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Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2020

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List 2020

Reading the success stories of popular affiliate marketers, I am quite sure almost all of us must have dreamt of waking up to something like this – 

If you also belong to the community of netizens who see affiliate marketing as a profitable side business, you are on the right page. Looking for the highest paying affiliate programs list? Look no further!

Here is an exhaustive list of highest paying affiliate programs of 2020. 

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 

Every new affiliate marketer needs a website to promote products and services. Having a website or a YouTube channel is one of the basic necessities of getting started with affiliate marketing. However, choosing the most profitable one out of an exhausting number of web hosting companies available today is a challenge in itself. 

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

So, what’s better than recommending the best to people? Go through the highest paying web hosting affiliate programs list and compare their features to suggest the best to your audience. 


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting platforms. Thanks to Bluehost’s super affordable plans starting at a convenient $2.95/month. 

Bluehost is currently hosting over 2 million websites and also guarantees 30 days refund policy. It’s dashboard is considered one of the finest and easiest to work with. 

This is a free to sign up affiliate program and provides tried and tested banners and links for your website. Affiliate managers ensure commendable customer service, thus no struggling alone!

BlueHost offers $65 to $120 for each successful signup through your link. You receive the commission 45 days after the end of the month of successful purchase. This means you will get your commission of January in the last few days of March.     


HostPapa provides various hosting plans ranging from shared hosting to reseller services. You get over $170 given you work hard. Hostpapa is an award winning hosting platform that provides a 30 days money back guarantee as well. This site also provides 1-on-1 training session. 

Hostpapa’s base payout stands at $75+.The platform provides excellent conversion rates. This is owing to their small business and the fact that WordPress plans start at $4/month. If you’re new to the market, Hostpapa assists you by providing you with banners and promotional tools. This is one of the best candidates in the list of highest paying affiliate programs list, check it out!

HostPapa offer $75 each for successful sale. Cookie duration is of 30 days.


HostGator is globally popular for providing cheap hosting plans, unlimited bandwidth,unlimited domains and much more at very low prices, nearabout $3.19 per month. Plans offered by HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime and an easy to use CPanel. 

HostGator supports both WordPress and Joomla platforms for content management providing maximum versatility to the user. 

Why HostGator is the best affiliate program for beginners? Well, once you sign up on HostGator, you get a dedicated Affiliate manager and dozens of banners and links to customize your website.

HostGator offers upto $125 per signup. Cookie duration is of 30 days.


Looking for a high-quality, user-friendly web hosting service? SiteGround may be the one! Founded back in 2004, SiteGround currently hosts over 1 million websites. The plans for hosting starts at just $3.95/month.  

SiteGround is one of the first to update faster technologies, such as new versions of PHP. 

The affiliate program pays depending upon the number of referrals you generate. It may be anything between $50 and $125. Looking for some quick money? Siteground releases payouts weekly instead of a monthly lump-sum!

SiteGround offers commission between $50-$125 per sale. The cookie duration is 30 days here.


WPEngine is one of the highest paying affiliate programs of 2020. It is a premium web hosting platform for bloggers who write about WordPress plugins and themes. This is one of the best candidates in the list of highest paying affiliate programs list, check it out!

The platform doen’t just sell hosting space, but they sell services to manage the hosting. WPEngine’s customer support is one of the finest in the industry.

The portal plans start from about $35/month with a limit of 25,000 viewers. WPEngine is preferred mostly by organization requiring good scalable architecture, 24/7 customer support and high-grade security.

This program offers a minimum $200 commission and 180 days cookie duration.

The disadvantage of using this is that the service is comparatively expensive as compared to the other web hosting products. 

So, don’t be surprised if you find that users begin to convert at a comparatively lower rate!

Travel Affiliate Programs 


Odds of you being familiar to TripAdvisor and being a frequent user of the same are quite high. The platform is highly popular for hotel booking services, restaurant reservations, holiday homes booking, flights and much more. 

You also get reviews from trusted and verified profiles. Also, you can also share photos and reviews of your own experiences. You can save up to 30% on hotel bookings by comparing more than 200 websites offering the same deal.   

