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Best Affiliate Programs for Food Bloggers

Best Affiliate Programs for Food Bloggers

Choosing the best affiliate programs for food bloggers is like picking a needle from a haystack. There are thousands of so called best affiliate programs for food bloggers.  However, there are certain factors to note before you start endorsing products on your website!

Affiliate Programs for Food Bloggers

Best Affiliate Programs for Food Bloggers

Here is a list of the best affiliate programs for food bloggers that’ll help you choose the one for you. Thank us later!

Food Blogger Pro

This site offers over 350 how-to videos made for beginners and intermediate food bloggers. Food Blogger Pro provides tools and guidelines for food bloggers all around the world.  The platform has decided not to allow coupon sites to join the program.

The program pays commission every month until the member decides to quit Food blogger pro. However, the only problem here is waiting. Food blogger pro enrollments are not always open. Sometimes you have to wait for days to join Food Blogger Pro.

The Commission offered by Food Blogger Pro is between 20% – 40% per sale. Cookie duration is of 180 days.


Sunfood is a family run business. It offers high quality and low-calorie ratio farm food from all around the world. Sunfood also offers 15 static and animated banners to choose from. It also has 50 unique links to add to your blog. 

Sunfood offers healthy superfood for all kinds of problems as well. Not just that, it has something for everyone. From anxiety to Libido, Sunfood has it all.

Sunfood offers 10% to 20% commission per sale and month-long cookie duration.

Snake River Farm

This is the go-to brand for American & Northwest sourced beef. It is a ShareASale exclusive merchant and has been running its professional affiliate program since January 2015.

Snake River Farm offers 7% commission per sale and a good 60 days cookie duration.

Gourmet Ads

Gourmet Ads gets grocery buyers traffic to your blog and increases your income. This is similar to Google Ads but deals specifically in grocery. One of the most suitable candidates for best affiliate programs for food bloggers, this one is a must check.

Gourmet Ads pays its publishers through Paypal after reaching a minimum of 50$ per sale. Cookie duration is of 90 days.


An exclusive online store for nuts, seeds, and much more. Nuts also have a special gift category where customers can buy specially packed gifts of different flavors and for different occasions. 

This program offers 8% commission per sale for new customers. Along with that, it offers 2% commission per sale for returning customers orders, with a 30 days cookie duration. 

E3 Live

E3 Live offerings are all about health and nutrition. From superfoods for humans to pets, E3 Live has it all. You can get nutritious powder, and even frozen superfood. 

Not just healthy eating, E3 also offers beauty and bathing products.

E3 affiliates program offers a 20% commission per sale. Cookie duration is of 90 days.

Generation Tea

Generation Tea offers premium quality Chinese Tea at very reasonable prices. The company promises to provide tea directly from China and Taiwan. The leaves are said to be naturally processed and of high quality. 

Generation Tea offers 20% per sale and around 30 days of Cookie duration.

SunBurst Superfood

This brand offers raw, organic and non-GMO superfoods. SunBurst offers “dries at low temperature” and vegan superfoods also. The brand is selling the same for about 6 years now. 

The customer service provided here is quite satisfying. The company has juices, nut butter and snacks to offer as well.  

SunBurst offers 10% commission per sale. Cookie duration is of 60 days.

The Fruit Company

This decades-old family-run company, offers unique gifts for various occasions. Fruit baskets, Kosher gifts are some of the products offered by The Fruit Company

With the growing demand for organic fruits and unique gifts, this affiliate program is a good choice.

The Fruit Company offers a 10% commission per sale. Also, it has ShareASale and affiliate by conversant as partners for affiliate management.   

The California Wine Club

This wine exclusive company offers hand-crafted wines for different budgets. It is top 10 ranked on ShareASale during holidays.

The California Wine Club is one of the highest-rated affiliate networks. Also, the company promises a 100% guarantee on each of their products.

The California Wine Club offers 15% commission per sale and 90 days cookie duration. 

Learn Cake Decorating Online

This unique brand offers tutorials and courses on how to decorate a cake. You get a bunch of tips, tutorials, for special occasions and so on.

This affiliate program is absolutely free to join. You get your payments directly into your PayPal account every month. The best part is, your commission rates get higher and higher based on your performance.

LCDO offers 30% commission per sale for beginners. Cookie duration is of a month.

The Vitamin Shoppe

With the growing demands of health supplements, this affiliate program is one of the best in the category. Products offered are vitamin supplements, and much more. 

The Vitamin Shoppe offers 9% commission per sale and is available to join on viglink.com.

Taste of Home

Established in 1993, Taste of Home is a food magazine featuring homely recipes and home-style cooking. This magazine is edited by thousands of cooks from there home. 

Taste of Home offers 10% – 12% commission per sale and 30 days cookie period.

Plan to Eat

This is a good option for food bloggers as well as for health bloggers. Plan to Eat offers an eating plan and customized eating plan as per the needs of the customer.

Plan to Eat offers a 20% commission per sale on subscription fees to the affiliates. Cookie duration is of a month.

Sur la Table

Since 1972, Sur la Table is offering top class and high-quality kitchen appliances. From Coffee maker to outdoor cooking appliances, Sur la Table offers it all.

