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21+ Best Blogging Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

21+ Best Blogging Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

Podcast is not an alienated word anymore. The internet is filled with tons of amazing podcasts to listen to. These are undoubtedly one of the best and easiest medium to learn the insights of blogging. And if you are a busy bee in the world of blogging or digital marketing, you would probably know the fact that these days almost all the famous digital marketing, SEO and blogging gurus have their own blogging podcasts. Now the question arises, which are the best blogging podcasts to listen to?

The question becomes even more tricky, knowing the fact that on the internet, their are hundreds of thousands of blogging podcasts available that are packed with tips and tricks with regards to the latest trends. And the best part is that you get to learn from the podcasting bloggers personal experiences too. Yes! Bloggers also share their personal stories, experiences and their take away from their blogs or articles in the past.

To help you out, as always 🙂 , we’ve curated a list of the best blogging podcasts to listen to in 2020. From Pat Flynn’s amazing passive income generating tips to Maria Coz’s “Femtrepreneur”, this list has it all. Check it out!!

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is a successful entrepreneur and a marketing expert. More than that she is a fantastic speaker! Believe me listening to her is never in a bit boring.She is that good. She speaks her mind and gives tips and that is not only engaging but you tends to follow her more. Her website is one of the best podcasts websites. She has a great experience in marketing and talks about expanding your online business with people who are awesome as her. Do listen to her if you have any plans for expanding your online business through blogging.

Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

Hosted by the entertaining Pat Flynn, an established online entrepreneur, every week he posts episode featuring interviews which he posts with his successful business friends and people who are owners of great businesses and his friend  frank and together they give honest advice. His online business podcast is more target oriented and strategies to grow by writing blogs. He had also interviewed successful bloggers from WordPress which also adds more reasons to go for him! 

Elise gets Crafty

Elise get crafty is one of the best audio blog sites hosted by Elise Blaha,which not only talks about blogging but ventures in different areas from blogging to creativity. But in one word Elise is a great motivator. She knows how to do it! Listening to her is like boosting yourself. Her podcasts are also so fun! It’s engaging and candid. You get involved in the conversations and at the end so much information.

EntreLeadership By Ramsey Solutions

 EntreLeadership Podcast , hosted by Ken Coleman, talks about the growth of a business in a very informative and factual way. The Podcast has been featured by some of the biggest minds in business and blogging, such as Mark Cuban, and Jim Collins. The consistency of providing with various ideas on every episode is truly fantastic! Ken make it sure to include the entreleadership as the important subject in almost all episodes. Starting to change your mindset to setting a successful blogging business,this one is  definitely on listen to list!

ProBlogger Podcast

Are you a beginner? As in just started to venture in blogging? surely this one’s for you. The concept of Problogger has earned a greater attention to this podcast blog and it has become one of the popular podcast sites. his weekly podcast is one of the best you can tune into as a blogger. In over a hundred and ninety episodes, he has covered everything related to marketing as well as ideas about creating your own thing as an independent blogger.  Isn’t it’s best blogging podcast? Surely it is!

The lively Show

This is definitely one of the best blogging podcasts of 2020! As the name goes, the show is full of lively talks hosted by an amazing motivator and a successful blogger Jess. Topics include blogging, personal growth and development, wellness, relationships, careers and more! This one is best blogging podcast of all time. This podcast is so involving and  Jess does her research beforehand and knows how to take out best from her guests. She does not only discuss problems but the source of it and finally the solutions, Which I personally appreciate!

The Multiple Mindset Podcast by Dan Sullivan

Again a top podcast website in building an entrepreneurship career in blogging.Dan is the best coach any entrepreneur can asked for. He is that good. He has coached many people till now and had made careers of many by just focusing in the mindset and in short motivating people to be at their best. His podcasts are short and sweet with a direct message which reaches to listener more clearly and effectively. Listening to this podcast blog actually getting to know one of the greatest minds. Do listen to his best Why Mindset Matters. 

