scents. 

No use of artificial soaps, 100% cruelty free hand soaps, and over 2300 customer reviews make this liquid hand wash a must try. 


This was the list of top amazon affiliates best selling products to choose from. Don’t forget the tips you got in the How to Choose You Amazon Affiliates Best Selling Products section. 

And if you are looking for more such amazing affiliates programs, then do check out the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2019 list. 

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