This program pays 50% commission per sale with a cookie duration of 14 days.


Travelpayouts stands true to its claim of being “The Ideal Travel Affiliate Program to Monetize Your Travel Website.”. This program is absolutely free to sign up and has 0 ongoing cost. Travel Payout is a pay-per-action travel affiliate network.  This is one of the best candidates in the list of highest paying affiliate programs list, check it out!

Brands such as  Jetradar, Booking.com and rentalcars.com are few of the brands available on Travel Payouts.

Travel Payouts is offering a generous 80% commission with a cookie duration of 30 days.


One of the fastest growing global travel brands. The products and services include cars, hotels, holiday packages, and other travel activities. Sounds amazing, no? Expedia stands out from the crowd because of its investment in new features and technology. 

Its added features like Itinerary sharing and Flight recommendations. Expedia allows its users to promote around 260,000 properties on a platform of 150+ websites across 70+ countries.

 This offers 2-7% commission. Cookie duration is of 30 days.


Marriott International Inc. , owns over 30 brands and more than 7,000 properties in 131+ countries. It offers hotels in cities like New York, Chicago, Toronto, Washington, Las Vegas,etc. Hotels are categorized under Luxury, Premium, Longer Stays and Collection categories.

It offers affiliates two ways to earn money, either by selling the Hotel Stays packages or by selling the vacation packages.

A hotel brand offering 3% for vacation packages and 4-6% for hotels, this is yet another highest paying travel affiliate program. The cookie length is set to 7 days and can fetch you decent results. 


Booking.com is a well-known travel website which allows you to book hotels, flights, taxis, etc. Once you join Booking.com’s affiliate, you will gain access to more than 2.2 million properties. 

Booking.com has a dedicated customer support for all your queries. On Booking.com, over 1,550,000 room nights are reserved daily. Currently, the affiliate network of Booking.com is of 12,500+ affiliates. For affiliates, the products offered are customizable and easy to use. 

Although, the commission rate is upto 40%, there is a significant disadvantage, that the cookie expires as soon as the user chooses to close the browser.

Cruise Direct

Cruise Direct is one of the fastest growing travel websites for booking cruise vacations. This award winning retail travel agency charges no booking fees and guarantees best price on vacation plans. 

Cruise Direct has partnered with brands like Disney Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Viking Ocean Cruises, Crystal Cruises and much more. 

Every successful sale brings up to 3% commission along. You get weekly newsletter that can get you bonus also.

It might seem a little less, but remind you, an average cruise trip costs about $79/day per person, which can get you $30 on every sale. The cookie duration is 45 days. This is one of the best candidates in the list of highest paying affiliate programs list, check it out!

Check out Travel Affiliate Programs: 10 Best Among The Rest for more such amazing travel affiliate programs.

Lifestyle and Fitness Affiliate Programs 


BluPrint is one among the top paying affiliate programs for lifestyle bloggers. If your blog is about DIY projects, cooking, photography, crafting, etc., you must go for this affiliate program. BluPrint is all about creativity. 

BluePrint offers video tutorial for craft, hobby and lifestyle projects. Interestingly, 80% of BluPrints customers are female. Also, BluPrint has an online store that sells craft supplies and kits. BluPrint has sold previously to over 13 million customers.  

It pays up to 40% commission and has a cookie duration of 30 day.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce websites in the world. As per Mediakix, 43% of teenagers say Amazon is their favourite shopping site. And 9 out of 10 customers say that they visit Amazon,com to check the prices. From books to car parts, Amazon has it all.

Their affiliate program lets you earn up to 10% commission along with a 30-day cookie provision. Recommend products that you buy or use and earn! Easy?

One of the most striking features about this program is that you get paid for not just one purchase, but for all the purchases that the person makes in one session !

Lifestyle and Fitness Affiliate Programs


Founded back in 2000, ShareASale deals with almost 3,900 brands. This award winning affiliates network company, works upon both pay-per-sale as well as pay-per-lead models. ShareASale has over 700,000 active affiliates. 