Creating Your Own Path

Jennifer Synder interviews creatives and people who have forged their own path to get where they want to be. This is totally one of the best audio sites I came across. It is  great and supportive podcast, interviewing creative people of all backgrounds about how they got to where they are. Just listen to the interviews and you get insights of what things people gone through and have reached where they are today.

Explore Your Enthusiasm

As the name suggest,listening to this is actually exploring! One for the creator of the show Tara Swiger offers tips and advices for running a successful business and she helps in also providing motivation for creating ideas.

Raise your Hand ,Say Yes

Another ones from the expert to explores the journeys of creative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. It’s  a bit of a mix of interviews from bloggers and successful business owners who provides advices that not only will boost your morale but provide great tips of blogging.

The Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss

The man himself is now a household name. One of the best selling authors out there,his podcasts are one of the best blogging podcasts.His podcasts best known as 4-hour Work Week has been translated into 40+ languages,It’s longer and full of deep learning of topics ranging from business to blogging. You will definitely be his fan once you listen to him!

The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

If you want to create your own brand then go and listen to Jenna Kutcher,who has successfully created her own brand. She hosts  live as well as uploads podcasts on her site.She mostly speaks for girls being their own bosses and motivating them to create their own stuff. So if you are that girl who wants is to be her own boss and really want a creative ideas and design your work with best expertise then go for it!

Achieve Your Goals by Hal Elrod

As an emerging blogger, your work does not only have to be great but also should able to attract readers who follows your blogs. And expanding your business go for this online business podcast.While not strictly a blogging podcast, his inspiring weekly best podcasts  offers practical strategies for achieving your goals. 

After The Jump

Hosted by Grace Bonney in which she interviews creative people of all community.She does deep research about her guests and tries to find what’s the things that drives them to be as good as they are through her really interactive interviews. 

How They Blog Podcasts

Hosted by Kat Lee,It’s one of top podcasts websites. It is for all types of bloggers ,topics ranging from how to write a successful blog to setting online business. This show is only for bloggers and there is something for everyone.

Kate’s take-The entrepreneur on fire audio blog

The Entrepreneur podcast gives a behind-the-scenes look at how 2 entrepreneurs run a 7-figure business. Happens to be twice a week, they discuss in great detail  steps you can take to help to start creating and monetizing your business.

Being Boss

Covers  topics ranges from all forms of digital space and how to actually bring the best of your creative side,this one you can listen all day.

 The Femtrepreneur Show

Founded by Maria Coz, an online entrepreneur, this Podcast features Megan Minns, who tests all software and apps on her own and lets us know what’s working and whatnot. Her pod covers all topics from choosing your perfect niche to creating your brand. Her podcasts are among the top 10 podcasts sites.

Spilled Milk

If you are passionate about food blogging, you got to listen to this! Hosted by Molly Wizenberg with Matthew Amster-Burton,This podcast is all about food. Yum!

Blogging Your Passion Podcast

Hosted by Jonathan Milligan,this is one of top podcast sites. The  mission statement is “to help 1,000 bloggers go full-time in the next 5 years”. Tips ranging from SEO ,traffic generation to blogging, Be one of the listener  and grab the learning it offers!

The Blog Millionaire by Brandon Gaille

The host Brandon built his blogging career within 2 year and visitors exceeding 1millon! The Brandon Gaille Blog Millionaire podcast  provides you as a problogger,the things you need to improve and get out your creative side.And talks about growing traffic on your site by following various norms.This is one of best blogging podcasts of all time. Visitors are beginners and also people who want success in their online blogging business and always ends with fantastic results.

 The Good Life Project

If you are an inspirational stories lover like me…this is for you! I have always been inspired by his work on this project. Do also try his YouTube channel as it’s totally a watch along with his top podcast site.

And the list goes on…But you don’t stop and keep on listening and implementing it in your work and try getting the best out of you. Blogging is like inventing something and discovering ideas and topics which has not been discovered yet or not been told to the world in the way YOU can do it. So don’t sit there and think all the what ifs and just go for it! Because you lose nothing if you try but surely you will if you don’t…Keep creating folks!!!

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