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Affiliate Programs for Beauty Bloggers: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2020

Affiliate Programs for Beauty Bloggers: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2020

No surprise that the beauty market hardly sees any downfall and so does affiliate programs for beauty bloggers. If we look at the stats, we see that the U.S. cosmetics market made a total revenue of $56 billion in the year 2017 (brandongaille.com). 

The reason why a lot of professional affiliate marketers are turning towards affiliate programs for beauty bloggers, is that the number of products offered in this niche are one of the highest in any industry. From nail polish to powders, from lipsticks to primers, and from highlighters to concealers, beauty industry lets you sell a ton of different items. 

So now we present you the list of top 10 affiliate programs for beauty bloggers. All of these programs are tried and tested by professionals and will surely help beginners to make money.       

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics is quite a popular brand in the beauty and cosmetics world. BH Cosmetics offers a ton of beauty products for hair care, eye care and for lips. 

One of the key factors making BH Cosmetics a popular online business is the range of affordable makeup and beauty products it offers. The success of BH Cosmetics online store is also because of the amazing deals and offers that are frequently running on the online store.  

From anti aging to 100% cruelty free products, BH Cosmetics has it all to offer. The BH Cosmetics online website hosts home to an online community of beauty bloggers and influencers that will surely help you at every stage of your affiliate campaign. 

As an affiliate, your opportunities are endless. An affiliate of BH Cosmetics can start adding offers and banners with deep links, can find fully personalized and creative add-ons, and a 24/7 customer support to help you at any stage of your affiliation. 

Social media influencers also have a lot of opportunities to affiliate with BH Cosmetics, as the dedicated affiliate unit of BH Cosmetics offers complete and ready to upload social media posts also.  

BH Cosmetics offers up to 8% commission per sale. Cookie duration is of 90 days. And offers good bonuses as per you performance. 

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is name quite popular now-a-days in the organic skin care and beauty brands industry. 

Juice Beauty, as the name suggests, offers nutrients rich, healthy juices that are made up of organic stem cells, essential oils, algae, natural grapeseed and many other organic & natural ingredients. 

Juice Beauty offers one of a kind healthcare and beauty products that combine a good share of scientific technology and naturally pure ingredients. 

One of the biggest and mass appealing, notable selling factor of Juice Beauty is the fact that all of its products and ingredients are 100% vegan. No use of animal fats and no use of any raw flesh.     

Some of the beauty brands are poorly reputed for testing their makeup and cosmetics products on animals like rats and monkeys. Juice Beauty’s organic skin care and beauty products are completely cruelty free. 

Juice Beauty offers some amazing deals and offers. Also, it offers it regular customers to opt for a replenishment subscription. The brand is quite renowned for its transparency and money-back guarantee.  

Juice Beauty offers 6% commission on each sale. The cookie period is of 30 days. 


BlackOpal is taking beauty and makeup industry a step ahead of so called “beauty is fairness” orthodox approach. BlackOpal offers makeup and beauty products for people with a darker skin colors. 

Since 1994, BlackOpal has been a household name in the culture and beauty world for the people with a skin color. The team uses the latest technology and scientific research for developing a complete range of beauty products and services.

Also, the brand offers free shipping on all orders above $35. The brand has been featured in many famous beauty and make up magazines such as Vogue, Essence, Cosmopolitan, and People. 

As an affiliate you get a dedicated management’s help and special affiliate only discount offers and deals that will help you earn increase your sales of BlackOpal.      

An affiliate gets a lot of different variety in skin care and beauty products category, such as dark spots, acne, blemishing, and makeup accessories. The brand also offers a range of men’s shaving and skin care products. 

BlackOpal affiliate program offers commission rate between 6 to 9%. Cookie duration is not disclosed and varies with different products. An affiliate is also offered special newsletters and upcoming promotions.   

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty is globally popular for offering high quality and premium makeup and beauty products. The brand has been known to be an innovator and one of the market leaders for a while now. 

Sigma Beauty has a lot of beauty products patents under its name. Sigma Beauty offers a complete online store where you get a lot of discount offers and deals. Also, Sigma Beauty has over 250 retail stores around the world. 

The best part about Sigma Beauty is affordability. The brand focuses widely on providing good quality makeup products at cheap and affordable rates. 

The online store has a lot to offer, both for potential customers and beginner affiliates. You can get a variety of different beauty products, such as skin care products, makeup brushes, and anti aging products. 

Even though the online store has a lot of makeup related products, the brand’s USP is makeup brushes. The brand also offers, one of a kind brush care products range, which are also a hot seller on the online store. You also get a whopping 2-years warranty on all makeup brushes and brush care products. 

Sigma Beauty offers a good 10% commission per sale and occasional bonuses are also offered. Cookie duration is undisclosed.  


Avon is a brand that needs no introduction. Avon has been there in the beauty industry for over 130 years. One of the most famous and leading brand in North America, Avon has a number of different brands under its name such as ANEW and Avon Color. 

This free to join affiliate program has been undertaken by many affiliate marketers from all around the world. And not just beauty products, Avon has a good range of beauty-related products such as health and wellness products.   

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

The average order rate and several different special offers provided by Avon are some notable features of Avon’s affiliate program. 

Avon has over 240,000 products to offer, one of the highest in the industry. Also, Avon offers free shipping on all orders above $40. 

