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Adult Affiliate Programs: Top 10 Programs That Are Super Hot!!

Adult Affiliate Programs: Top 10 Programs That Are Super Hot!!

Adult Affiliate Programs

Looking for the best adult affiliate programs that pay well? You just got lucky because you have landed on the perfect page. Your search for the best adult affiliate programs ends here as we bring you a list of the top 10 adult affiliate programs that are hot AF!!

Porn. When you hear this word you will probably think about sexual pleasures, or you may think of it as a sin. But do you have any idea how much the porn is industry worth?

According to a report on Fight The New Drug, porn industry is not just limited to the eastern countries, it is global. And the best part? The porn industry is worth a mind boggling $97 billion. 

Adult Affiliate Programs

Some people, or their country might think of it as a sin or a crime. But affiliates worldwide are making some serious money with adult affiliate programs. This is just like any other affiliate program, it’s just that you have a “different” kind of audience to deal with :).

Adam & Eve

Adult Affiliate Programs

Adam & Eve is an all in one online supermarket for anyone looking for some high quality adult toys. The online store is fledged with a ton of options to choose from in different categories like sex toys, adult movies, lingeries and so on. 

Adam & Eve is for all. For him, her and for couples. This is a complete supermarket, hence you are offered products from all different major brands. 

For affiliates, this is a very comfortable program, as the traffic analysis and tracking facilities offered by Adam & Eve is great. Great commission rates and good cookie period is just a cherry on the cake.    

Adam and Eve offer you a brilliant 30% commission per sale. The cookie duration is of 30 days.   

Love Honey

Love Honey is a name you might have come across quite often if you have spent a little time in searching for the highest paying affiliate programs.

Love Honey is an online supermarket for all kinds of sex toys and adult gifts. The online store offers thousands of products to choose from.

The store also offers amazing discounts for students and its loyal community.

This is also considered a very good sex gift toys in many adult affiliate marketing and porn affiliate lists. You can gift sex essentials, lingeries, sex toys and gift cards to your loved ones. 

Love Honey offers a good 16% commission to new affiliates and 10% commission to old affiliates. The affiliate commission goes up to 20% on Love Honey’s affiliate program. Cookie duration is of 30 days. 


Lovense is a very innovative brand that offers service to those love birds who are in a long distance relationship. It offers a vibrator with bluetooth connectivity, along with a mobile app that couples in long distance relationships can use. 

The app offered by the brand is very safe to use and offers a secure video chat and audio chat function. The app can also be connected to third party apps for better use. 

Affiliates can use a lot of traffic generation tools, creativity tools, and referral links offered by Lovense.

The brand offers a lot of real time and easy to use, pleasurable sex toys that are a top in their niche. 

Lovense offers 15% commission on each sale. Payment frequency is based on a monthly basis.

Pink Cherry 

Pink Cherry is a frequent name in most of the lists of best adult affiliate programs. Yet another online sex toys store, Pink Cherry is one of the biggest online store in the adult pleasures market.

Potential customers can find a ton of adult stuff such as adult goodies, adult gifts, sex toys and so on. 

The site also offers free gifts on every purchase over $69 ;). Features like confidential shipping and loyalty points on each purchase make Pink Cherry a big name in the industry.

Almost every leading brand can be found on Pink Cherry. And also, this store is quite well known for its after sales customer service.  

Pink Cherry offers a good 15% commission on each sale. Payouts are monthly based.  


Lelo is a well known name in the luxury sex toys brands market. This Sweden based has always aimed at providing elegant and premiumly designed sex toys and acceories. 

Lelo has some of the most famous sex toys in the industry under its belt including Soraya, Gigi, Ora and Tiani.

For affiliates, there is a lot to help them, such as Lelo offers banners, images, resources and so on.

Some of the most high quality toys and sleek design make this brand a great choice for all sexual pleasure needs.

Lelo offers commission on each sale between 5 to 20%.


adult affiliate programs

AdultFriendFinder is a game changer. It is the biggest meet & greet, hook up website in the world. Over 5 million connections, millions of adult photos and videos, and hundreds of live adult broadcasts to choose from are offered here.

The site also has its dedicated adult community where different people from all around the world can share their “unique” data.

AdultFriendFinder has one of the best affiliate networks in the market. The commission offered here is 75% on initial orders and 55% on recurring orders. 

The commission offered can go upto $149, if you have the gold membership. This affiliate programs has a cost-per-lead(CPL) program.

Payment frequency here is on a weekly basis.


adult affiliate programs

This one is described as one of the most private websites and adult online stores on the internet.

From hair loss medications to vibrators, PriveCo offers it all. This online store has a lot to offer when it comes to privacy and confidentiality. 

The online store has a ton of different products to choose from and has many different brands under its belt such as Bachelorette.com, ShopInPrivate.com and Vibrator.com.

All of the said brands offer different commission rates and different cookie durations. 

Bachelorette.com offers 15.2% commission and a 90-Days cookie duration. ShopInPrivate.com offers 10.87% commission and a 60-Days cookie duration. Vibrator.com offers 15.4% commission and 180-Days cookie duration. 

Male Edge

adult affiliate programs

Male Edge is for all the “gentle” men out there. This online store offers all kinds of penis extender products.The frontline products include MaleEdge Basic, MaleEdge Extra and MaleEdge Pro.

Other products include stamina increasing products, erection improver and all size penis extenders. 

The target audience and market is pretty much fixed here and you have a lot to sell too. Commission offered by Male Edge is 50%. The payout frequency is bi-weekly. 


LiveJasmin is a unique one in the list. This is an online adult webcam live streaming platform. 

Viewers have a lot of options to choose from. Live shows are categorized into different types, such as age, fetish, performer, price, appearance and so on.

The online platform uses credit-based viewership and credit-based tipping. This easy-to-use site is now a complete and leader in adult webcam streaming category. 

LiveJasmin offers 35-45% commission with revenue share and offers 35-45% commission earnings with a white label cam site. Payment frequency is bi-weekly.     


adult affiliate programs

Affilaxy is one of the top rated adult affiliate networks in the industry. The brand offers some of the highest conversion rates and a ton of different promo tools, such as registrations, banners and so on. 

Affilaxy has three popular brands under its name, namely MySecretDate.NL, SEXKLIK.NL and FickMeister.com. This is a pay per lead program and has a “6-Tier” earning system.

Commission on Affilaxy goes upto 50% and has a default share of 30% commission on each sale.

So this was the list of the top 10 adult affiliate programs. Each of these programs come with some great features such as good customer support, creative banners and links, and top notch conversion rates.

Analyze your target audience, your capabilities, requirements and choose the best adult affiliate program for you.

And if you are looking for more such money making affiliate programs, do check out Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2019 and make the most of your words!!      

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