Many popular brands like Weebly, dealflicks, Mohu, Tee Public and much more are registered merchants on ShareASale. 

 It has a payment threshold of $50, which is quite low as compared to other programs. This is one of the best candidates in the list of highest paying affiliate programs list, check it out!

ShopStyle Collective

ShopStyle collective is one of the most popular online shopping platforms. Launched back in 2007, ShopStyle lists over 14 million products across apparel, accessories, beauty and much more.

Operating upon Cost per Acquisition, affiliates can post links to ShopStyle Collective on social media as well.

You get a plus point as it is not a pay-per-sale program. They have thousands of brands and products which you can choose to affiliate on your website. 

Cookie duration is of one month but the affiliate has to achieve a minimum balance of $25

ACE Fitness

An established name in the fitness world, Ace Fitness aims to educate people about their wellbeing and help them adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Several known companies in this industry are partners with Ace Fitness.

Ace is the largest nonprofit health and fitness certification, education and training organization.  More than 85,000 certified professionals and 77,000 certifications. ACE Fitness is one of the most reputed names in the health and fitness industry.   

The Cookie length is 30 days while the commission rate shoots up to 8%. 


BodyBuilding.com promotes fitness and wellness methods. Owing to its user-friendly content, the platform has gained excellent media attention in the past few years. This site offers a large variety of health and bodybuilding products. From Whey protein to clothing, Bodybuilding.com has it all.

This site offers 2 options for earning commission. Either by driving traffic to BodyBuilding.com or by making your visitors sign up to Bodybuilding.com’s subscription service.

The new customers receive a commission of 15% while the returning ones earn a commission of 5%. Cookie Duration is of approximately a month.


ProForm provides a wide range of fitness accessories, gadgets, and apps. Products suitable for the gym, home, and even office are available here. ProForm has over 30 years of experience in the industry and owns over hundreds of patents.

The commission ranges from 8 to 11% of the sale while the cookie lasts for a month. Not a bad deal, eh?

TRX Training

An excellent fitness website for physical training equipment, TRX Training lists products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. You can apply to this program on Commission Junction, Pepperjam and Rakuten networks. 

TRX has a wide range of fitness and training products, such as Functional training tools, Tactical training tools and Pro4 Training tools 

The commission is about 8% of the sale while the cookie lasts for 30 days. 

Don’t forget to check out 31+ Best Affiliate Programs for Lifestyle Bloggers 2019 and Fitness Affiliate Programs 2019: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2019 for more such amazing lifestyle and fitness affiliate programs.

Fashion Affiliate Programs 


Zaful is a popular website for fashion accessories. Known for women apparels, Zaful provides clothing range for both men and women. Zaful is also a popular name when it comes to fashion accessories like hats, shoes, bangles and jewelry.

The platform offers a profitable affiliate program with high commission rate of about 15-20% and a cookie duration of 60 days. 


H&M is a well-known brand that enjoys market reputation all over the world. Being one of those few big brands in the fashion world, the products are more natural to market, and not much of marketing efforts are required. 

Not just apparels, H&M has a lot more to offer. You can get home decorating accessories, undergarments, shoes, kids apparel, swimwear and much more. It is the second largest global retailer of clothing and has over 4,500 stores around in 62 countries.

The brand offers a commission of  up to 7.4% to its affiliates with a cookie duration of 30 days.


Newchic, a growing fashion website, offers a high paying affiliate program. The site offers clothing for men and women both, jewelry and watches, kids and moms apparels, home and garden accessories, bags and much more. 

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

In the Weekly new section, you get a lot of new fashion apparels and accessories with great discount.

The commission rate is up to 18% per sale while the cookie has a considerable duration of 60 days.

Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer offers premium-quality cloth line and accessories for both men and women that are in line with the modern outdoor lifestyle. The company says that their customer service and support is one of the reasons why they have a loyal customer base. 

The company has approximately 370 stores around The U.S. and Canada. Eddie Bauer is one the leading names in the sportswear industry. 