As a beauty and makeup affiliate, you have a lot of opportunities to make good money with Avon’s affiliate program. And as a beginner, this one is a good option, thanks to its regular newsletters and sneak peeks. 

Avon offers commission between 3.25 to 10% on each sale. Cookie duration is of 30 days. 

Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher is a name that has been there in the beauty industry for over 50 years now. Yves Rocher is quite popular for creating skin friendly, as well as nature friendly botanical beauty products. 

Any beauty blogger can join this affiliate program, as this one is absolutely free to join. Yves Rocher is a brand that offers a range of high quality botanical beauty products. The categories of products include skin care, body care, hair care, bath and shower, and anti aging face care.

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

The best part here is that with Yves Rocher you have a wider target audience to sell you products. Yves Rocher offers products for all age groups and people of all genders. 

Yves Rocher offers free shipping on all orders above $40. And the best part is that all the customers get a free gift with every purchase.  

For affiliates this program is a great choice as you get a good commission rate, as well as the conversion rate is above average. You also get exclusive newsletters and insights about the deals and products from Yves Rocher.     

Yves Rocher offers a good 15% commission on sales. The cookie duration is of 30 days. 

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is an obvious in this list. Beauty bloggers and makeup affiliates, as well as social media influencers have a ton of different makeup and beauty products to offer. 

Amazon has a influencers unit which is dedicatedly based for affiliates products. From the last 25 years, Amazon has been a household name for anyone looking to do online shopping. Every high-quality brand, every premium product and every quality retailer is selling their products on Amazon. 

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

As a beauty and makeup affiliate, you have a lot of different products to sell. You name the beauty brand and Amazon has it. In fact, in 2018, Amazon’s market share has gone up to over 49% in the market of United States (Bigcommerce.com). 

This program is completely free to join. From makeup brushes to hair deep skin care products, Amazon offers it all. 

You get customized ads and banners to add to your website, which redirects to Amazon when clicked. 

Amazon offers different commission rates, varying from 6% to 10%, depending upon the product. And the best part? The cookie duration lasts as long as the session lasts, which means you get a commission on whatever your redirected customer buys from Amazon, in a single session. Isn’t that amazing? 

Imagine a customer buys a makeup kit and then buys an LED TV. You get a commission on that costly LED TV as well, without even promoting that.  

Sally Beauty 

Sally Beauty is regarded as a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs. Sally Beauty offers almost everything, from hair colors to shampoo bowls, Sally Beauty has everything a beauty enthusiast needs. 

A number of famous blog posts has regarded Sally Beauty’s affiliate program as a must try for beginners. One of the most famous affiliate networks, ShareASale has partnered with Sally Beauty to make affiliate marketing easy for potential marketers.   

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

Sally Beauty has a lot of premium and popular beauty brands to offer. You also get a lot of nail, hair removal, travel & storage containers, and dryers that you, as an affiliate can sell along with the makeup products. 

Also, Sally Beauty offers free ground shipping, via UPS, on all orders above $25. The online store also has a clearance section where you can find products at cheaper rates.  

Sally Beauty offers 5% commission, which might sound a little low, but keeping the conversion rate and number of products offered, this is actually a good option for beginners. Cookie duration is of 5 days.  

Pur Cosmetics

Pur Cosmetics offers some of the most high quality and 100% naturally made cosmetics products in the beauty industry. The products offered by Pur are 100% cruelty free, talc-free, and petroleum free. 

Also, all the cosmetics products are absolutely vegan and free from chemicals such as sodium. The brand is also pretty famous for offering great deals and occasional offers on all of their beauty products. And Pur Cosmetics accepts orders from all around the world. That just increases your chances of earning a commission. 

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

As an affiliate you get all the must have support from Pur Cosmetics, such as newsletters, dedicated affiliates support, product reviews, affiliate links, creative banners and so on. Also, the payouts are based on a monthly basis, which is actually a great deal in the beauty industry. 

The program also offers good incentives, coupons, special sales and bonuses based on sales and performance. Although the commission varies depending upon the affiliate network you choose but on average the commission is pretty good for beginners. 

Pur Cosmetics offers a good 8% commission on each sale. The cookie duration is of 45 days. 

Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte offers you some of the most easy on skin and harmless beauty & cosmetics products. You get a unique Mermaid and aquatic theme look in the products catalog. This program is gradually becoming one of the favourite affiliate programs for beauty bloggers. 

Since the year 2000, this brand is offering cruelty free and 100% vegan cosmetics products. The brand offers all kinds of makeup, skin care and how-to videos. 

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

If compared with the similar brands, Tarte has a better commission rate and affiliate management program. Also, Tarte Cosmetics offers shipping to almost all major countries in the world. 

Tarte Cosmetics offers 8% commission per sale. You get a cookie duration of 7 days. And the program is free to join.   

Finishing Off

The list of the 10 best affiliate programs for beauty bloggers ends here. All of these programs offer a great set of tools for affiliate management and advertising. 

With the rise of beauty fashion blogs, beauty bloggers, beauty brands, and online business, affiliate programs for beauty bloggers are a hot favourite for affiliate marketers and social media influencers. 

So choose the best one as per your target audience and get ready to make some serious money!!!

And in case you are looking for more such affiliate programs to make money from, then do check out highest paying affiliate programs list for 2019.

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