With brands like GreenPan, Sur la Table is a bloggers favorite. One of the most suitable candidates for best affiliate programs for food bloggers, this one is a must check.

Commission offered is 7% per sale. Cookie Duration is 30 days.


Another name working in the field of nutritious eating is Vega. Vega offers everyday nutrition, sports nutrition, and on-the-go healthy food. It provides gluten- free, food for health care.

Vega offers 8-15% per sale. Cookie duration is of 60 days.   

Gary Poppins Popcorn

Gary Poppins offers flavored popcorn. The most significant plus point here is that customers get a wide variety of all-season and seasonal flavors of popcorn. The company also provides replacement and refund if the customer is not satisfied.

Gary Poppins offer 20% commission per sale and 30-day cookie duration.

Amberlyn Chocolates

Amberlyn is an all in one online chocolate store for all chocolate lovers out there. This brand is all about chocolates. Not just one, but Amberlyn offers a wide variety of chocolates.

Gluten-Free, chocolate for weight loss and more is offered by Amberlyn Chocolates. Customers also get to join a “Cravers” club where they can get discounts and special offers.  

Amberlyn Chocolates offer 50% commission per sale. Cookie Duration is not disclosed.

The Crab Place

Keeping in mind the popularity of seafood, The Crab Place promises to be a good deal for affiliates. The Crab Place offers seafood of all different varieties and promises fast deliveries as well. 

At The Crab Place, you get 8-11% commission per sale and 90 days of cookie period. 

The Thrive Market

This is a mega online store. From baby care products to gluten-free food, The Thrive market has it all. This is a good option for both new and experienced affiliates. This program has a lot to offer.

The Thrive Market offers $25 per sale.

The Gourmet Food Store

This site offers delicacies such as caviar cheese, and many more. The Gourmet Food Store offers a great variety of international food, having the edge over the others. 

The Gourmet Food Store offers 10% commission on purchases. It has 60-day cookie duration. 

Paleo Recipe Book 

Paleo recipe book offer categories such as dessert, and 10 week meal plan. This is provided in an e-book with over 470 pages. 

Paleo Recipe Book offers a 100% refund if the e-book is not satisfying the customer. The e-book has a 10-week meal plan and many Paleo-friendly recipes.   

Paleo Recipe Book offers an unbelievable 70% commission on the sale of their book.

Hello Fresh

For beginner affiliates, this program is a good option. Hello Fresh delivers recipes and fresh ingredients at your doorstep at reasonable rates. The meals start at $6.99, which is one of the cheapest in the market.

Hello Fresh offers up to $20 on first sales and a 14-day cookie duration. One of the most suitable candidates for best affiliate programs for food bloggers, this one is a must check.


One of the highest paying food affiliate programs. Restaurant.com offers 500,000 deals daily and adds new restaurant regularly. It also provides affiliates with text links, banners and product catalogs. 

Restaurant.com offers 15% commission on restaurant certificates. 3% dinings, travel, and entertainment deals. Cookie period offered here is 45 days.


PowBab offers healthy superfood, as well as recipes. The products are developed bykeeping immunity and health as a priority. 

PowBab offers 15% commission per sale and 60 days cookie duration. 


FarmFoods offer grass-fed and finished beef. FarmFood also offers pork, chicken , and seafood from farms around the United States. 

FarmFood offers a 16% commission per sale and 30-day cookie duration. 

Organize Yourself Skinny

This is all about the fitness lifestyle. You can get all kinds of recipes, cooking guide, healthy meal planning guide and much more. This program is one which doesn’t require a professional blog. 

The affiliation can be done via your social media accounts as well.

The affiliate program comes with a book that needs to be read, as per Orginzeyourselfskinny.com

The affiliate program offers an excellent 50% commission per sale . The Cookie duration is of a month.

Uncorked Ventures

For all the wine lovers out there, this one’s for you. 

Uncorked Ventures offers Red and White wine, made with locally grown ingredients. This site also offers a full 100% online wine club.

This has options such as changing address, updating order along with cancelations and monthly preferences. The parameters can be updated with ease, unlike other that take a lot of time.

100% free shipping. Yes, that’s right. Uncorked Ventures offers 100% free shipping on all orders over $55. 

Here, Commission rate is 20% per sale. Cookie Duration is of 90 days.  

Amazon Associates

Amazon needs no introduction. A world wide leader in e-commerce, Amazon has a ton of products to offer. From health to transportation, Amazon has it all. 

Being a food blogger you can easily place ads and banners of Amazon food-related products like grocery items, cutlery, chimneys and so on. Amazon has regular discounts and offers that attract customers. 

Amazon offers a good 10% commission on sales. 

Tasty Food Photography

Pinch of Yum offers, which is an ebook based on food photography. Taste Food Photography is best for both beginner and intermediate bloggers because of the ease this program offers.

This program offers a grand 50% commission and a very long 6 months cookie duration.


Established in 1999, this brand nurtures vitality by curating some of the world’s finest organically grown food ingredients. 

Also Nutiva donates one percent of sales for healthy communities and sustainable agriculture. Till date, they have donated over 3 million dollar for the cause. 

Coconut oil, chia seeds, MCT oil are some of the products this brand offers.

Nutiva offers 10% commission per sale. Cookie Duration is of 30 days. 

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