The affiliate program offers a commission of 5% per sale while the cookie lasts for 7 days.

JNCO Jeans

Living outside the normal is the tagline, and that is well-justified with the commission rates of the firm. “Judge none choose one” is a California based brand, popular for dealing in Men’s jeans. JNCO also offers Tshirts and Khaki pants for both men  and women.

 JNCO Jeans offers a whopping 20% commission with a cookie duration of 30 days.

Looking for more such amazing fashion affiliate programs right? Then do check out Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion Bloggers: Top 10 Programs That Pay in 2019.

Food Affiliate Programs 


Sunfood has a low-risk plus high-reward personal online store. It provides high quality organic food from farms all around the world. This provides smoothies and blend mixes, metabolism supplements, stress relief and relaxation products and more such healthy products.

Not just that, you can also sell skin care supplements and healthy snacks offered by Sunfood.

The program offers 10-20% commission per sale. The cookie duration is of a month.

Thrive Market

With frozen food, wine, and beauty products in the line, Thrive Market is a great option to buy healthy food products. Categories like Beauty, Bath & Body, Vitamin Supplements and Babies and kids are available on Thrive Market. 

You can also buy various products for your pets as well. Cat food, dog food, dog potty cleaners and much more is available on Thrive Market.

Commission is $25 per transaction depending upon the customers you get to sign up and buy stuff through the portal. Cookie duration is 7 days. 

Food Affiliate Programs

Plan To Eat

Plan To Eat is an online platform to get a planner for your healthy diet and healthy recipes. The company says their customers get various benefits from using their diet planner like savings on food, reduced time taken to plan grocery shopping, very low wastage of food and weight loss.

This is a unique online health platform, currently offering a 30 days free trial. 

 The commission is 20% and Cookie duration is of a month.

Food Blogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro has over 350 how-to-do videos made for beginners and intermediate food bloggers. This is a dedicated site for food blogging and food bloggers around the world. Food Blogger Pro provides tools and guidelines. 

One of the highlights of this site is that it does not allow coupon site to join the program.  

The Commission offered by Food Blogger Pro is between 20% – 40%. 180 days of cookie duration. 

Gary Poppins Popcorn

Gary Poppins offers tasty flavored popcorn. The customers get a wide variety of all season and seasonal flavors of popcorn. The company also provides replacement and refund if the customer is not satisfied.  This is one of the best candidates in the list of highest paying affiliate programs list, check it out!

Gary Popins provide free shipping on all orders above $60.

Gary Poppins offer 20% commission per sale and 30-day cookie duration.

And if you are looking for more such high paying food affiliate programs, then do check out Best Affiliate Programs for Food Bloggers!

Beauty Affiliate Programs 

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics is a leading cosmetic manufacturer for almost all sorts of makeup products and accessories. The program is absolutely free to sign up .

It offers not just makeup and cosmetics products, but also offers different type of creative brushes. Makeup products are offered in different categories like lips, eyes, face and so on. 

Its affiliate program offers a commission of  8%. Cookie duration is of 60 days. 


Avon is one of the oldest beauty brands out there in the market. It offers award-winning skin care products, color cosmetics and personal care products. It has many brands under its label like Skin So Soft, Avon Color, mark. By Avon

The affiliate program offers about 6% commission per sale in addition to some added bonus prizes. 

With an average commission of 3%, the maximum stands at 10% for these easy to get products of beauty and health care. The cookie lasts for 30 days, which is not that bad. 


Colorescience is one among the top luxury brands in the market. The part here is that the brand promises free samples, free returns and free Shipping with every order. The brand offers award winning products like skin treatment, eye cream with SPF, UV protectors and much more.

Its affiliate program offers you a commission of about 5% per sale. 

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty is one of the fastest growing cosmetic brands, well known for its innovative and high-quality makeup brushes.

The company promises a 2 year warranty on the makeup brushes. The brand has won many awards and has been featured in many top class beauty magazines around the world. 

The affiliate program offers you an opportunity to earn up to 10% commission per sale along with some rewards and cash bonus offers.

Madison Reed

A wide range of hair care products offered by Madison Reed, includes Hair colors, Hair care , Hair Styling and Hair tools. The customers can also get free shipping on their first order.  This is one of the best candidates in the list of highest paying affiliate programs list, check it out!

The affiliates also get special partner’s only offers and promotions. You also get exclusive newsletters and product insights to share.

A commission of  $20 per sale with an additional 10$ per referral is offered. The cookie lasts for 30 days. 


Beautytap offers an extensive range of K-beauty products from mainstream and indie brands. The brand offers Makeup, Skincare, Bath Body and men’s skin care products. 

Affiliates also get custom coupon codes and affiliate specific promotions to offer to their followers.

There are performance bonuses that are up for grabs with a commission of 7.5%. The cookie lasts for seven days. 

Beauty affiliate programs look amazing right? Check out Affiliate Programs for Beauty Bloggers: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2019 where you’ll get an amazing in-depth list of the 10 highest paying beauty affiliate programs!

CBD Affiliate Programs

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

Joy Organics

Joy Organics is one of the most popular and fastest growing CBD brands. It is known for offering premium hemp oil products for all age groups. The affiliate program is absolutely free to join.  

Its outstanding affiliate program has the power to attract a lot of YouTubers and bloggers due to its brand reputation and genuinely priced products.

It offers a commission rate of 25% with a cookie duration of 60 days.


CBDMedic is a brand well known for its CBD products. This brand is one of the first to combine active pharmaceutical ingredients with hemp oil or extract. The brand provides products for arthritis, acne, itch and rash as well. 

The affiliate program offers a commission of about 20-30% per sale along with a cookie duration of 60 days. Also, the payouts are released every two weeks.

Lola Hemp

Lola Hemp is a rapidly growing CBD brand that provides a complete CBD products range for pets. If you own a pet blog, this is surely a thumbs up for you. The program is free to join. The affiliates get payout every two weeks.

Lola Hemp products are complete organic hemp based and are safe for pets. 

The commission rate stands at a decent 20% with a cookie duration of 90 days.


Purahemp provides A grade medical hemp derived CBD products for better health benefits. The brand promises 100% free shipping and no minimum order value. The payouts here are on a weekly basis, unlike other brands offering you monthly payouts. 

Commission: 30% + customers through affiliates get an additional 10% discount.  This is one of the best candidates in the list of highest paying affiliate programs list, check it out!

Cookie: 60 days


CBDHempOil is a US-based hemp oil firm. All the products are said to be 100% natural with no usage of non-GMO material and pesticides at all. Their CBD hemp oil is certified by GMP and is thoroughly tested for quality. 

Commission: 20-30%

Cookie: 60 days


Canna-Pet produces hemp nutrition products for dogs and cats without any legalities. These are veterinarian recommended and manufactured in the states with non-GMO industrial CBD hemp.

Capsules, liquids, and cream to suit your pet’s health and diet – everything is available here!

You can earn a $10 bonus on all orders over $85 for new customers. You also get data feed from Canna-Pet updated on a daily basis.

Commission: 20% for fresh customers, 10% for existing customers

Cookie: 1 day

Check out CBD Affiliate Programs: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2019 to get a more detailed in-depth list of the 10 highest paying CBD programs that actually convert!

Music Affiliate Programs


Affiliate Programs

Singorama is quite a famous “learn to sing” program that helps amateur singer to sing better. This innovative program is packed with a lot of amazing video learning lessons and music recording software’s.

The programs is packed with a lot of offers and deals, using which you can get the program at a much lesser price. You also get a 60 days money back grantee.

Commission : 70% on each sale and 40% of shipped media courses.

American Music Supply

Affiliate Programs

The platform is filled with a lot of music instruments, amplifiers, microphone, recording instruments and so on. This is a all in one online store which has helped a lot of affiliates earn good commission amount.

And apart from general music gears, at American Music Supply, you can also get amazing high performance DJ and music gears.

Commission : 6% on each sale

Cookie Duration : 30 days


Affiliate Programs

JamPlay is a music lovers favorite when it comes to guitar lessons and bass guitar lessons. The platform is packed with a ton of professional guitar lessons that has been helping people all around the world.

With over 500,000 satisfied customers and A+ rating, JamPlay is a great choice.

Commission : $40 on each sale

Cookie Duration : 120 days

Prime Loops

Affiliate Programs

Prime Loops is quite a famous name in the music industry. The platform offers amazing music samples, MIDI and sample packs as well.

The catalogue offered in this platform is one of the biggest. The platform is used by a lot of professional music developers and musicians to create songs.

Commission : 25% on each sale

Looking for more such amazing music affiliate programs? Check out Music Affiliate Programs: Sing The Happy Song With The Top 10 Music Affiliate Programs to know more!

Gaming Affiliate Programs


Affiliate Programs

A name standing out in the gaming industry world wide, Razer has been developing some of the best peripheral hardware in the industry. And of course some of the best sellers also.

One of the most famous programs in the gaming affiliate industry, Razer offers some of the top class pc and mobile accessories.

Commission : 20% per sale

Cookie : 30 days


Affiliate Programs

Twitch is one of the most famous names in the gaming industry. Twitch is basically a live streaming platform where all kinds of gamers live stream their gameplay.

People actually donate real money to gamers while watching their gameplay. It is being used by millions of live streams and gamers all around the world.

Commission : 5% commission on each sale


Affiliate Programs

As the name might be suggesting you, Chairs4Gaming offers gaming oriented chairs from a lot of famous brands, and of course other gaming accessories as well, such as mouse pads.

The platform also offers free shipping in Canada and USA. Overall a very good option for affiliates.

Commission : 10% on each sale

Cookie : 30 days


Nvidia is a name that has made quite a promising status for itself in the gaming industry. Famous for its hardcore and market best graphic cards, also known as video cards, Nvidia offers an amazing and simple to monitor affiliate system, which has been used by a large number of affiliates to make good money.

As an affiliate you have some of the most famous and widely used graphic cards and other stuff to sell, which are in large demand all around the world.

Commission : 5% per sale

Cookie : 45 days

Looking for more such amazing gaming affiliate programs? If yes, then do check out Gaming Affiliate Programs: 10 Best Programs To Play With. Game on!!

Dating Affiliates Programs


A name that shines at the top of many dating affiliate programs lists, eHarmony is one of the worlds most famous and widely used online dating platforms. eHarmony is quite unique in the list as it uses a patented compatibility system which is a result of its 35 years of clinical and psychological research.

Commission : 65% per successful subscription

Cookie Duration : 45 days

Cougar Life

Started back in 2008, Cougar Life is yet another very popular name in the online dating industry. The platform offers a lot of amazing features and tools, such as private photo sharing and receiving, and advanced research as well.

This globally famous and much talked about platform has been used by many affiliates all around the world to make some serious money.

Commission : 80% per refereed subscription

Cookie Duration : 30 days

East Meets East

The top ranker dating platform in the Asian continent, East Meets East is regarded as one of the best mouth publicized dating platform in the world.

The click rates and conversions produced through this platform is one of the highest.

Commission : For male signups, $30 in commission for a month and for female signups, $8 per signup.

Elite Singles

As the name might be suggesting you, Elite Singles is for the people with a lot of money, that is the richer class. The program targets rich and busy, working class peoples.

For affiliates this is a very useful and must try program, as the conversion rates are one of the highest in the market.

Commission : Up to $20

Cookie Duration : 45 days

Check out Dating Affiliate Programs: Top 10 Most Loved Programs, an in-dept and exclusive list of more such amazing dating affiliate programs lists.

Adult Affiliate Programs

Love Honey

affiliate programs

Love Honey is an online supermarket for all kinds of your naught needs. From famous and in-demand sex toys, to amazing adult gifts, Love Honey offers it all.

Sex essentials, sex toys and gifts cards, all in one online platform. And of course the platform is quite in demand of affiliates all over the world.

Commission : 16% to 22%

Cookie Duration : 30 days

Pink Cherry

affiliates programs

Pink Cheery is quite a famous name in the online adult platforms category. Pink offers one of the biggest catalogue of online sex toys and sex essentials.

Features like confidential shipping, free gifts and loyalty points make this platform a great choice.

Commission : 15%


affiliates program

Lelo is a name quite famous in the premium and luxury sex toys category. Products like Gigi, Ora, Tiani, and Soraya are all a part of Lelo.

Affiliates get premium help like images, banners, resources and so on exclusively for them.

Commission : 5 to 20%

Get more such amazing adult affiliate programs offering some of the highest conversion rates in the industry. Check out Adult Affiliate Programs: Top 10 Programs That Are Super Hot!! and get ready to make some serious money.

Personal Finance Bloggers

Pocket Smith

Quite a popular name in the personal finance bloggers world, Pocket Smith makes it very easy for its clients to categories their money and financial assets in terms of future benefits.

The customers can check their past expenses, and can also calculate and manage their current expense. Affiliate from all around the world have seen great conversion rates and good passive income through Pocket Smith affiliate program.

Commission : Varies with the subscription levels

Cookie Duration : 30 days

Self-Counsel Press

Pioneers in the self-help legal financing category, Self-Counsel Press is one of the most famous name in the category. The brand has been using journals, e-books and published books in order to help their clients invest better and profitable.

Commission : 10% base commission

Cookie Duration : 60 days


SmartAsset is actually a software company that has specializes and creates special software for managing financial tools and devices to manage assets.

The brand also offers professional assets and advice’s to help customers smart and easy to imply ideas. Affiliation here is done through Commission Junction, which makes it very easy for you to manage your progress.

Commission : $40

Cookie : 1 day


Moneyspire is one of the easiest to manage and use, as you don’t need any special software or device to access the platform. All you need is a web browser and you are good to go. This is basically a SaaS platform which helps you manage your financial decisions and assets.

Commission : 15%

Cookie Duration : 45 days

And if you are looking for more such amazing Personal Finance Bloggers Affiliate programs, then do check out Best Affiliate Programs for Personal Finance Bloggers: Top 10 Highest Paying Programs for Beginners in 2019.

Some Other General Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate Programs


This is a SaaS economic platform with a user base of over 60,000. BigCommerce is well known for their user-friendliness owing to the built-in features as well as the advanced functionality.The company says that they have paid over $1.5 million to their affiliates.

The exciting news is that they provide a 200% upfront bounty per referral or $1500 per enterprise customers. Cookie duration is of 90 days.


With an impressive and vast user base of over 45 million, Weebly is one of the most popular web hosting services, specially for e-commerce businesses. Weebly provides a drag-and-drop website builder, which automatically generates a mobile website also. 

 The affiliate program provides a commission of about 30% with a cookie window of 120 days.  This is one of the best candidates in the list of highest paying affiliate programs list, check it out!


One of the most popular websites hosting service around the world,  GoDaddy plan’s start at $0.99 per month after a trial month. GoDaddy is also popular as worlds #1 domain name registrar. Customers also get 24×7 customers support. 

Commission rates for new customers is $11. You can expect commission between 10-70%. 


With an array of templates to choose from, Site123 allows one to develop mobile-friendly websites. The program is absolutely free to join and payments are transferred directly without any third party commissions. The program also offers 24/7 customer support for all affiliates.

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

The payouts go up to $182 making it a profitable affiliate program.


Staying true to its name, SimpleSite enables a user to build their website in three simple steps. Their payouts range from $40-$60. There is, however, a downside, i.e., only those potential affiliates are allowed in who have over 10,000 visitors per month. 

affiliate programs for beauty bloggers

Commission per sale is $50 and cookie duration is of 7 days.

So this was the list of highest paying affiliates programs. And wanna know the do’s and don’t of affiliate marketing? Then do check out Blogging Statistics: Discover the Secret to Blogging Success in 2019.

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